Six Sigma In The Era of AI BI

Is Six Sigma Relevant In This Day & Age of Machine Learning, Industry 4.0 and Business Intelligence
Six Sigma In The Era of AI BI
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Six Sigma In The Era of AI BI

What you’ll learn

Industry 4.0
Disruptive Technologies Driving Digital Transformation
Four Types Of Analysis
Power BI
How To Structure Six Sigma In This Changing Times

Six Sigma In The Era of AI BI


Knowledge of Six Sigma Would Be Advantageous
Experience Driving Transformation or Managing Quality Would Be Advantageous


Welcome to the course on the “Relevance of Six Sigma in this era of machine learning and business intelligence.” In today’s rapidly changing business landscape, organizations must strive for continuous improvement and efficiency in order to stay competitive. This course will explore how Six Sigma, a data-driven methodology for process improvement and business transformation, fits into the modern era of machine learning and business intelligence.While Six Sigma has been a staple of process improvement for decades, the emergence of advanced technologies like machine learning and business intelligence has led some to question its relevance. However, Six Sigma remains a powerful tool for process improvement, and when used in conjunction with machine learning and business intelligence, it can be even more effective.Throughout this course, we will delve into the basics of Six Sigma and explore how it can be used in conjunction with machine learning, business intelligence and other technologies to optimize processes and drive transformation. We will also examine case studies of organizations that have successfully integrated Six Sigma with these technologies and the benefits they have reaped as a result.Whether you are a business professional looking to improve your organization’s processes or a data scientist seeking to enhance your understanding of Six Sigma, this course will provide you with the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed in this era of machine learning and business intelligence.Power BI, the no.1 business intelligence tool, is also covered extensively in this course.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Section 2: Setting The Context

Lecture 2 Setting The Context

Lecture 3 Four Types Of Analytics

Section 3: Understand the changing landscape

Lecture 4 The AI Revolution

Lecture 5 The Big Data Revolution

Lecture 6 The Cloud Revolution

Lecture 7 The IoT Revolution

Lecture 8 Industrial Automation

Lecture 9 Process Automation

Lecture 10 Business Intelligence Ladscape

Section 4: Putting It All Together

Lecture 11 Putting It All Together

Section 5: Learn Power BI

Lecture 12 Power BI Download

Lecture 13 Introducing The Power BI Tool

Lecture 14 Loading The Data

Lecture 15 Data Transformation

Lecture 16 Text Box

Lecture 17 Card Visual

Lecture 18 Stacked Column Chart

Lecture 19 Multi Row Card

Lecture 20 Tree Map

Lecture 21 Dual Axis Chart

Lecture 22 Ribbon Chart

Lecture 23 Slicer

Lecture 24 Funnel Chart

Lecture 25 DAX

Lecture 26 Publishing The Report

Section 6: Learn Six Sigma Concepts

Lecture 27 Understanding Six Sigma

Lecture 28 Understanding Variation

Lecture 29 The Sigma in Six Sigma

Lecture 30 Measure It Right

Lecture 31 Project Selection, Six Sigma Structure and Project Charter

Lecture 32 Analyze

Lecture 33 Improve

Lecture 34 Control

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