Social Media Recruitment for Human Resource Professionals

Complete Recruitment Workshop for HR Professionals to find talent on Social Networks, LinkedIn & 20+ Talent Communities
Social Media Recruitment for Human Resource Professionals
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Yogesh Sharma


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Social Media Recruitment for Human Resource Professionals

What you’ll learn

Social Recruiting on (Facebook, Github, Kaggle, Dribbble, Stackoverflow, Behance, Quora, Twitter, Instagram)
Linkedin Recruitment, AI Sourcing, Tools
Boolean Search for Recruitment and Sourcing
You will also learn to find email and contact details of profile using AI Tools & Chrome Extensions
Contact Finders & Chrome Extensions
FREE Membership to talent community on whatsapp (3000+ Recruiters)
Live workshop on Zoom, every fortnight
You will be able to find talent on Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, Github and other talent communities and social networks
Bonus Sessions on Global Recruiting & How to Manage your Offer Declines

Social Media Recruitment for Human Resource Professionals


Already work in the industry but want to become a top professional recruiter
Experience in Sourcing & Talent Acquisition
Human Resource Business Partner HRBP
Freshers with MBA in Human Resource / HR
Freshers, who want pursue career in Talent Acquisition
Want to learn how to source and find the best people in the business effectively


Social Media Recruitment is a comprehensive program and workshop to learn future ready recruitment practices. In this program you will not just learn to find talent on one of two website but explore talent communities, social media and professional network.  This program is designed by Yogesh(Instructor) after 350 Talent Acquisition training workshops to CHRO, TA leaders, Recruitment Managers & Sourcing teams. This is a practical and hands-on workshop, so we would recommend you to join this with your Laptop ready to apply all recommended methodsIn this program, you will learn:- Introduction to Talent Acquisition: Sourcing & Recruitment Lifecycle- Boolean Search (11 Video Lectures, 1 Assessment)- Social Media Recruitment ( 11 Video Lectures, 1 Assessment)- LinkedIn Recruitment ( 8 Video Lectures, 1 Assessment)- AI Tools & Chrome Extensions (4 Video Lectures)You will get:- Membership to WhatsApp community of 2500+ CHRO, Head TA, Recruiters & Sourcers- Live Workshop on Zoom with Yogesh, every fortnightImportant things to note:- You will also get a quick guide in Section 4, to create Boolean string for various Job Titles & Keywords- Do not skip the session in section 1, 3 & 4.  You will understand best, if you go step by step.- All the modules are followed by assessment and its advisable to complete it.  Assessments are designed such that they cover most of the FAQs after the workshop.  We also offer LIVE Zoom sessions with Instructor to all program subscriber every fortnight at no cost.  We will message you this, once you will be enrolled for this program.


Section 1: Message from your Coach : Yogesh Kumar Sharma

Lecture 1 Hi, I am Yogesh, Your Talent Acquisition & Employer Branding Coach

Section 2: Boolean Search for Recruitment & Sourcing

Lecture 2 Introduction to Boolean Search and workshop modules

Lecture 3 Exercise – Can you find yourself on Google

Lecture 4 Five Fundamental Boolean Operators

Lecture 5 Boolean Operators ( AND, OR, NOT, “Inverted comma”, Parenthesis )

Lecture 6 Parenthesis and Boolean String

Lecture 7 Exercises – Boolean Strings and logic

Lecture 8 Lets Create a Boolean String of your life

Lecture 9 Google Advanced Search

Lecture 10 Google Advanced Search: Filetype Operator

Lecture 11 Google Advanced Search: Intitle, Inurl Operators

Lecture 12 Xray Search

Section 3: Social Media Recruitment

Lecture 13 Find talent on : (A Question & Answer Website)

Lecture 14 Find talent on : (Largest Creative network of Designers & Developer)

Lecture 15 Find talent on : (Network of UX/UI Designers & Developers)

Lecture 16 Find talent on : (Network of Data Scientists)

Lecture 17 Find Talent on : (56 Million Developer Community)

Lecture 18 Find talent on : Stack Overflow (Community of Developers & Engineers)

Lecture 19 Find talent on : Twitter

Lecture 20 Find talent on : (Network of Founders, Cofounders and Startups)

Lecture 21 Find talent on : (enable organize events of various interest group)

Lecture 22 Find talent on : Facebook & Instagram (Social Network)

Lecture 23 Xray Search on more than 40 talent communities & Social Networks

Section 4: LinkedIn Recruitment

Lecture 24 Market Intelligence & Talent Mapping

Lecture 25 Find Talent on Alumni networks on LinkedIn

Lecture 26 Find talent on : Linkedin Using Xray Search

Lecture 27 Find talent on : LinkedIn with Current Location

Lecture 28 Find talent on : LinkedIn with Current Company

Lecture 29 Find talent on : LinkedIn who are immediate joiners

Lecture 30 Find talent on : LinkedIn with experience range

Lecture 31 Find Global talent on Linkedin

Section 5: AI Tools & Chrome Extensions

Lecture 32 Create Boolean with tools for Linkedin, Twitter, & Stackoverflow

Lecture 33 Hiretual : A Powerful AI Tool to find talent on 45+ communities

Lecture 34 Seekout : Another AI Tool to find talent on Social & Professional network

Lecture 35 Contact Finders : Chrome extensions

Section 6: Bonus Sessions: Global Recruiting | Ready Boolean String | Manage Offer Decline

Lecture 36 Global Recruiting : US Recruitment & Global Recruiting comparable data points

Lecture 37 Job Title / Keyword Boolean String

Lecture 38 Manage Your Offer Dropouts

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Course Information:

Udemy | English | 5h 31m | 4.66 GB
Created by: Yogesh Sharma

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