Snowflake Complete Course for Clearing Interviews

You can easily learn Snowflake by using the PPTs I have given and by practicing the SQL queries given.
Snowflake Complete Course for Clearing Interviews
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Snowflake Complete Course for Clearing Interviews

What you’ll learn

Snowflake Cloud Database Concepts
Snowflake Data loading and Unloading
Snowflake Integration with AWS Cloud
All other new features of Snowflake
Practice with proper SQL queries

Snowflake Complete Course for Clearing Interviews


Basic database or sql knowledge


Snowflake Complete Course for Clearing Interviews:  Snowflake is a advanced cloud based Database technology and there are lot of opportunities in the market for snowflake developers. Many organizations are migrating from their traditional data warehouses to Snowflake as it is cloud based and there are lot of f new feature in lesser cost. This course is mainly for people who are looking for Snowflake training and for people preparing for interviews, I am sure you can easily clear interviews after this course. You can easily learn Snowflake by using the PPTs I have given here and by practicing the SQL queries given. If you go through these videos, PPTs and practice all queries, you can easily clear your interviews on Snowflake. I have explained neatly with proper sql query example and I have given sample files for your practice as well. Also I have given some assignments for testing skills after practicing the sql queries. Also you can prepare for snowflake Snowpro Core certification with this course. Please watch video, go through PPT, practice the lab queries and that is it you can learn and implement snowflake easily. Thanks you very much and I wish you all the very best for your learnings and for your interviews.


Section 1: Introduction to Snowflake

Lecture 1 Getting Started

Lecture 2 Introduction

Section 2: Snowflake Architecture

Lecture 3 Architecture

Lecture 4 Virtual Warehouses

Section 3: Trial Account Creation and Snowsight Overview

Lecture 5 Trial Account Creation and Web UI Overview

Section 4: Micro Partitions and Clustering

Lecture 6 Micro Partitions and Clustering

Section 5: Data Loading and Transforming

Lecture 7 Data Loading and Transforming

Section 6: Stages in Snowflake

Lecture 8 External Stages

Lecture 9 Internal Stages and SnowSQL

Lecture 10 Copy Command Options

Section 7: Snowflake – AWS Integration

Lecture 11 AWS Integration

Section 8: Processing Semi-Structured Data

Lecture 12 Processing Json Data

Lecture 13 Processing XML Files

Lecture 14 Processing Parquet Data

Section 9: Snowflake Pricing and Editions

Lecture 15 Pricing – Cost Calculation in Snowflake

Section 10: Snowpipe

Lecture 16 Snowpipe

Lecture 17 Troubleshooting Snowpipe

Section 11: Caching in Snowflake

Lecture 18 Caching

Section 12: Time-Travel and Fail-Safe

Lecture 19 Time-Travel and Fail-Safe

Section 13: Zero-Copy Cloning

Lecture 20 Zero-Copy Cloning

Section 14: Table Types

Lecture 21 Table Types

Section 15: Role Based Access Control

Lecture 22 Access Control in Snowflake

Lecture 23 Roles and Users Creation

Section 16: Views in Snowflake

Lecture 24 Views and Materialized Views

Section 17: Dynamic Data Masking

Lecture 25 Dynamic Data Masking

Section 18: Data Sharing

Lecture 26 Data Sharing

Section 19: Tasks and Streams

Lecture 27 Tasks for Scheduling

Lecture 28 Streams for CDC

Section 20: Data Unloading

Lecture 29 Data Unloading

Section 21: Data Sampling

Lecture 30 Data Sampling

Section 22: External Tables

Lecture 31 External Tables

Section 23: Stored Procedures and UDFs

Lecture 32 User Defined Functions (UDFs)

Lecture 33 Stored Procedures

Lecture 34 Stored Procedures using Java Script

Section 24: Resource Monitors

Lecture 35 Resource Monitors

Section 25: Snowflake Interview Questions and Tips

Lecture 36 Snowflake Interview Questions – 1

Lecture 37 Snowflake Interview Questions – 2

Lecture 38 Snowflake Interview Questions – Scenario Based

This Course is for the people who are looking for careers in Cloud database technologies and for Data analysts. You can easily learn all the new concepts of snowflake by practicing the examples I have provided here.

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 28h 22m | 15.00 GB
Created by: Janardhana Reddy

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