Soul School Sociology Practitioner of Family Estrangement

This Mini Master Class Covers the Psychology and Sociology of Parent & Family Estrangement: Certified & Accredited
Soul School Sociology Practitioner of Family Estrangement
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Sufani Garza, Place of Bliss Academy


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Soul School Sociology Practitioner of Family Estrangement

What you’ll learn

Intro to Why Adult Children Estrange
How to Respond to Questions About Your Adult Child
Three Strategic Ways to Respond to Questions About Your Absent Child
How a Parent Can Regain Their Personal Identity & Balance
Moral & Ethical Considerations for the Parent
Sample Reconciliation Statements
Practice Statements a Parent Can Say When Asked Questions
Real Q&A From Parents Showing the Diverse Nature of Parents, Adult Children and Solutions
A Greater Love Estranged Parent PDF

Soul School Sociology Practitioner of Family Estrangement


All Are Welcome!
Recommending Full Course: Certified Estrange Parent Healing & Social Psychology Practitioner


INTERNATIONALLY ACCREDITED & CERTIFIEDHello. If you are a first-time student to POBA, welcome! If you are a returning student, welcome back! This course was recorded as a “LIVE Soul School Master Class.” There is a formal course called, “Estranged Parent Healing & Social Psychology Practitioner,” to add to this course for more in-depth support material and concepts. Whether you have conflict in your own home and life with your family/adult children, or you are someone who is a Counselor, Psychologist, Psychotherapist, Alternative Healer, Spiritual Counselor, Minister of Peace, a family member or friend who wishes to understand how estrangement happens, to be of support and understand why it is becoming so prevalent, this is a good intro and starter mini master course to take. There are concepts in this course that touch on the formal course, some supporting statistics and deep conversation about this problem, the pain it causes and a reading of some live questions and answers to take a look from the inside, and how people feel, identifying when people simply are blaming and taking no responsibility, people taking responsibility, and discussing when it is a good time to estrange, and when it is not. This material is from research and living as a parent who has an estranged child, a parent who has had two estranged children once upon a time, brief story sharing as to why, and how I realized so much when I began understanding and changing myself to really listen and see what was happening from their perspective. Although this class was made to be a support to parents, I in no way let parents off the hook. If you have found this class and have an open heart and mind to look within, as well as, at the conflict and the adult child, then you will like this course. If you are a parent who believes in entitlements, demand respect simply because of your age and title, and think that absolves you from listening, being compassionate, empathetic or taking any responsibility, you will not like this course. I lead with positivity, and I never have any course whose foundation is blame. All my courses focus on solution orientation and personal empowerment and responsibility. If you are on that journey, add this course to your cart and perhaps the one listed above as well. This course can be an introduction for you. If you have been a suffering parent, this course should help you greatly to come to peace and find a new beginning to solution and feel supported. I teach through storytelling and sharing, so, if you are one who needs graphs, charts and formality, I may not be the right fit for you. I teach the shamans way, through storytelling & connection, adding professional research.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Welcome Introduction

Section 2: Parent/Family Estrangement Discussion, Facts & Healing Master Class

Lecture 2 Parent/Family Estrangement Discussion, Facts & Healing Master Class

Section 3: How DO I Get My POBA Certificate?

Lecture 3 How Do I Get My POBA certificate

Lecture 4 How Do I Find My UDEMY Certificate

Section 4: Community

Lecture 5 Community

Parents With Estranged Adult Children,Support Practitioners: Psychologists, Counselors, Spiritual Counselors, Ministers of Peace, Altenrative Healers,Students of Pschology, Sociology, Positive Psychology, and Life Coaches

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Udemy | English | 1h 10m | 1.48 GB
Created by: Sufani Garza, Place of Bliss Academy

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