So What Do You Do How To Craft Your Elevator Speech

For People Who Have Struggled To Introduce Themselves In A Way That Sounds Good, Feels Right and Gets Clients.
So What Do You Do How To Craft Your Elevator Speech
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So What Do You Do How To Craft Your Elevator Speech

What you’ll learn

Have a good, clear answer to the ‘So, What Do You Do?’ question
Attract and Pre-Sell your best prospects at the same time
Lead to an easy Sales Conversation
Never be Anxious about how you’re going to introduce yourself

So What Do You Do How To Craft Your Elevator Speech


The want to increase sales.


If you dread the ‘So, What Do You Do?’ or you’re uneasy about introducing yourself to strangers, you can fix all that with a new approach to crafting your elevator speech. The focus here is on 4 of the most common places people get stuck when trying to piece a statement together. We use different angles, approaches and perspectives to help boost you over a hurdle so you can proudly introduce yourself in a way that makes networking worth the energy – because it’s entirely focused on winning over your very best potential clients.In Module One we have a frank discussion about Elevator Speeches, where you may be going wrong, what to do and not to do. We do a run through of a training template so you can identify and isolate the areas you need to work on.In Module Two we cover the Mind Heart Questionnaire where we connect you with who you are, who and what you’re passionate about and who they are on a deeper level.In Module Three we do a deeper dive on all 4 components of an effective introduction. We highlight struggles areas and we talk about where people commonly have resistance. We discuss practicing.In Module Four we review different types of templates. Now that you understand the fundamentals you can source a variety of templates in case you find something that rolls off your tongue.In Module Five, this is separate training if you still struggle on your Niche. We use a new exercise to help you uncover your answers.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 An Education On Introductions – Pre-Training

Section 2: 12 Question Discovery Questionnaire

Lecture 2 Connecting Mind Heart Questionnaire

Section 3: Creating Your Introduction

Lecture 3 Teaching The Template 3 Run Throughs

Section 4: Additional Niche Training

Lecture 4 Niche Lesson – The Bucket Exercise

Section 5: Alternative Introduction Templates

Lecture 5 Review 18 Alternative Introduction Templates

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Udemy | English | 2h 48m | 1.02 GB
Created by: Derek Patterson

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