Software Engineering With Python Master Class

Learn and completely Master Software Engineering With Python
Software Engineering With Python Master Class
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Software Engineering With Python Master Class

What you’ll learn

Learn and completely Master Software Engineering With Python
Learn and completely master Python Programming
Learn and completely master SQL
Become a Professional, Expert Software Engineer With Python
Learn every Aspect and Facet of Software Engineering with Python
Learn Everything about Github

Software Engineering With Python Master Class


None. Everything is included in this course, from the basics to the Very Highly Advanced Levels.


With this complete hands-on course, you will become an Expert Software Engineer with Python At The Highest Skill Level even with no prior programming experience.Software Engineering With Python Section:In this 44-hour section, we will start by learning the basics of Python such as variables, strings, Booleans, lists, tuples, dictionaries, generators, and so on as well as learning to write the first service test. Furthermore, you will learn to send requests in Python and understand how to modify permissions. You will also be able to explore Docker and SQL and learn to set up a local PostgreSQL Server. You will learn how to create tables using query results.Moving further in the course, you will learn to integrate databases into your application and create database models in Python. You will be introduced to Redis and learn data compression. You will also get to know how to set up a GitHub desktop, and clone a repository as well as GitHub CLI. You will wrap up the course by having a look at threading in Python, multiprocessing pool, and async wait statements.By the end of this course, you will be an Expert in developing Professional Applications with Python, have a solid portfolio, and be ready to apply for Software Engineer positions and ACE those technical interviews and start your HIGHLY Paid Lifetime Career As a Software Engineer With Python Programming At The Highest Skill Level.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 Setting Up Your Coding Environment

Lecture 3 Installing Python

Lecture 4 Writing Your First Program With Python

Lecture 5 Variables In Python

Lecture 6 Strings In Python

Lecture 7 Integers, Floats, and Type Casting In Python

Lecture 8 Booleans and Boolean Operations In Python

Lecture 9 ‘None’ Types In Python

Lecture 10 Lists In Python

Lecture 11 Tuples In Python

Lecture 12 Dictionaries In Python

Lecture 13 Formatting Strings and Writing Comments In Python

Lecture 14 If Statements In Python

Lecture 15 Elif and Else Statements In Python

Lecture 16 ‘For’ Loops In Python

Lecture 17 While Loops In Python

Lecture 18 Functions In Python

Lecture 19 Function Parameters In Python

Lecture 20 Global Variables In Python

Lecture 21 File Handling In Python

Lecture 22 Virtual Environments in Python.

Lecture 23 Launching Your First Application In Python

Lecture 24 Classes In Python

Lecture 25 Classes Inheritance In Python

Lecture 26 Decorators In Python

Lecture 27 Generators In Python

Lecture 28 JSON and Text Response

Lecture 29 Typing In Python

Lecture 30 Response Models In Python

Lecture 31 Expanded Field Information In Python

Lecture 32 Path Parameters In Python

Lecture 33 Request Bodies in Python

Lecture 34 Query Parameters In Python

Lecture 35 Put and Delete in Python

Lecture 36 Docstrings in Python

Lecture 37 Async Functions in Python

Lecture 38 Directory Structure In Python

Lecture 39 API Routers in Python Continued

Lecture 40 Environment Variables In Python

Lecture 41 HTTP Status Codes in Python

Lecture 42 Exceptions in Python

Lecture 43 Logging

Lecture 44 Logging Formatter

Lecture 45 Custom Exception Handlers in Python

Lecture 46 Headers and Dependencies

Lecture 47 Writing Your First Service Test With Python

Lecture 48 Fixtures In Python

Section 2: Testing With Python

Lecture 49 Pytest Introduction

Lecture 50 Writing Your First Service Test With Python

Lecture 51 Fixtures In Python

Lecture 52 Integration Tests With Python

Lecture 53 Testing for Exceptions With Python

Lecture 54 Sending Requests in Python

Lecture 55 Sending Async Requests With Python

Lecture 56 Testing Synchronous Requests With Python

Lecture 57 Testing Async Requests With Python

Lecture 58 Test Coverage With Python

Lecture 59 MyPy Part 2

Section 3: Introduction To The Terminal

Lecture 60 Digital Ocean Setup

Lecture 61 SSH on Windows

Lecture 62 Connecting with SSH

Lecture 63 Basic Navigation

Lecture 64 Creating Folders

Lecture 65 Creating Files

Lecture 66 Removing Folders and Files

Lecture 67 Moving, Renaming, and Copying Files and Folders

Lecture 68 Environment Variables

Lecture 69 Piping and Redirecting

Lecture 70 Super User and Running Pythons Scripts

Lecture 71 Executables and Modifying Permissions

Lecture 72 Sending Requests

Section 4: Docker Section

Lecture 73 Docker Introduction

Lecture 74 Creating a Dockerfile

Lecture 75 Multistage Build

Lecture 76 Makefile

Section 5: SQL

Lecture 77 Introduction to Relational Databases

Lecture 78 Data Types and Schemas

Lecture 79 [Mac] Setting Up a Local PostgreSQL Server

Lecture 80 [Windows] Setting Up a Local PostgreSQL Server

Lecture 81 [Mac] SQL Editor Postico

Lecture 82 SQL Editor DataGrip

Lecture 83 SQL Editor CLI

Lecture 84 Creating and Removing a Database

Lecture 85 Creating Schemas

Lecture 86 Creating Tables

Lecture 87 Altering Tables

Lecture 88 Enumerated Types

Lecture 89 Inserting Values

Lecture 90 Running an SQL Script

Lecture 91 Reading Data

Lecture 92 Creating Tables Using Query Results

Lecture 93 Aliases and Ordering

Lecture 94 Conditional Filtering Direct Comparisons

Lecture 95 Conditional Filtering Grouped Comparisons

Lecture 96 Joining Conditionals

Lecture 97 Filtering Null Values

Lecture 98 Creating New Columns and Arithmetic

Lecture 99 Datatype Conversions

Lecture 100 Logic Statements

Lecture 101 Manipulating Strings

Lecture 102 String Positional Information

Lecture 103 String Subsets and Concatenations

Lecture 104 String Replacements

Lecture 105 Date and Time

Lecture 106 Date and Time Intervals

Lecture 107 Comments in SQL

Lecture 108 Aggregation Functions

Lecture 109 Grouping and Filtering Aggregations

Lecture 110 Inner Join

Lecture 111 Left, Right, and Outer Joins

Lecture 112 Self Joins

Lecture 113 Unions

Lecture 114 Subqueries

Lecture 115 Common Table Expression (CTEs)

Lecture 116 Window Functions and Aliases

Lecture 117 Row Numbers and Ranks

Lecture 118 Using Other Rows with Window Functions

Lecture 119 NTiles

Section 6: Integrating Databases into Your Application

Lecture 120 Adding Postgres to Your Docker Compose

Lecture 121 Creating Database Models in Python

Lecture 122 Database Migrations

Lecture 123 SQLAlchemy ORM Introduction

Lecture 124 Creating a Database Client

Lecture 125 Updating Our Application to Read from the Database

Lecture 126 Database Inserts

Lecture 127 Database Updates

Lecture 128 Database Deletes

Lecture 129 Async Database Queries

Lecture 130 Async Updates

Lecture 131 Updating Unit Tests to Work with the Database

Lecture 132 Updating Integration Tests to Work with the Database

Lecture 133 SQLite for Testing

Lecture 134 Mocking

Section 7: Caching

Lecture 135 Redis Introduction

Lecture 136 Adding Caching to Your Application

Lecture 137 Redis Hash Introduction

Lecture 138 Redis Sets Introduction

Lecture 139 Adding Hash Caching to Pagination Endpoint

Lecture 140 Python Object Serialization

Lecture 141 Cache Flushing

Lecture 142 Data Compression

Section 8: Linting

Lecture 143 MyPy Configurations

Lecture 144 Import Sorting

Lecture 145 Automatic Code Formatting

Lecture 146 Additional Code Checking

Section 9: Github

Lecture 147 GitHub Credentials Setup

Lecture 148 GitHub Desktop Setup

Lecture 149 Cloning a Repository

Lecture 150 Pushing a Local Repository to GitHub

Lecture 151 Reverting and Squashing Commits

Lecture 152 GitHub Branches

Lecture 153 Pull Request

Lecture 154 Precommit Hooks

Lecture 155 GitHub CLI

Lecture 156 Tagged Release

Section 10: Concurrent and Parallel Programming

Lecture 157 Intro.

Lecture 158 Threading in Python

Lecture 159 Creating a Threading Class

Lecture 160 Creating a Wikipedia Reader

Lecture 161 Creating a Yahoo Finance Reader

Lecture 162 Queues and Master Scheduler

Lecture 163 Creating a Postgres Worker

Lecture 164 Integrating the Postgres Worker

Lecture 165 Yaml File Introduction

Lecture 166 Creating a Yaml Reader

Lecture 167 Improving Your Wiki Worker

Lecture 168 Improving All Workers and Adding Monitoring

Lecture 169 Final Program Clean-Up

Lecture 170 Locking

Lecture 171 Multiprocessing Introduction

Lecture 172 Multiprocessing Queues

Lecture 173 Multiprocessing Pool

Lecture 174 Multiprocessing Pool Map Multiple Arguments

Lecture 175 Multiprocessing Multiple Varying Arguments

Lecture 176 Multiprocessing Checking Elements in List in Certain Ranges

Lecture 177 Introduction to Writing Asynchronous Programs

Lecture 178 Asynchronous Tasks

Lecture 179 Async Gather Method

Lecture 180 Using Async Timeouts

Lecture 181 Creating Asynchronous ‘For’ Loops

Lecture 182 Using Asynchronous Libraries

Lecture 183 The Async Wait Statement

Lecture 184 Combining Async and Multiprocessing

Section 11: Advanced SQL Super Section

Lecture 185 Conditional Filtering Direct Comparisons

Lecture 186 Conditional Filtering Grouped Comparisons Advanced

Lecture 187 Joining Conditionals Advanced

Lecture 188 Negating Conditionals Advanced

Lecture 189 Filtering Null Values Advanced

Lecture 190 Creating New Columns and Arithmetic Advanced

Lecture 191 Datatype Conversions Advanced

Lecture 192 Logic Statements Advanced

Section 12: Dates, Times, and Manipulating Data Advanced Section

Lecture 193 Manipulating Strings Advanced

Lecture 194 Advanced String Positional Information

Lecture 195 Advanced String Subsets and Concatenations

Lecture 196 String Replacements Advanced

Lecture 197 Date and Time Advanced

Lecture 198 Advanced Date and Time Intervals

Lecture 199 Comments Advanced

Lecture 200 Advanced Aggregation Functions

Lecture 201 Grouping and Filtering Aggregations Advanced

Section 13: Joins, Unions, and Subqueries

Lecture 202 Inner Joins Advanced

Lecture 203 Advanced Left, Right, and Outer Joins

Lecture 204 Self Joins Advanced

Lecture 205 Advanced Unions

Lecture 206 Subqueries Advanced

Lecture 207 CTEs Advanced

Section 14: Advanced Window Functions

Lecture 208 Advanced Window Functions and Aliases

Lecture 209 Row Numbers and Ranks Advanced

Lecture 210 Using Other Rows with Window Functions Advanced

Lecture 211 Advanced NTiles

Lecture 212 Understanding Query Performance Advanced

Anyone serious about learning and completely mastering Software Engineering With Python,Anyone wanting to Completely Learn and Master SQL.

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Udemy | English | 44h 22m | 18.86 GB
Created by: Dane Miller

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