Sit Less Move More Promote Posture Flexibility In Office

Avoid the dangers of prolonged sitting and boost energy and productivity. Posture and Flexibility Masterclass
Sit Less Move More Promote Posture Flexibility In Office
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Dr. Paula Moore


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Sit Less Move More Promote Posture Flexibility In Office

What you’ll learn

Learn active sitting techniques to help improve posture and reduce the risk of musculoskeletal problems that can be caused by sitting for long periods of time
Incorporate 5 office exercise routines to improve your posture, and stay active and healthy even while working in an office environment
Release nagging neck tension and improve your overall comfort and well-being
Restore spinal flexibility and reduce strain and discomfort in the back and neck
Understand and implement good office ergonomics to be more comfortable and promote good posture, which can help reduce neck and back pain
Improve attractiveness and self image to increase confidence and self-esteem
Achieve more success at work by improving your posture. This will increase confidence and communication and help your focus and productivity

Sit Less Move More Promote Posture Flexibility In Office


A few minutes a day to release your tension
Motivation to move at work


Over 15,000 Students Enrolled and 6,000 Positive Ratings!_____________________________________________________Updated to include specific steps for anyone working at home._____________________________________________________If you sit at an office desk for more than an hour at a time, then this course is vital for you.You will avoid:A bad backTense backSore legsAching armsSwollen knees and anklesYou will achieve the following:Improve your posture and flexibilityIncrease your appearance, self-esteem, self-image and self-confidenceAchieve greater success by improving focus and concentrationWhat is active sitting?Active sitting is a technique that involves using the muscles in the core, back, and legs to support the body and maintain a healthy, upright position while seated. This can help reduce strain on the lower back and neck and prevent muscle imbalances and other problems that can result from sitting in a static position for extended periods. Some examples of active sitting techniques include sitting on an exercise ball instead of a chair, using a footrest to promote proper leg positioning, and making sure to sit with the feet flat on the ground and the knees bent at a right angle.By learning and incorporating active sitting techniques into your daily routine, you can improve your posture and reduce the risk of discomfort and other problems associated with prolonged sitting. This can be especially beneficial for people who spend long periods of time sitting or standing in one position, as it can help prevent muscle imbalances and the development of poor posture over time. Additionally, having flexible spinal muscles can improve balance and coordination, which can be beneficial for activities such as sports or other physical pursuits.Sit Less, Move MoreThis course is designed to undo the damaging effects of prolonged sitting, even if you have little to no experience with exercise, and will help you feel more energetic, confident and attractive, and even more successful at work!While there are plenty of fitness and/or posture courses that focus on specific styles or how to get rid of pain, here you’ll find a practical, usable course that specifically targets the needs of any desk-based office worker.This course is designed for all ages and body types. What is important is that you want to address your sedentary lifestyle and improve your posture while you work.I invite you to join me now.Sincerely,Dr. Paula Moore, Your Posture Doctor


Section 1: Course Introduction

Lecture 1 Sit Less Move More – Top 3 Benefits

Lecture 2 Course Overview

Lecture 3 Who is Dr. Paula Moore?

Lecture 4 Posture Infographic – Free Download

Section 2: Before You Start . . .

Lecture 5 Please Be Safe!

Section 3: Quality OF Life Survey – How Is Your Well-being?

Lecture 6 How the Survey Works

Lecture 7 How’s Your Quality of Life?

Lecture 8 Compare Your Answers with Others on the Course

Section 4: Head & Neck

Lecture 9 Neck Turns – exercise 1

Lecture 10 Neck Rolls – exercise 2

Lecture 11 Chin Tucks – exerise 3

Lecture 12 Seated Head & Neck Routine – 3 exercises together

Lecture 13 Daily Progress Chart – Print Me!

Section 5: Shoulders

Lecture 14 Shoulder Rolls – exercise 1

Lecture 15 Shoulder Retractions – exercise 2

Lecture 16 Shoulder Routine – both exercises together

Section 6: How To Get Help?

Lecture 17 Ongoing Support from Dr Paula Moore

Section 7: Mid Back

Lecture 18 Thoracic Bends – exercise 1

Lecture 19 Spine Shifts – exercise 2

Lecture 20 Spine Wind – exercise 3

Lecture 21 Midback Routine – 3 exercises together

Section 8: Low Back & Pelvis

Lecture 22 Pelvic Tilts – exercise 1

Lecture 23 Figure Four – exercise 2

Lecture 24 Self Massage – exercise 3

Lecture 25 Low Back & Pelvic Routine – 3 exercises together

Section 9: Standing Exercises

Lecture 26 Pelvic Circles – exercise 1

Lecture 27 Hip Hiking – exercise 2

Lecture 28 Doorway Stretch – exercise 3

Lecture 29 Hamstring Stretch (Hip Hinging) – exercise 4

Lecture 30 Standing Routine – 4 exercises together

Section 10: Crib Sheet – Print for Easy Reference

Lecture 31 Exercise Review Sheet – Tape it up on the Wall!

Section 11: Office Workplace Ergonomics

Lecture 32 The Rules For Sitting

Lecture 33 Should we be Standing?

Lecture 34 Protect Your Eyes

Lecture 35 Workplace Ergonomics – Top 10 Tips

Section 12: Course ending …

Lecture 36 10 Questions

Lecture 37 Review & Goodbye

Section 13: Bonus Section

Lecture 38 Posture Crash Course – 3 Step Formula

Lecture 39 Posture Crash Course – Healthy Habits

Lecture 40 Motivation – When you just don’t feel like doing it!

Lecture 41 Habits Worksheet – DOWNLOAD

Lecture 42 Posture Crash Course – Forward Head Posture

Lecture 43 When should you get X-Rays?

Lecture 44 Neck Hump – What is This Fatty Lump?

Lecture 45 Posture Crash Course – Stop Slouching

Lecture 46 Posture Crash Course => ENROLL FREE!

Anyone who sits for prolonged periods each day,Desk-bound office workers,Anyone who worries about the effects of prolonged sitting,Anyone who wants more energy, attractiveness and success

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Udemy | English | 2h 28m | 2.99 GB
Created by: Dr. Paula Moore

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