Smart Tips Become a Manager Who Is an Exceptional Coach

Learning to coach your team members to elevate their work and lives.
Smart Tips Become a Manager Who Is an Exceptional Coach
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Smart Tips Become a Manager Who Is an Exceptional Coach

What you’ll learn

Discover the many doorways to finding opportunities to create a coaching relationship
Explore what traits are coach-able (and what is NOT coach-able)
Adapt your coaching style to fit your partner
Cultivate a coaching process to build real results
Embrace the power of experiential learning for your coaching partner
Provide field assignments that make an impact
Construct clear professional boundaries
Recognize the importance of confidentiality

Smart Tips Become a Manager Who Is an Exceptional Coach


Willingness to help others develop.


Our goal in this course is to become a manager who is also an exceptional coach. There are incredible benefits to teams and companies that come from great coaching. And you will gain a personal sense of growth and purpose from becoming a great coach who can help those around you grow and develop.You may be starting this journey with a strong interest in developing others, and with good instincts like empathy, and an ability to listen deeply. But wherever you are now in your journey to become a great coach, we’re going to do this together, one small act of leadership at a time. When you learn to be a coaching manager, you become less interested in your own personal power and more interested in helping others be happy and thrive at work. You’ve worked hard to get to where you are – now it’s time to shift to helping others.In this course you will learn:To prepare for coaching by developing the mindset of being grateful to empower othersTo recognize What is coachable (not everything), and Who is coachable (anyone who is willing)To use successful coaching approaches and models in your workTo leverage powerful questions to help your partner achieve their goalsTo give meaningful assignments to spur growth


Section 1: Get Ready to Coach

Lecture 1 Grateful to Coach

Lecture 2 Making Time for Coaching

Lecture 3 Doorways to Coaching

Lecture 4 What’s Coachable? Who’s Coachable?

Lecture 5 So What is Coaching?

Lecture 6 Only You Can Create a Coaching-Friendly Environment

Lecture 7 Be Style Conscious

Lecture 8 Cultivate the Coaching Process

Lecture 9 Assess Your Coaching Readiness

Lecture 10 Do You Really Need a Contract?

Lecture 11 At the Core of Coaching is Trust

Lecture 12 Dealing with Sensitive Matters

Section 2: Coaching in Action

Lecture 13 The GROW Model of Coaching

Lecture 14 Understanding the Experiential Learning Cycle

Lecture 15 Opening a Coaching Session

Lecture 16 Assessment Do’s and Don’ts

Lecture 17 The Skill/Will Matrix

Lecture 18 Active Listening: Verbal and Nonverbal

Lecture 19 The Power of Questions

Lecture 20 Broadening Awareness

Lecture 21 Coaching Assignments I: Reflecting and Writing

Lecture 22 Coaching Assignments II: Action and Experimentation

Lecture 23 Feedback: It’s Not Coaching Without It

Lecture 24 Recognizing Progress

Lecture 25 Closing the Coaching Relationship

Section 3: Coaching Challenges

Lecture 26 Feeling Stuck

Lecture 27 Accountability Issues

Lecture 28 Protecting Boundaries

Lecture 29 The Impact of Work-Life Stress

Lecture 30 The Reluctant Coaching Partner

New and experienced managers and team leaders who want to develop others.

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Created by: Shawn Hunter

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