Software Testing Beginer Course

Java Development Introduction
Software Testing Beginer Course
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Software Testing Beginer Course

What you’ll learn

This course is designed specifically for students and professionals who want to learn Java to land their dream job.
Core Java + Hand-On Programming
A basic project to test your knowledge.
You will get complete and correct instruction on the do’s and don’ts you need as a beginner and will be able to do it without any extra effort

Software Testing Beginer Course


It is sufficient to be a basic computer user.


Course DescriptionJava is a class-based, object-oriented programming language that is designed to be as implementation-less as possible.Basically, we will learn Java from beginning to advanced level along with hands-on programming.This course consists of all the topics and chapters in a very well organized manner and our videos are industry reviewed which makes you industry ready.IntroductioniWhat is Java + Setting up the environment + Hello World + Applications., History of Java, Properties of Java, | Algoritm  | Java |JVM, JRE, JD, MyFirstProgram, Variables | DataTypes | String, Arithmetic Operators, Java variables, Data types, Arithmetic Operators, Cast Operators, Unary Assigment Relational, Logical Operator, If StatementsAim of the courseThis course is specifically designed for students and professionals who want to learn Java to find their dream job.Our Java course is industry-approved, which means it meets requirements that you should have for Java, especially if you are looking for career goals.Our main goal is to make it a breeze for you.Who can take this course?This course is aimed at both novice and professional programmers. We have covered every single detail from beginners to advanced. I guarantee this is one of the best courses you can ever buy and it is worth every penny.Our course prices are so affordable that you don’t even have to ask your parents to buy this course for you, you can buy it yourself with your pocket money. And you have lifetime access to our courses.Prerequisite knowledgeIf you have prior knowledge, you can learn this course a little easier and faster. But you don’t actually need to have any prior knowledge to take this course.This course is so simple and concise that even a ten-year-old child can take this course and become a super coder.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Section 2: Einführung

Lecture 2 1- Introduction Computer Sciense _ Algoritm.mp4

Section 3: 2- Introduction to Java

Lecture 3 Java _JVM, JRE, JD.mp4

Section 4: 3- MyFirstProgram

Lecture 4 Print&Println | Comment

Section 5: 4- Variables | DataTypes

Lecture 5 DataTypes

Section 6: 5- Variables

Lecture 6 DataTypes – String

Section 7: 6- Arithmetic Operators

Lecture 7 Arithmetic

Section 8: Cast Operators

Lecture 8 Cast Operators

Section 9: 1. Week Review Part 1

Lecture 9 1. Week Review Part 1

Section 10: 8- Review – Week 1- Part 2

Lecture 10 1. Week Review Part 2

Section 11: 9- Unary Assigment Relational

Lecture 11 Unary Assigment Relational

Section 12: 10- Logical Operator

Lecture 12 Logical Operator

Section 13: 11- If Statements

Lecture 13 If Statements

Section 14: 12 – REVIEW – Week

Lecture 14 2. Week Review

The training has been prepared with students who have no software knowledge in mind.

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Udemy | English | 23h 37m | 12.57 GB
Created by: euroTech Study

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