Software Performance Testing and Engineering

PT Concepts & Best Practices | JMeter Scripting for APIs | Perf Testing of Microservices on AWS ECS & Lambda
Software Performance Testing and Engineering
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Nagaraju Dorasala Subbaraidu


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Software Performance Testing and Engineering

What you’ll learn

Software Performance Testing and Engineering concepts and best practices
Different phases in Performance Testing Life Cycle (PTLC) and best practices to be followed during each phase
REST API Scripting using JMeter
Performance Testing of Microservices hosted on AWS “Elastic Container Service” ECS – With mini Project
How to create AWS ECS Cluster to host Microservices.
How to configure and test auto scaling alarms for AWS Elastic Container Service
AWS Lambda (Serverless) Performance Testing with case studies based on real performance testing projects.
You will also get access to Performance Test Plan & Test Summary Report Templates
You will learn how to design Performance Tests and also will get access to sample Jmeter scripts.

Software Performance Testing and Engineering


Basic SDLC concepts are preferred but not mandatory as we will be going from basic Performance Testing concepts to advanced


The main objective of this course is to help people do the Performance testing in a more effective way. There are many courses in the market which teaches how to use Performance Testing tools like Loadrunner, Jmeter, Neoload etc but there is no course which teaches how to do Performance Testing the right way which encouraged me to make this course.Creating a load test scripts using load testing tools like Loadunner or Jmeter is just one duty as a Performance Engineer. But to become a good Performance Engineer who can bring more value on to the table, there are lot of things a Performance Engineer should know and do.The focus of this course will be more on Performance Testing (PT) and Performance Engineering (PE) Concepts & Best practices. This course will not be focusing on any specific PT tool or Application Monitoring Tool (APM), but rather, will be covering core PT and PE concepts. Once you master these core concepts, you will be able to apply these concepts in your projects using the Performance Testing tools of your choice.We will be using JMeter to learn fundamental PT concepts like correlation, assertions etc. Whether you want to automate PT by integrating PT into the CICD pipeline or you want to build your own PT framework, knowledge of these core PT concepts is very important in order to build effective PT automation frameworks.I have also added mini project where you can see Performance Tests in action. You can see scalability tests and auto scaling tests in action.As of today, I have added below lecturesIntroduction to Performance Testing (PT)Scope of Performance Testing  & Performance EngineeringImportance of Performance TestingSoftware Testing TypesPerformance Testing DefinitionsVirtual Users, Response Time, 90th & 95th Percentiles, Throughput, Peak LoadConcurrent Users, Bottleneck, Correlation, Parameterization, Assertion, Think Time, PacingImportance of Performance Engineering in SDLCLectures on Performance Testing Life Cycle Phases – Test Planning, Test Preparation, Test Design, Test Executions & Analysis, Test ClosureMicroservices / REST API Scripting using Jmeter ( More than 60 Minutes of content)Performance Testing of Microservices hosted on AWS ECS – With A Mini Project (You will also learn how to create AWS ECS Cluster, How to configure and test auto scaling alarms for AWS Elastic Container Service)Performance Testing of AWS Lambda (Serverless) / AWS Kinesis


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction to the course

Lecture 2 Scope of PT and PE

Lecture 3 Know Your Coach

Lecture 4 Importance of Performance Testing

Lecture 5 Course Summary

Section 2: Fundamental concepts of Performance Testing & Engineering

Lecture 6 Software Testing Types

Lecture 7 PT & PE Definitions

Lecture 8 Performance Engineers Vocabulary – Lecture 1

Lecture 9 Performance Engineers Vocabulary – Lecture 2

Lecture 10 Know Your Tech Stack

Lecture 11 Performance Engineering in SDLC

Section 3: Performance Testing Life Cycle (PTLC)

Lecture 12 PTLC – Phase 1 – Test Planning

Lecture 13 PTLC – Phase 2 & 3 – Test Preparation & Test Design

Lecture 14 PTLC – Phase 4 & 5 – “Test Executions, Analysis & Tuning” & “Test Closure”

Section 4: JMeter Basics

Lecture 15 Install JMeter & Custom Plugins on Windows

Section 5: JMeter script to test Microservices (REST API’s)

Lecture 16 Section Summary

Lecture 17 JMeter – REST API Scripting – Lecture 1

Lecture 18 JMeter – REST API Scripting – Lecture 2

Lecture 19 REST API Scripting – Lecture 3

Lecture 20 REST API Scripting – Lecture 4 – Beanshell

Lecture 21 REST API Scripting – Lecture 5

Section 6: Performance Testing Of Microservices

Lecture 22 Monolithic vs Microservices Style of Building Web Applications

Lecture 23 Performance Testing of Microservices – Key Concepts

Section 7: Project 1 – Performance Testing of Microservices Hosted on AWS ECS

Lecture 24 PT of MS’s hosted on AWS ECS – Section Introduction

Lecture 25 “AWS ECS Cluster” Creation Demo

Lecture 26 Scalability Test For Microservices on AWS ECS

Lecture 27 Test 1 – Scalability Test Result Analysis

Lecture 28 Test 2 – Scalability Test Result Analysis

Lecture 29 Soak / Endurance Test Design & Monitoring

Lecture 30 Configuring Auto Scaling Alarms at ECS Service Level (For Task scale up)

Lecture 31 Configuring Auto Scaling Alarms at ECS Cluster Level (To add more EC2 instances)

Lecture 32 Auto Scaling Test – See AWS ECS auto scaling alarms in action

Section 8: AWS Lambda (Serverless) Performance Testing

Lecture 33 AWS Lambda Introduction & Key Concepts

Lecture 34 Brief Lab on AWS Lambda

Lecture 35 AWS Lambda Case Study 1 – Batch File Processing

Lecture 36 AWS Lambda Case Study 2 – Lambda as a Kinesis Consumer

Section 9: Bonus Lectures

Lecture 37 Seminar Perf Testing of Applications hosted On AWS Cloud

This course is for anyone who would like to learn Performance Testing and Engineering concepts,For Managers who will be managing Performance Testing Projects.,For Test Leads who will be leading Performance Testing Projects / Teams.,For anyone who would like to start career in IT as Performance Test Engineer.,For Experienced IT professionals who would like to change their career paths and peruse Performance Testing.,For DevOps Teams who want to do performance testing for the apps they build.

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 5h 42m | 2.14 GB
Created by: Nagaraju Dorasala Subbaraidu

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