Social Media Marketing for Woodworkers

Use social media to successfully market your woodworking!
Social Media Marketing for Woodworkers
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Social Media Marketing for Woodworkers

What you’ll learn

Become familiar with social media to market your woodworking
How to effectively use social media in your woodworking business
How to leverage social media platforms to increase your woodworking sales
Learn about advertising your woodworking through popular social media

Social Media Marketing for Woodworkers


No experience necessary


Do you find social media to be overwhelming? Do you want to tap into how social media can increase your woodworking sales?Norman Pirollo, successful owner of White Mountain Design, White Mountain Toolworks, WoodSkills, Refined Edge Design and Pirollo Design; guides you through how to effectively use social media to market your woodworking business. Learn from a woodworker and furniture maker that uses social media marketing in his business. Norman has discovered how social media can successfully drive and funnel clients to his business. This course will fast track your knowledge of social media specifically for woodworking and furniture making. Norman provides the necessary expertise in this information packed course. The course should take you 2 hours to complete. You will have the information necessary to begin marketing your woodworking business through social media. Learn to leverage social media to increase exposure of your business and drive sales through your web site. Upon completion of the course, you can easily set up your social media platforms to begin marketing your woodworking to a much wider audience and specific woodworking related niches.Course topics include the following:01. Introduction02. Overview03. Facebook Marketing04. Twitter Marketing05. Linkedin Marketing06. Instagram Marketing07. YouTube Marketing08. Pinterest Marketing09. Conclusion


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Section 2: Overview

Lecture 2 Overview

Section 3: Social Media Marketing

Lecture 3 Facebook Marketing

Lecture 4 Twitter Marketing

Lecture 5 Linkedin Marketing

Lecture 6 Instagram Marketing

Lecture 7 YouTube Marketing

Lecture 8 Pinterest Marketing

Section 4: Conclusion

Lecture 9 Conclusion

Section 5: Start Woodworking (eBook, 115 pgs.)

Lecture 10 Start Woodworking (eBook, 115 pgs.)

Woodworkers, Furniture Makers that need to market their products, demonstrate their skills and techniques through increased exposure

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Created by: Norman Pirollo

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