Solidworks Sheet Metal

Learn the entire Solidworks Sheet Metal module, with one of the most comphrensive courses available, covering all tools.
Solidworks Sheet Metal
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Solidworks Sheet Metal

What you’ll learn

By the end of the course students will be able to confidently use the Solidworks Sheet Metal module to create a range of Sheet Metal models. All of the Sheet Metal features will be covered, as well as essential background information, like material types

Solidworks Sheet Metal


You should be able to use a Windows PC at a basic level
A copy of Solidworks. The course uses 2019. Other versions can also be used but some minor details may be different, and the example files may not open properly.
Be able to use the basic features of Solidworks (such as use the interface, view controls, starting new files parts, drawing sketches and so on). If you’ve never used Solidworks before you’ll probably be better off taking just a general introduction to Solidworks course first


Level up your Solidworks skills by mastering the Sheet Metal module!Solidworks is one of the most popular and powerful 3D CAD programs in the world. Millions of people use it to design everything from 3D-printed toys all the way up to fully-working mechanical vehicles. However, as well as being used for solid models, Solidworks also has a powerful Sheet Metal module that can be used to virtually make 3D parts from flat sheets. Now you can join the ranks of Solidworks Sheet Metal users, and learn to create your own Sheet Metal models!Why this course is differentThere are many Sheet Metal courses online, but none quite like this one:The course covers every Sheet Metal tool in depth and includes the theory behind Sheet Metal concepts like Bend Allowance. Taught by a Solidworks professional! The instructor been using Solidworks since 2006 and even taken a range of official Solidworks-certified training courses. The instructor currently works as a Product Design Engineer and uses Solidworks every day to design all sorts of things for real clients  – no academic-only experience here!Built on previous feedback! This course is built upon the instructors other best-selling Solidworks courses, and on the feedback from over 7,000 previous students on Udemy alone.Understand the wider context of Sheet Metal use. As well as explaining the basic Sheet Metal techniques this course also details real world applications and uses, such as the best material to select for the projects, and manufacturing tips. About this courseThis courses includes:Over 4 hours of high-quality original video.Sections contain additional resources such as downloadable models and drawings, made specially for the course.Prompt, support from expert instructor. Have a question? We are always here to support any questions and take a look at your progress. You will learn Over the course of eleven detailed sections you’ll learn the entire range of Sheet Metal skills, including:Introduction to the Course – What it covers, how to use the course, and how best to get supportGetting Started with Sheet Metal – Base Flanges, Sheet Metal Properties and Material SelectionAdding Bends –  Edge Flanges – one of the most Fundamental Sheet Metal featuresBasic Sheet Metal Features –  Adding and Removing Material, Miter Flanges, Hems, Jogs and Sketched BendsAdvanced/Specialist Sheet Metal Tools – Crossbreak, Swept Flange, Gusset, Lofted Bend, Tab and Slot, Vent, Unfold and Fold processesCorner Details –  Various Corner Tools available in Solidworks Sheet MetalCreating Sheet Metal Parts in Other Ways – Insert Bends, Convert to Sheet MetalForming Tools –  Basic Use, modifying existing Forming Tools, and making and using entirely custom Forming ToolsPractical Example – Making an Enclosure – Many of the previous skills are now combined to create a multi-sheet Enclosure Model2D Drawings and Exporting Files – 2D Sheet Metal drawings and also how to export Sheet Metal parts into file types that can be widely used by third-party machines.Conclusion – This final section briefly recaps the entire course.The course is taught using Solidworks 2019 but the models and resources used will work with any version newer than that.  If you have a previous version (2015-2018, or earlier) then users can still follow along and use the course but won’t be able to open the optional, example models. There might also be slight differences in interface and terminology between versions. So sign up today, and begin your first steps in the exciting world of Sheet Metal modelling!


Section 1: Welcome to the Course

Lecture 1 What Sheet Metal Is & How It Can Be Used

Lecture 2 How to Use This Course

Section 2: Getting Started with Sheet Metal

Lecture 3 Creating a Base Flange

Lecture 4 Sheet Metal Properties – Thickness and Bend Radius

Lecture 5 Sheet Metal Properties – Bend Allowance and Autorelief

Lecture 6 Other Base Flange Options and Flattening

Lecture 7 Materials Selection

Section 3: Adding Bends

Lecture 8 Using Edge Flanges

Lecture 9 More Advanced Edge Flanges

Section 4: Basic Sheet Metal Features

Lecture 10 Adding Material Using Tabs

Lecture 11 Cuts and Holes

Lecture 12 Miter Flange

Lecture 13 Hem

Lecture 14 Basic Jogs

Lecture 15 Jogs – A Practical Example

Lecture 16 Sketched Bend

Section 5: Advanced/Specialist Sheet Metal Tools

Lecture 17 Crossbreak

Lecture 18 Swept Flange

Lecture 19 Unfold and Fold

Lecture 20 Gusset

Lecture 21 Vent

Lecture 22 Lofted Bend – Introduction, and Formed Method

Lecture 23 Lofted Bends – Bent Method

Lecture 24 Tab and Slot

Section 6: Corner Details

Lecture 25 Closed Corners

Lecture 26 Welded Corners

Lecture 27 Corner Trim

Lecture 28 Corner Relief

Section 7: Creating Sheet Metal Parts in Other Ways

Lecture 29 Insert Bends

Lecture 30 Convert to Sheet Metal – Introduction

Lecture 31 Convert to Sheet Metal – Advanced

Section 8: Forming Tools

Lecture 32 Introduction to Forming Tools

Lecture 33 Editing Forming Tools

Lecture 34 Custom Forming Tools

Section 9: Practical Example – Making an Enclosure

Lecture 35 Creating the Enclosure Base and Walls

Lecture 36 Adding Details

Lecture 37 Enclosure Lid

Lecture 38 Adding Vents and More Details

Section 10: 2D Drawings and Exporting Files

Lecture 39 2D Sheet Metal Drawings – Basics

Lecture 40 Drawing Flat Patterns

Lecture 41 Exporting 2D Files for Manufacturing

Section 11: Conclusion

Lecture 42 Conclusion and Course Recap

Current Solidworks users who wish to expand their skills,You may be a product designer wishing to expand your skills, a hobbyist looking to start 3D printing or an engineering enthusiast.,You might be a long-time Solidworks user, or perhaps are quite to Solidworks and want to build upon a more basic course

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Udemy | English | 4h 26m | 1.62 GB
Created by: Johno Ellison

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