Smartsheet Project Management Intermediate to Advanced

Learn more tips and tricks and take your Smartsheet knowledge to the next level with this training course
Smartsheet Project Management Intermediate to Advanced
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George Smarts


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Smartsheet Project Management Intermediate to Advanced

What you’ll learn

Advanced Smartsheet formulas
Creating professional dashboards in Smartsheet
Proofing in Smartsheet
Best Practices of using the software

Smartsheet Project Management Intermediate to Advanced


Beginner knowledge of Smartsheet


This is an intermediate to advanced Smartsheet course that is based on the latest version and features available.I will walk you through every step of using some of the most useful features in Smartsheet. We will focus on best practices from the industry.Smartsheet is one of the top collaboration tools on the market. It is used by thousands of organization to handle their team and project management needs. It is one of the best software tools to have in your resume if you want to advance your career.In this Smartsheet course you will learn:· Advanced formulas – learn how to create complex multi sheet solutions using cross-sheet formulas· Creating professional dashboards in Smartsheet – not just how to do it but also some best practice tips from BI perspective· Using the Solution Center to save time and build amazing solutions – no need to start from scratch every single time· Proofing – how to use Proofing like a real PRO· Best Practices for pro users· How to backup your data within Smartsheet· What are Summary and Driving Paths and how to use them in Smartsheet· How utilize the Solution Center to create sprint based plans· Integrations – the essentions of using Integrations in Smartsheet… and much, much more!Enroll today and enjoy:Lifetime access to the course and all future updatesExercises with real examplesPractical and easy to follow advanced Smartsheet course Thanks again for checking out my course and I look forward to seeing you in the classroom


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Section 2: Advanced Topics

Lecture 2 Setting up your Smartsheet

Lecture 3 Cross-sheet formulas

Lecture 4 Dashboards beyond the basics

Lecture 5 Critical Path, Summary Path and Driving Path

Lecture 6 Proofing

Lecture 7 Solution Center – Templates and Template Sets

Lecture 8 Creating sprints based agile project from template in 10 mins

Lecture 9 Document Builder in Smartsheet

Lecture 10 Integrations with other applications

Section 3: Smartsheet – The Admin Center (if your role provides you access to it)

Lecture 11 Smartsheet Admin Center – a deep dive

Lecture 12 Backup your Smartsheet data

Section 4: Other useful features

Lecture 13 Create a project from Excel, MS Project, Google Sheets or Trello

Lecture 14 Automating Reports using Formulas

Lecture 15 Automations – Beyond the basics

Lecture 16 The Smartsheet Mobile App

Section 5: Advanced Meetings Management in Smartsheet (Smartsheet Solution)

Lecture 17 Meetings Management in Smartsheet

Lecture 18 Meetings Management in Smartsheet Part 2

Lecture 19 Meetings Management in Smartsheet Part 3

Lecture 20 Meetings Management in Smartsheet Part 4

Section 6: Setting your PMO using Smartsheet’s PMO Template Set

Lecture 21 Intro to PMO solution from Smartsheet

Lecture 22 Project Intake

Lecture 23 Automating Project Sponsor approval process

Lecture 24 Creating a new Project Folder

Lecture 25 Amending the Project Plan

Lecture 26 Project Reports and Dashboard

Lecture 27 Portfolio Level View

Section 7: Next Steps

Lecture 28 Thank you

Lecture 29 Bonus Lecture

Smartsheet users that want to become experts

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 3h 22m | 1.26 GB
Created by: George Smarts

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