SOLIDWORKS Beginner to Intermediate Course

Learn SOLIDWORKS from scratch! Become able to create and analyze complex parts and assemblies on your own!
SOLIDWORKS Beginner to Intermediate Course
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Gorcin Rancic


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SOLIDWORKS Beginner to Intermediate Course

What you’ll learn

Creating parts
Creating assemblies
Creating drawings from existing parts and assemblies
Analyzing and modifying geometrical relations between entities
Analyzing and modifying mates in the assembly
Using fundamental techniques in SolidWorks
Working with surfaces
Creating photo-realistic renderings of SolidWorks models
Basic business strategies of presenting your models

SOLIDWORKS Beginner to Intermediate Course


Installed SolidWorks on your computer (any version 2008 and above)


This course will introduce you to SolidWorks software and at first give you the basic knowledge needed to utilize this program. Furthermore, by going through carefully and systematically planned steps, you will gain more and more skills. Those skills will include first and foremost the creation of sketches, as the most basic 2D objects, and after that you will go to the 3rd dimension and learn how to create parts. By connecting multiple parts, you will learn how to make an assembly, how to analyze it and how to modify the assembly by changing some of the parts. The complexity of the techniques needed to execute the desired changes are slowly increased during this course, so that you can build up your skill-set gradually and with confidence. As we value the marketing very much, we will teach you how to turn parts into real-life looking photographs by using PhotoView 360, and that way make it more useful for public presentations of your models, and attracting new business opportunities.


Section 1: Introduction to SolidWorks and 3D modeling concepts

Lecture 1 What is SolidWorks?

Lecture 2 File formats in SolidWorks

Lecture 3 SolidWorks User Interface review

Lecture 4 How to Customize your User Interface

Lecture 5 Design process and design intent

Section 2: Getting started with SolidWorks: Creating a Sketch

Lecture 6 Sketches: The very basics of 3D modeling

Lecture 7 Dimensions in SolidWorks

Lecture 8 How to dimension and define a sketch

Lecture 9 Relations between entities

Section 3: Parts and Assemblies

Lecture 10 Creating our first 3D part: Extrude and Extruded Cut feature

Lecture 11 Creating our first 3D part: Rounding the edges with Fillet tool

Lecture 12 Hollow out a part at constant thickness using Shell tool

Lecture 13 Let’s modify our 3D part features!

Lecture 14 Creating the base feature

Lecture 15 Time to create our first Assembly!

Section 4: Fundamental techniques

Lecture 16 Let’s learn Fillets

Lecture 17 Creating different types of fillets and applying library features

Lecture 18 Revolves and Sweeps

Lecture 19 Introduction to Patterns

Lecture 20 Equation driven pattern

Lecture 21 Loft 1

Lecture 22 Loft 2

Section 5: Surfaces

Lecture 23 Surfaces Part 1

Lecture 24 Surfaces Part 2: Finishing our model

Section 6: Sheet Metal in SolidWorks

Lecture 25 Introduction to Sheet Metal

Lecture 26 Sheet Metal forming tools

Section 7: Weldments

Lecture 27 Weldments Part 1

Lecture 28 Weldments Part 2

Section 8: Design Tables

Lecture 29 Creating a Design Table: Simplifying the design process

Section 9: A Look at some Advanced options

Lecture 30 Assembly Mates detailed overview

Lecture 31 What is Toolbox and how to configure it

Lecture 32 Toolbox Part 2

Section 10: Graphic design in SolidWorks?

Lecture 33 How to edit the appearance of a model

Lecture 34 Learn PhotoView 360

Section 11: Practice Material

Lecture 35 Practice 1: Sketch

Lecture 36 Practice 2: Sketch

Lecture 37 Practice 3: Lets build our first Car!

Beginners that want to learn 3D modeling from scratch

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 7h 28m | 3.35 GB
Created by: Gorcin Rancic

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