Smart Tips Excel

Quick tips to up your productivity in Excel: Master functions, format your spreadsheets, & analyze data with ease
Smart Tips Excel
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Alex Mozes


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Smart Tips Excel

What you’ll learn

Become more productive with Microsoft Excel
Master calculations in excel with a master rule for all functions
Simplify formatting to quickly create professionally formatted spreadsheets
Discover useful tools like autofill, sparklines, and goal seek
Use charts, pivot tables, and other tools to manage lists and analyze data

Smart Tips Excel


A basic understanding of how to use Excel, and access to a 2007 or later version of the program.


Have you ever needed to remove duplicate records in a list that’s hundreds of rows long, and gone cross-eyed trying to find all of them on your own? Or maybe you’ve needed to get just the first name from a list of full names and wasted hours manually copying them. I’m here to tell you there’s a better way for these and so many more of your real world struggles in Excel.Welcome to Smart Tips: Excel! In this course I’ll provide short lectures to help you do something new – fast, so that you can immediately apply it to your work or life. The videos in this course are standalone. That means you don’t have to watch in any particular order. If you’re searching for a specific skill or topic that’s relevant for you, take a look through the available tips to find the knowledge you need when you need it.My name is Alex Mozes, and I’m Director of Business Operations at Udemy. Before joining Udemy, I was a Microsoft Certified Master Instructor, and spent my time teaching people around Silicon Valley the secrets of Excel. In this course, I share some of my best tips to help you become more productive and efficient with your spreadsheets. I’ll teach you things like how to calculate dates, the master rule for all Excel functions, and how to teach the autofill tool common patterns you use in your business. We’ll cover tips in calculations, formatting, Excel tools, setting up spreadsheets, managing lists, data analysis and more.All of these tips are designed to help you increase your productivity and become an Excel whiz. And, if there’s a time consuming activity in Excel you struggle with, let me know in the Q&A section.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction to Smart Tips: Excel

Section 2: Calculations

Lecture 2 Calculate Dates: How many DAYS old are you?

Lecture 3 The master rule for all functions

Lecture 4 Text functions: Left, Mid, and Right

Lecture 5 More Text Functions

Lecture 6 Concatenate: Put multiple values into the same cell

Lecture 7 Break up your text strings with Text to Columns

Lecture 8 What are the Dollar signs in formulas? Absolute vs. Relative References

Lecture 9 Advanced functions made easy: Nesting functions

Lecture 10 Track the variables and consequences of your formulas with arrows

Lecture 11 Find the error in your complex formula by watching each step

Lecture 12 Expose the guts of a spreadsheet and show formulas in cells

Lecture 13 Name your ranges and simplify your formulas

Lecture 14 Linking data from one place to another

Section 3: Formatting

Lecture 15 Customize your date format

Lecture 16 Insert Rows and Columns Properly

Lecture 17 Autofit columns, wrap and shrink text to see your data better

Lecture 18 Understand trends at a glance with Conditional Formatting

Lecture 19 Save a custom style for common formats

Lecture 20 The risks and rewards of the Merge Cells tool

Lecture 21 Fun with borders

Lecture 22 Quickly copy formatting to one or multiple cells

Section 4: Useful Tools

Lecture 23 Secrets of the Autofill tool

Lecture 24 MORE Secrets of the Autofill tool: Creating custom lists

Lecture 25 Rotate your data with Transpose

Lecture 26 Goal Seek: Let Excel find the optimal value

Lecture 27 Format Shortcuts to make short work of your spreadsheet

Lecture 28 Scenario manager: Save your “what if” values

Lecture 29 Data validation: Add dropdown menus and error messages to a cell

Lecture 30 Solver: The Ultimate Add-on for complex questions

Lecture 31 How Big is Excel? Journey to the edge!

Lecture 32 Add, multiply or divide a set of data without a formula

Lecture 33 Sparklines: Quick reference trendlines for your data

Lecture 34 Add a slider to control numbers on your spreadsheet

Lecture 35 Save your filters and view settings with custom views

Lecture 36 Consolidate multiple tables into one

Section 5: Managing Lists

Lecture 37 Why and how to format a list as a table

Lecture 38 Quickly add automatic subtotals

Lecture 39 Remove duplicates with ease

Lecture 40 What is an Advanced Filter?

Section 6: Setting Up a Spreadsheet

Lecture 41 Lock your headers when reading large data sets with Freeze Panes

Lecture 42 Protect your data from meddling

Lecture 43 Scroll in multiple directions at once

Lecture 44 Secrets to printing data from a spreadsheet

Section 7: Data Analysis

Lecture 45 6 Minutes to Master Pivot Tables

Lecture 46 Change how a pivot table calculates data

Lecture 47 A fun way to filter: The Drill To feature in Pivot Tables

Lecture 48 7 minutes to creating Excel charts

Lecture 49 Showing data at different scales on the same chart

Lecture 50 Fun with Pie Charts

Lecture 51 Pivot Charts – The ultimate in dynamic data analysis

Lecture 52 Use the Slicer tools for convenient Pivot Tables

Lecture 53 Create a dashboard: add multiple Pivot Tables to the same sheet

Lecture 54 Make a custom, fancy chart in one click

Designed for beginner to intermediate Excel users who want to become more productive and efficient in Excel.,Advanced Excel users may be familiar with some of the tips in this course.

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 4h 58m | 5.06 GB
Created by: Alex Mozes

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