Social Media Calendar Social Media Management 2023

Social media marketing calendar and content strategy calendar for social media management posting schedule
Social Media Calendar Social Media Management 2023
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Social Media Calendar Social Media Management 2023

What you’ll learn

Get a social media marketing calendar template
Watch me fill out my template from scratch and see how I think about it
Learn when and how to begin automating your social media management
Have an organized and systematic approach to your social media marketing
Avoid social media marketing procrastination by having a calendar
Make your social media marketing productive with outsourcing and automation

Social Media Calendar Social Media Management 2023


No prerequisites – just an open mind and willingness to improve your social media management


Learn to choose correct social media marketing strategies, plan them in a monthly calendar, and then outsource and automate them.If you are having trouble getting started with social media, or it is too distracting or confusing, this course will help you organize your social media marketing process in a way that makes it fast and effective.THE MOST PRODUCTIVE WAY TO DO SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETINGDoing things randomly seldom works out. For productivity, quality of execution, and ultimate success, one must get organized, plan, and create a systematic social media management strategy.Creating a social media marketing calendar will give you an editorial calendar. You will know exactly which content to create and post every day of the month, and what the theme of each day will be so you don’t have to think about it or guess. That will immediately save you time.SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING TEMPLATE IN THE COURSEIn the course, I give you a fresh social media marketing calendar template that you can fill out on your own while I walk you step-by-step on how I fill out every day of my own social media marketing calendar. You can follow how I create mine. I do it all by sharing my screen and showing you how to do it.AFTER YOU GET ORGANIZED, GO FASTER BY OUTSOURCING AND AUTOMATINGMost people want to outsource and automate social media marketing right away. But first, you must become good at posting and gain a level of proficiency. Having a social media calendar will help you do that. Once you have things running smoothly, you can outsource and automate parts of content creation and posting.LEARN SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGEMENT TO BOOST YOUR BUSINESS OR CAREERSocial media management can be a few things:1) Social media management can be a job you can get working for a company. 2) Social media management can be a freelancing service you can offer on a site like Fiverr or UpWork.3) Social media management is something your company needs if you run a small business and need to regularly post on social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, Pinterest, and others.DIFFERENCE BETWEEN A SOCIAL MEDIA CALENDAR AND A CONTENT CALENDARYour social media management is broad. It includes content beyond just your social media. Content that is outside your social media can be your blog posts or publicity you get for your business.RESPONSIVE AND CARING INSTRUCTOR: WORLD-CLASS STUDENT SUPPORTIf you have questions, know that I am here to help! I answer 99% of student questions within 24 hours. Many students tell me that other instructors don’t respond. Well, I do because 1) I care about my students.2) I feel a responsibility to make sure that students get their money’s worth from the course.Invest in yourself! Enroll today!


Section 1: Social media calendar and social media management course introduction

Lecture 1 Social media calendar and social media management course introduction & welcome

Lecture 2 How to get the pretty social media marketing calendar for your own use

Section 2: Creating your social media calendar to create a social media management system

Lecture 3 Overview of potential goals and strategies

Lecture 4 Social media marketing calendar

Section 3: How to make your social media marketing more productive

Lecture 5 Once you have a calendar, steps to ease into outsourcing & prerequisites

Lecture 6 Automation vs. outsourcing vs. being present vs. all of the above

Lecture 7 How long each type of posting takes

Lecture 8 When you should not have a social media calendar

Section 4: Expanding into a full marketing calendar

Lecture 9 Expanding into a full marketing calendar

Section 5: Your social media library

Lecture 10 Content repository for post re-use in your social media management

Lecture 11 One place to put all your important pages and share

Section 6: What you can outsource and automate

Lecture 12 Beginning to automate posting on all networks with SocialOomph and similar tools

Section 7: See how I evaluate what role social media will play in different projects

Lecture 13 See how I evaluate what role social media will play in different projects

Section 8: What parts of your social media management & content creation you can outsource

Lecture 14 Photo/image creation

Lecture 15 Video editing: b-roll, music

Lecture 16 Video is also a blog post transcribed and edited

Lecture 17 Optimize text content creation with transcription services

Section 9: WordPress plugin to help your social sharing

Lecture 18 Revive Old Posts plugin for social sharing, scheduling & SEO boost

Section 10: More on content creation and publishing

Lecture 19 Posting as a personal brand or a business brand

Lecture 20 How to create a content strategy

Lecture 21 If you are doing this for clients and client education and control

Section 11: Scheduling a launch of content or products

Lecture 22 Scheduling a launch of content or products

Section 12: How to use viral memes to go viral and boost sharing

Lecture 23 Introduction to using memes

Lecture 24 How to begin finding viral memes to post on your social media

Lecture 25 How to create your own image memes in minutes and for free

Lecture 26 How to create your own gifs to go viral

Section 13: Customers to promote you on social media with this nifty strategy

Lecture 27 Quotables strategy to make customers who love your business promote it

Section 14: Social media automation to help your social media management

Lecture 28 Social media automation section introduction

Lecture 29 Social media automation tools overview

Lecture 30 Inside look at how I use SocialOomph

Section 15: Providing social media management services as a freelancer on Fiverr

Lecture 31 Fiverr and freelancing section introduction

Lecture 32 How many gigs to create and how leveling up works on Fiverr

Lecture 33 How to apply to become a seller on Fiverr

Lecture 34 The goal for how your Fiverr freelancing profile should appear

Lecture 35 Introduction to Fiverr SEO

Lecture 36 Fiverr keyword checklist

Lecture 37 How to quickly get a gig to rank well in Fiverr

Lecture 38 Targeting long-tail keywords

Lecture 39 Copywriting for title which can help you make your Fiverr gigs more attractive

Lecture 40 Copywriting for your Fiverr freelancing gig description

Lecture 41 Writing a gig description example

Lecture 42 What to do on Fiverr on day 1 as a new freelancer

Lecture 43 Consumables, next-gig up-sell strategy or gig-carousel

Lecture 44 Turning people into long-term customers and making thousands of $$$ from them

Lecture 45 Same gig different title

Lecture 46 Fiverr vs. UpWork (why I prefer freelancing on Fiverr)

Section 16: Starting a social media marketing agency

Lecture 47 Introduction to starting an agency

Lecture 48 Overview of marketing strategies so you can fit each into your marketing

Lecture 49 Agency website conversion checklist

Lecture 50 CHECKLIST to build credibility and branding outside of your website

Lecture 51 Example of using the Google Keyword tool to find keywords

Lecture 52 Basic agency keywords

Section 17: Finding leads

Lecture 53 D7LeadFinder lead generation tool introduction

Lecture 54 D7LeadFinder results

Lecture 55 How to come across professionally when approaching potential clients

Section 18: LinkedIn messaging to sell to leads

Lecture 56 Options for LinkedIn messaging automation tools

Lecture 57 LinkedIn connection message template to immediately compel and interest people

Lecture 58 LinkedIn welcome message template

Section 19: Conclusion – thank you for being an amazing student

Lecture 59 Course certificate for this social media management course – how to get it

Lecture 60 Thank you for taking this social media calendar & social media management course

Small business owners or beginner social media marketers who need to do better social media management

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Created by: Alex Genadinik

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