SOLIDWORKS Academy A Comprehensive Course on SolidWorks

A perfect guide for a Certified SolidWorks Associate(CSWA) Exam with Practical Examples, Quizzes & Hands-On Training
SOLIDWORKS Academy A Comprehensive Course on SolidWorks
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SOLIDWORKS Academy A Comprehensive Course on SolidWorks

What you’ll learn

Able to work on the Sketch Workbench to create initial 2D Sketches for 3D Modeling.
Able to use some Advance Sketching Tools for making your work simple.
Confidently able to work on Part Modeling Workbench to create Basics & Complex parts.
Learn to apply different Materials, Appearances & Textures to evaluate important physical properties like weight, density, inertia & center of mass.
Confidently able to create Assemblies by learning concepts like Standard, Advance & Mechanical Mates.
Able to create Motion Simulations, Static & Thermal Analysis.
Confidently able to work on Sheet Metal Workbench to Create Sheet Metal Parts.
Confidently able to work on Drawing Workbench for making drawings of both parts and assembly.

SOLIDWORKS Academy A Comprehensive Course on SolidWorks


No prior knowledge required, just need desire to learn.
Any Version of SolidWorks after 2013.


This is a full-length course on SolidWorks. This course will take you on a journey from nothing to a “Professional SolidWorks Designer.” We have tried to make this course so comprehensive that you can get almost all demanding topics necessary in industries.============================================================Why you should take this course?Firstly this course is made by the professional expert, who has more than 5 years of teaching experience and he knows how to make student understand every tools and topics.There are 120+ Lectures covering almost all the tools that is important for Modelling in SolidWorks.This Course is made using SolidWorks 2016 which is having the latest interface, this will help you in understanding the new interface of SolidWorks.We keep on upgrading this course according to the feedback of the students, and all the upgrades are always free once you enrolled.We have covered the Motion Study & SolidWorks Simulation Add-Ins, with every details that you require for creating the simulation and different analysis like Structural Analysis & Thermal Analysis of the product and components.We have also included Sheet Metal Design in SolidWorks, which also covers design of custom forming tools.We are always there to help you, just ask your doubts, we will clear them as soon as possible.Topics That We Cover In this Course.Sketcher: We will be learning basic tools that are required for sketching your 2D Designs, We will learn about basic shapes, basic modification tools, and some advanced toolsPart Design: This Module is the most important section in SolidWorks Since part modeling is what SolidWorks is famous for, So in this section, we will spend a little more time learning all the basics of part modeling in SolidWorks.Assembly Designs: Assembly is yet another important topic in which we will learn how to assemble parts and sub-assemblies to create a complete product. Here we will be going to use different constraints for our assemblies.Motion Study & Simulation: It’s an interesting section where we are going to see the basic simulation of our assembly products.Sheet Metal Design: In this section, we will be learning about sheet metal work in SolidWorks. SolidWorks is also widely used for sheet metal design, so here we will be covering important topics that is used in SolidWorks Sheet Metal like forming tools, bends, unbends & different processes associated with the sheet metal designs like punching, rip, etc.Drafting: In this, we will be learning about how to produce our model into the drawing sheets with different views, like Standard Views, Section Views, etc. We are also going to see various annotations like Dimension, text, etc.Overview of What you will learn?Brief understanding of the interface of the SolidWorks.How to create sketches using different sketch tools.How to use relations to define your sketch.How to create solid models with different Modelling tools like, Extrude, Revolve, Loft, etc.How to create User Defined references, like Reference Plane, Points & Line.How to apply textures of metals, plastics, rubber, etc. to the parts and product.How to use Different Pattern tools available in SolidWorks.We will cover some advance modelling tools, like Lofted Boss/Cuts, Multi-Shell, Helix, etc.How to assemble the parts in Assembly design workbench.Some Important Assembly Features, like Belt/Chain Drive, Fillets & Chamfers in an assembly, etc.After Assembly, we will simulate the product with Motion Study Interface.We will also learn to create mechanical analysis like stress analysis, thermal analysis for the product.We will create sheet metal parts using “Sheet metal design interface”We will going to see tools like Flanges, Walls, Extrusion, Default forming tools.We will going to create user forming tools as well.Finally we end this course with Drafting, we create standard drafting using First & Third angle projections.We will see different view tools, like Section View, Projection View, etc.We will learn different annotations like dimensions, text, leader.We will also learn to create Assembly drafting and Sheet Metal Drafting.So, Overall it’s a complete course to learn SolidWorks. And Don’t worry about your doubts, we are always there to help you during this course, Just Ask!


Section 1: Let’s Get Started with Sketching

Lecture 1 Overview of the Course.

Lecture 2 History of SolidWorks.

Lecture 3 Line Command & it’s Properties.

Lecture 4 Mouse Handling & Workspace Accessories.

Lecture 5 Horizontal, Vertical & Smart Dimension.

Lecture 6 Ordinate Dimension & Driven Dimension.

Lecture 7 Path Length Dimension.

Lecture 8 EXERCISE TIME! Creating Our First Sketch.

Lecture 9 Introduction to Relations & Dimensions.

Lecture 10 Creating Fully Defined Sketch using Dimensions.

Lecture 11 Introduction to Relations.

Lecture 12 Circles & Rectangles.

Lecture 13 Arcs & Slots.

Lecture 14 EXERCISE TIME! Creating Fully Defined Sketch.

Lecture 15 Creating Polygons.

Lecture 16 Problems Beginners Face.

Lecture 17 Sorting Out Dislocated Toolbars.

Section 2: Editing Tools of Sketching

Lecture 18 Trim & Extend.

Lecture 19 Move, Copy, Rotate, Scale & Stretch.

Lecture 20 Offset & Mirror.

Lecture 21 Sketch Fillets & Sketch Chamfers.

Lecture 22 EXERCISE TIME! Use of Trim.

Lecture 23 Sketch Patterns: Linear & Circular.

Lecture 24 EXERCISE TIME! Use of Circular Pattern.

Section 3: Advance Sketching Tools

Lecture 25 3D Sketching.

Lecture 26 Rapid Sketch & Repair Sketch.

Lecture 27 Writing a Text.

Lecture 28 Display/Delete & Add Relations, Fully Defined Sketch.

Section 4: Basic Part Modeling & Editing

Lecture 29 Introduction to Part Design.

Lecture 30 Extruded Boss/Base & Extruded Cut.

Lecture 31 More Properties of Extrude Tool.

Lecture 32 Changing Extrude Orientations.

Lecture 33 Different Display Tools.

Lecture 34 Using Model Surface for Sketch.

Lecture 35 Important Questions of Parametric Feature.

Lecture 36 EXERCISE TIME! Creating Extrude Features.

Lecture 37 EXERCISE TIME! Use of Extrude & Extrude Cut.

Lecture 38 Revolved Boss/Base & Revolved Cut.

Lecture 39 EXERCISE TIME! Use of Revolve Feature.

Section 5: Solid Features

Lecture 40 Shell & Multi Thickness Shell.

Lecture 41 Constant & Variable Size Fillets.

Lecture 42 Face Fillet & Full Round Fillet.

Lecture 43 More Properties of an Edge Fillet.

Lecture 44 Fillet Xpert.

Lecture 45 Chamfer Edge & it’s Properties.

Lecture 46 EXERCISE TIME! Use of Fillets & Chamfer.

Lecture 47 Use of Convert Entities.

Lecture 48 Exercise Time: Part Modelling.

Lecture 49 Creating Ribs: The Support Feature.

Lecture 50 Rib For Circular Cross Section.

Lecture 51 Creating Sections Using Rib.

Lecture 52 Exercise Time! Use of Rib Feature-1.

Lecture 53 Exercise Time! Use of Rib Feature-2.

Lecture 54 Wrap Feature.

Section 6: Changing Appearance

Lecture 55 Adding & Changing Colors.

Lecture 56 Adding & Changing Textures.

Section 7: All types of 3D Patterns

Lecture 57 Linear Pattern & Pattern Properties.

Lecture 58 Circular Pattern & Curve Driven Pattern.

Lecture 59 EXERCISE TIME! Learn to use Pattern.

Lecture 60 Sketch Driven Patterns & Fill Patterns.

Lecture 61 Concept of 3D Mirror.

Section 8: Project Work: Model of Burj Khalifa

Lecture 62 Creating Burj Khalifa in SolidWorks.

Section 9: Creating Reference Geometry

Lecture 63 Reference Planes.

Lecture 64 Axis & Points.

Lecture 65 Co-Ordinates & Center of Mass.

Section 10: Advance Modeling & Editing

Lecture 66 Swept Boss/Base & Swept Cut.

Lecture 67 More Options in Swept.

Lecture 68 Properties of Swept Feature.

Lecture 69 EXERCISE TIME! Use of Swept Feature.

Lecture 70 Creating Helix.

Lecture 71 Lofted Boss/Base & Lofted Cut.

Lecture 72 Loft for Unaligned Sections.

Lecture 73 Properties of Loft Feature.

Lecture 74 Use of Guide Curve.

Lecture 75 Loft with Centerline Parameter.

Lecture 76 Learn to Create Advance Curves.

Section 11: Advance Solid Features

Lecture 77 Neutral Plane Draft & Draft Properties.

Lecture 78 Parting Lines & Step Drafts.

Lecture 79 Hole Wizard: Creating Standard Holes.

Lecture 80 Thread Tool: Creating Threads.

Lecture 81 Create Instant 3D’s.

Section 12: Applying Materials & Analyzing Mass Properties

Lecture 82 Adding Materials

Lecture 83 Creating Custom Material Library

Lecture 84 Analyzing Dimensions, Mass Properties, Drafts & Curvature.

Section 13: Assembly Design: Standard & Advance Mates, Design Library

Lecture 85 Introduction to Assembly.

Lecture 86 Creating First Assembly: Shaft & Bush.

Lecture 87 Fully Defined & Under Defined Assembly.

Lecture 88 Concept of Fix & Float components.

Lecture 89 Standard Mates & Mate Properties.

Lecture 90 Standard Mates on Box Assembly.

Lecture 91 Advance Mates, Part 1: Profile Center & Symmetric Mate.

Lecture 92 Advance Mates, Part 2: Path Mate.

Lecture 93 Advance Mates, Part 3: Limit Angle & Limit Distance Mates.

Lecture 94 Advance Mates, Part 4: Linear/Linear Coupler Mate & Width Mate.

Lecture 95 Learn To Use Toolbox Components.

Lecture 96 Let’s Explore the DESIGN LIBRARY.

Section 14: Advance Assembly Design: Mechanical Mates

Lecture 97 Creating Reference Part 4 : Mate References.

Lecture 98 Assembly Features in Solidworks.

Lecture 99 Assembly Feature: Belt/Chain Drive.

Lecture 100 Mechanical Mates Part 1: Cam Follower Mate.

Lecture 101 Mechanical Mates Part 2: Slot Mate.

Lecture 102 Mechanical Mates Part 3: Hinge Mate.

Lecture 103 Mechanical Mates Part 4: Screw Mate.

Lecture 104 Mechanical Mates Part 5: Gear Mate.

Lecture 105 Gear Mate with Different Gear Ratio.

Lecture 106 EXERCISE TIME! Creating Compound Gear Train.

Lecture 107 Mechanical Mates Part 6: Rack & Pinion Mate.

Section 15: Motion Simulations, Static & Thermal Analysis

Lecture 108 An Introduction To Motion Study.

Lecture 109 Motion Study Properties.

Lecture 110 Motor & It’s Properties.

Lecture 111 Belt Drive & Gear Simulations.

Lecture 112 Use of Linear Motor(Actuator).

Lecture 113 Introduction to Basic Motion.

Lecture 114 EXERCISE TIME! Free Fall.

Lecture 115 Introduction to Motion Analysis.

Lecture 116 Bonus Lecture: SolidWorks Simulation, Static Analysis.

Lecture 117 SolidWorks Simulation: Thermal Analysis.

Lecture 118 The Animation Wizard.

Section 16: Project: Assembly & Motion Simulation of 4 Cylinder Engine

Lecture 119 Importing Parts & Initial Assembly.

Lecture 120 Copying Assemblies & Parts.

Section 17: Sheet Metal Design

Lecture 121 Introduction to Sheet Metal in SolidWorks.

Lecture 122 Creating Basic Sheet Metal Part.

Lecture 123 Edge Flange & It’s Properties.

Lecture 124 Hem & Milter Flanges.

Lecture 125 Sketch & Jog Bends.

Lecture 126 Creating Folds & Unfolds

Lecture 127 Extrude Cut, Simple Hole & Vent Features.

Lecture 128 Creating Corners in Sheet Metal.

Lecture 129 Adding a Sheet Metal Gusset.

Lecture 130 Using Forming Tools from Design Library.

Lecture 131 Creating Custom Forming Tool.

Lecture 132 Implementing Custom Forming Tool.

Section 18: All About Part Drawing

Lecture 133 Introduction to Drafting.

Lecture 134 Part Drafting: Standard Views.

Lecture 135 What is Scales?

Lecture 136 Model View, Projected View, Auxiliary View.

Lecture 137 Section View.

Lecture 138 Aligned Section View & 3D View Tool.

Lecture 139 Detail View & Broken Out Section.

Lecture 140 Break & Crop View.

Section 19: Adding Dimension, Text, Hatches & Symbols.

Lecture 141 Creating Dimensions & Auto-Dimensions.

Lecture 142 Changing Dimension Style.

Lecture 143 Use of Document Properties for Drawings.

Lecture 144 Center Mark, Center Line, Hatches & Revision Cloud.

Lecture 145 Know about Annotations & Symbols.

Lecture 146 Writing a Note.

Lecture 147 Note Pattern & Format Painter.

Section 20: Managing Your Drawing

Lecture 148 Creating and Using Layers.

Lecture 149 Per Standard Layers.

Lecture 150 Editing Sheet Format.

Lecture 151 Creating Custom Sheet Format.

Lecture 152 Saving Custom Sheet Format.

Lecture 153 Link to Property Text.

Section 21: All About Assembly Drawings

Lecture 154 Introduction To Assembly Drafting.

Lecture 155 Creating Exploded View of an Assembly.

Lecture 156 Balloons & Auto Balloons.

Lecture 157 Creating Bill of Materials.

Lecture 158 Filling Vacant Sections of BOM.

Lecture 159 Creating a Complete Sheet.

Lecture 160 Finally Saving Our Drawing.

Lecture 161 Conclusion!

Individuals intending to learn the basics of SOLIDWORKS,Individuals who wants to get started with 3D modeling,Individuals wanting to get a better job via SOLIDWORKS skills,Designers, Engineers, Makers, and Hobbyist,Individuals who want to create their carrier in Product Design.,HVAC Designers, Press Tool, 3D Printing.,Individuals working as a freelancer in CAD.

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Created by: Vishal Pandey

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