Snowflake for Developers

Snowflake Cloud Datawarehouse-Fast Track
Snowflake for Developers
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Snowflake for Developers

What you’ll learn

Understand the basics of data warehousing for our beginner audience
Start using the Snowflake cloud data warehouse after this course as a pro
Understand deep architectural concepts and firm their understanding on the technical implementation of the Snowflake Cloud Data Warehouse. Enhance understanding of Snowflake cloud Data warehouse’s performance tuning and debugging of complex issues.
Interact with Snowflake cloud data warehouse user interface and create database objects
Understand Snowflake cloud data warehouse ‘s data loading and querying options and best practices
Learn Snowflake features like Snowpipes, SnowSQL, Time Travel, Secured Views, and Secured Data Sharing.
Use Python connector and code to work with the Snowflake Cloud Data warehouse as an example for use in the daily implementation.

Snowflake for Developers


Understanding of Databases and SQL basic knowledge
Some exposure to programming languages for advanced topics


This course assists in developing a solid understanding of Snowflake’s Cloud Data Warehouse. Snowflake for Developers is not a scripted course with a steady pace of reading and death by power-point. It is an intense, involved, and engaging course that has its ups and downs, success and on-purpose failures, and the aha moments. This course is your ultimate companion to take you on a journey of learning Snowflake Cloud Data warehouse. I would recommend previewing the “Introduction to Data Warehouse” lecture completely for its full 10 minutes length to understand what I mean. Snowflake for Developers starts with the basics of data warehousing concepts to bring our beginner audience up to speed before going deep into Snowflake.The course is not designed intentionally for any Certification exam preparation but geared more towards practical use in day to day implementations for Engineers and Architects.Welcome aboard to Snowflake for Developers!


Section 1: Getting Started

Lecture 1 Meet the Trainer

Lecture 2 The Course Preview

Lecture 3 Introduction to Data Warehouse

Lecture 4 Introduction to Snowflake

Section 2: Snowflake Architecture

Lecture 5 Overview of Snowflake Architecture

Lecture 6 Deep Dive – Data Storage

Lecture 7 Deep Dive – Virtual Warehouse

Lecture 8 Deep Dive – Cloud Services

Section 3: Working with Snowflake – I

Lecture 9 Section Overview

Lecture 10 Create a Trial Account

Lecture 11 Snowflake Editions and Pricing

Lecture 12 Things We should know

Lecture 13 Snowflake Web Interface – I

Lecture 14 Snowflake Web Interface – II

Lecture 15 Closer Look – Snowflake Database

Section 4: Working with Snowflake – II

Lecture 16 Loading data to Snowflake

Lecture 17 Data Transformation in Snowflake

Lecture 18 Consuming Data From Snowflake

Section 5: Snowflake Features

Lecture 19 Snowpipes

Lecture 20 Time Travel in Snowflake

Lecture 21 Introduction to Snowflake CLI – SnowSQL

Lecture 22 Secured Views

Lecture 23 Data Sharing

Existing Data Professionals, Full Stack Developers, Data Analysts, Data Engineers, and Software Developers.,Database developers, Database Administrators, Business intelligence professionals,Anyone curious to understand cloud-scale data warehousing and has basic SQL knowledge.,If you are currently a Teradata, HP Vertica, Netezza, or Oracle Professional, this course makes your resume match current trends and market-ready.

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 4h 21m | 1.34 GB
Created by: Ashish Khaitan

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