Snowflake The Complete Masterclass 2023 Edition

Master Snowflake & cloud data warehouse from the ground up
Snowflake The Complete Masterclass 2023 Edition
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Nikolai Schuler


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Snowflake The Complete Masterclass 2023 Edition

What you’ll learn

Master all fundamentals & advanced topics
Helpful for snowflake certification
Build professional-quality understanding of Snowflake
Understand the entire Snowflake workflow from end-to end
Apply your knowlegde in assignments & quizzes hands-on
Learn from top-rated instructor and professional BI developer

Snowflake The Complete Masterclass 2023 Edition


Laptop with access to the internet & motivation to learn
Basic knowledge of SQL is helpful


Do you want to upgrad your skills and learn how to professionally work in Snowflake?In this course you will – step by step – learn everything that is important in Snowflake!Become a master in Snowflake and learn everything from scratch!Why should you take this course?✓ Understand everything from scratch – step by step, very structured and practice-oriented✓ Learn all the important features – know when and how to use them properly✓ Clear explanations and very systematic – theory & practice✓ Practice everything hands-on – practice & test your knowledge in quizzes & assignmentsWhat is in this course?In this course you will learn everything you need to master Snowflake!This course is giving you the chance to systematically master the everything you need to know in Snowflake!✓ Master all the fundamentals✓ Master also all the advanced topics✓ Learn the best practices hands-on✓ Apply what you’ve learnt in a lot of assignemnts & quizzes✓ Personal support whenever you have questionsThis course is right for you if…… you have never worked with Snowflake and want to learn how to master everything hands-on in just one course…. OR you have already some basic knowledge and want to dive deeper and become more advanced in the whole universe of Snowflake.This is the one course that covers everything you need to Master Snowflake.Enroll now to get life long access and master Snowflake!


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Welcome!

Lecture 2 Course Outline

Lecture 3 How to benefit best from the course?

Lecture 4 All course slides & resources

Section 2: Getting started

Lecture 5 Sign up for free trial

Lecture 6 Login to account

Lecture 7 Getting to know the interface

Lecture 8 Snowflake architecture

Lecture 9 Setting up warehouse

Lecture 10 Setting up warehouse using SQL

Lecture 11 Scaling policy

Lecture 12 Exploring tables & databases

Lecture 13 Loading data in snowflake

Section 3: Snowflake architecture

Lecture 14 What is a data warehouse?

Lecture 15 Cloud computing

Lecture 16 Snowflake editions

Lecture 17 Snowflake pricing

Lecture 18 Monitor Usage

Lecture 19 Roles in snowflake

Section 4: Loading data

Lecture 20 Loading methods

Lecture 21 Understanding stages

Lecture 22 Creating stage

Lecture 23 COPY command

Lecture 24 Transforming data

Lecture 25 More transformations

Lecture 26 Copy option: ON_ERROR

Lecture 27 File format object

Lecture 28 Summary

Section 5: Copy options

Lecture 29 Understanding copy options


Lecture 31 Working with rejected records

Lecture 32 SIZE_LIMIT



Lecture 35 FORCE

Lecture 36 Load history

Section 6: Loading unstructured data

Lecture 37 High-level steps

Lecture 38 Our data

Lecture 39 Creating stage & raw file

Lecture 40 Parsing JSON

Lecture 41 Handling nested data

Lecture 42 Dealing with hierarchy

Lecture 43 Insert final data

Lecture 44 Querying PARQUET data

Lecture 45 Loading PARQUET data

Section 7: Performance optimization

Lecture 46 Performance in Snowflake

Lecture 47 Create dedicated virtual warehouse

Lecture 48 Implement dedicated virtual warehouse

Lecture 49 Scaling up

Lecture 50 Scaling out

Lecture 51 Caching – Theory

Lecture 52 Maximize Caching

Lecture 53 Clustering – Theory

Lecture 54 Clustering – Practice

Section 8: Loading from AWS

Lecture 55 Sign up for free trial

Lecture 56 Creating S3 bucket

Lecture 57 Upload files in S3

Lecture 58 Creating policy

Lecture 59 Creating integration object

Lecture 60 Loading from S3

Lecture 61 Handle JSON

Section 9: Loading from Azure

Lecture 62 Sign up for free trial

Lecture 63 Create a storage account

Lecture 64 Create a container

Lecture 65 Create integration object

Lecture 66 Create stage object

Lecture 67 Load CSV file

Lecture 68 Load JSON file

Section 10: Loading from GCP

Lecture 69 Sign up for free trial

Lecture 70 Create a bucket

Lecture 71 Create integration object

Lecture 72 Create stage

Lecture 73 Query & load data

Lecture 74 Unload data

Section 11: Snowpipe

Lecture 75 What is Snowpipe?

Lecture 76 High-level steps

Lecture 77 Creating stage

Lecture 78 Creating pipe

Lecture 79 Configure pipe & notifications

Lecture 80 Error handling

Lecture 81 Manage pipes

Section 12: Snowpipe for Azure

Lecture 82 High-level steps

Lecture 83 Create stage & storage integration

Lecture 84 Create notification integration

Lecture 85 Create pipe and load data

Section 13: Time Travel

Lecture 86 Using time travel

Lecture 87 Restoring data

Lecture 88 UNDROP tables

Lecture 89 Retention time

Lecture 90 Time travel cost

Section 14: Fail Safe

Lecture 91 Understanding Fail Safe

Lecture 92 Fail Safe storage

Section 15: Types of tables

Lecture 93 Different table types

Lecture 94 Permanent tables & databases

Lecture 95 Transient tables & databases

Lecture 96 Temporary tables & databases

Section 16: Zero-Copy Cloning

Lecture 97 Understanding Zero-Copy Cloning

Lecture 98 Cloning tables

Lecture 99 Cloning schemas & databases

Lecture 100 Cloning with time travel

Lecture 101 Swapping tables

Section 17: Data Sharing

Lecture 102 Understanding data sharing

Lecture 103 Using data sharing

Lecture 104 Create share through the interface

Lecture 105 Sharing with non-snowflake users

Lecture 106 Creating a reader account

Lecture 107 Creating a database from share

Lecture 108 Set up users for share

Lecture 109 Sharing database & schema

Lecture 110 Secure vs. normal view

Lecture 111 Sharing a secure view

Section 18: Data Sampling

Lecture 112 Why data sampling?

Lecture 113 Methods of data sampling

Lecture 114 Sampling data: Hands-on

Section 19: Scheduling Tasks

Lecture 115 Understanding tasks

Lecture 116 Creating tasks

Lecture 117 Using CRON

Lecture 118 Understand tree of tasks

Lecture 119 Creating trees of tasks

Lecture 120 Calling a stored procedure

Lecture 121 Task history & error handling

Lecture 122 Tasks with condition

Section 20: Streams

Lecture 123 Understanding streams

Lecture 124 INSERT operation

Lecture 125 UPDATE operation

Lecture 126 DELETE operation

Lecture 127 Process all data changes

Lecture 128 Combine streams & tasks

Lecture 129 Types of streams

Lecture 130 Changes clause

Section 21: Materialized Views

Lecture 131 Understand materialized views

Lecture 132 Using materialized views

Lecture 133 Refresh materialized views

Lecture 134 Maintenance costs

Lecture 135 When to use materialized views

Lecture 136 Limitations

Section 22: Dynamic Data Masking

Lecture 137 Understanding data masking

Lecture 138 Creating a masking policy

Lecture 139 Unset & replace policy

Lecture 140 Alter an existing policy

Lecture 141 Real life examples

Section 23: Access Management

Lecture 142 Key concepts

Lecture 143 Roles overview


Lecture 145 ACCOUNTADMIN in practice


Lecture 147 SECURITYADMIN in practice

Lecture 148 SYSADMIN

Lecture 149 SYSADMIN in practice

Lecture 150 Custom roles

Lecture 151 Custom roles in practice

Lecture 152 USERADMIN

Lecture 153 USERADMIN in practice

Lecture 154 PUBLIC

Section 24: Visualization – Power BI & Tableau

Lecture 155 Data Visualization

Lecture 156 Download & install Power BI

Lecture 157 Connect Power BI & Snowflake

Lecture 158 Working in Power BI

Lecture 159 Download & install Tableau

Lecture 160 Connect Tableau & Snowflake

Section 25: Partner Connect – Connecting other tools

Lecture 161 Connecting to other tools

Lecture 162 Connect to ETL tool

Section 26: Best Practises

Lecture 163 Best practices

Lecture 164 Virtual warehouses

Lecture 165 Table design

Lecture 166 Monitoring

Lecture 167 Retention period

Section 27: Bonus

Lecture 168 Bonus lecture

Data Architects & Data Engineers who want to expand their knowledge to new technologies,Database Administrators who want to invest in their skills of working within new cloud technologies,Everyone that wants to learn Snowflake from beginner to advanced,Everyone that wants work with data and wants learn learn about the latest cloud technologies

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 14h 1m | 4.62 GB
Created by: Nikolai Schuler

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