Sound Therapy Sound Healing Accredited Practitioner Course

Learn How Sound can Balance & Heal, How to Run Your Own Sound Healing Sessions & Play 10 instruments. Accredited Course
Sound Therapy Sound Healing Accredited Practitioner Course
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Tom Llewellyn


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Sound Therapy Sound Healing Accredited Practitioner Course

What you’ll learn

How Sound and Sound Baths can Balance and Heal people
How to run an Effective and Successful Sound Bath Event
How to play 10 different instruments, including the Gong, Native American Style Flute, Crystal Bowl, Tibetan Bowl, Sansula, Tongue Drum and Hand Pan.
How to Promote your Event
How Sound is used in the worlds various Wisdom Traditions

Sound Therapy Sound Healing Accredited Practitioner Course


No just an open mind and desire to purchase at least some classic Sound Bath instruments


#Accredited course through the Complementary Therapists Accredited AssociationWould you like to learn about the wonderful emerging world of Sound Therapy and Sound Healing? Would you like to learn how we can balance and heal ourselves through Sound?===What to Expect===In this course you will learn how to run a effective and successful Sound Bath session for a group or for someone one-to-one. A Sound Bath can be a profoundly therapeutic, mind expanding and emotionally moving experience for people, indeed we could say: What can a spiritual teacher say that is not held in the sound of a gong, crystal bowl or sansula? Sound Baths are fast becoming a regular feature of many mind, body and spirit events and can wonderfully compliment other healing modalities that you already practice. Are you ready to dive deep into the wonderful exciting world of Sound Therapy and Sound Healing? ===What’s Included===Learn what a Sound Bath is and more in depth about the nature of Sound and how it is used in Sound Baths to give people a profound experience Learn how to play 10 instruments: the Native American Style Flute, Symphonic Gong, Crystals Bowls, Sansula thumb piano, Tongue Drum, Handpan, Rav drum, Tibetan Singing Bowls, Koshi Chimes and Shamanic drum You will also learn simple earthy chants to sing with the Shamanic Drum Simple meditation practice to help you become more sensitive to sound and energy 3 Sound Bath Templates You can Use, Including Chakra Crystal Bowl and Elemental Sound Bath (with downloadable PDF instructions)Learn how to hold the space for others and bring a sense of imagination and ceremony to your event  How you can also do sound therapy for yourself as a self practice Learn how to successfully promote your eventHow to run online sound baths (especially useful during this pandemic time!) When you’ve finished the course and the assignment within one week we’ll send you via a private message on Udemy your official accreditation certificate. ===About the Facilitators=== Tom LlewellynYour facilitator, Bestselling and Highest Rated tutor has 20 years of experience within the realms of Sound Therapy and Sound Healing, meditation,  psychic development, lucid dreaming, and astral projection. He has a diploma in and is fully insured to offer Sound Therapy and Sound Healing. He’s also a trained and skilled teacher of Kundalini Yoga and has written two acclaimed books. Andrew Ford Andrew Ford is a multi-instrumentalist and teacher who specialises in music for meditation and yoga. He started his Inner Pieces project after suffering from a fairly substantial loss of hearing and the onset of tinnitus. This sparked off a journey of self-exploration which would eventually go on to reveal deeper seated traumas, and with them the opportunity for personal healing and growth. His music is an attempt to pick up these inner pieces, to put them back together and create something beautiful.The music of Inner Pieces is well suited for meditation, contemplation and yoga. The dulcet tones of the Hang, RAV drum Native American Style flute and Sansula help to bring the mind to a state of calm repose. Andrew can be found running music meditation sessions in yoga studios and also performing in hospitals and care homes.Magdalena Leszczyc  Hi, I’m a Waldorf Steiner Teacher and a trained Sound Therapist. I spend my days working with children helping to grow in their body, mind and spirit. I also specialise in Feminine Sound Healing. I’m dedicated to conscious living and personal growth and I lead many Eastern European Singing Workshops for women. For many years I have had a deep interest in helping couples nurture their Loving Conscious Relationships.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Intro and How to Get the Most from the Course

Section 2: The Nature of Sound

Lecture 2 How Sound Can Balance and Heal

Lecture 3 What is a Sound Bath?

Section 3: Becoming Sensitive to Sound

Lecture 4 Learning to Listen and Hear Deeply

Lecture 5 Becoming Sensitive to Energy

Lecture 6 Self Practice Sound Sensitivity Meditation

Section 4: Different Ways You Can Work

Lecture 7 Working with Groups and / or One-to One

Lecture 8 Choosing Your Venue

Section 5: How to Run a Sound Bath

Lecture 9 Running Your Session: Some Key Suggested Elements

Lecture 10 Bringing Ceremony & Ritual into Your Sound Bath 1

Lecture 11 Working in Nature

Section 6: Sound Bath Templates You can Use

Lecture 12 How to Run a Simple 1 hour Sound Bath: Basic Template

Lecture 13 7 Major Chakra Crystal Bowl Sound Bath

Lecture 14 Elemental Sound Bath Template

Section 7: Example Sound Bath Video Recording

Lecture 15 Example Sound Bath Video Recording

Section 8: How to Hold the Space

Lecture 16 The Art of Effective Facilitation Part 1

Lecture 17 The Art of Effective Facilitation Part 2

Lecture 18 Creating the Best Astmosphere in Your Space

Section 9: Instruments: The Gong

Lecture 19 The Qualities of and How to Play The Gong

Section 10: Crystal Bowls & Tibetan Singing Bowls with Lena

Lecture 20 How to Play Crystal Bowls

Lecture 21 Improvising with the Voice over the Crystal Bowls

Lecture 22 How to Play and Work with Tibetan Singing Bowls Including One-to-One

Section 11: Native American Style Flute

Lecture 23 Qualities & History of the Native American Flute & Buying or Birthing Your Own

Lecture 24 Basics of Playing the Native American Style Flute

Lecture 25 How to Play the Basic Scale

Lecture 26 Expressing what you Feel, Inspiration and Improvisation

Lecture 27 Trills and other effects

Lecture 28 Being Inspired by Nature: The Calls of the Birds

Lecture 29 The Warble

Lecture 30 How to play the Drone Flute

Lecture 31 How to play Flute & Crystal Bowls at the same time

Lecture 32 Simple Buying Advice and Personal Recommendation for Buying Your First Flute

Section 12: The Shamanic Drum

Lecture 33 How to Play the Shamanic Drum

Lecture 34 Learn with Lena ‘Deep into the Earth We Go’ Simple Chant Song with Shamanic Drum

Lecture 35 Learn with Lena ‘Earth is my Mother & River is Flowing’ Song with Shamanic Drum

Lecture 36 Learn with Lena Toning with the Shamanic Drum

Section 13: The Sansula Thumb Piano

Lecture 37 How to Play the Sansula Thumb Piano

Lecture 38 Close Up of Sansula Playing Patterns

Section 14: The Koshi Chime

Lecture 39 The Koshi Chime and Toning with Koshi Chime

Section 15: The Handpan and Rav Drum

Lecture 40 Handpan Basics with Andrew Part 1

Lecture 41 Handpan Basics with Andrew Part 2

Lecture 42 Rav Drum Basics with Andrew

Section 16: How to Play Tongue Drum Nova Drum

Lecture 43 How to Play Tongue Drum Nova Drum

Section 17: How to Run Online Sound Baths

Lecture 44 How to Run Online Sound Baths Part 1 The Tech Side of it

Section 18: How to Become a Trauma Informed Facilitator

Lecture 45 How to Become a Trauma Informed Facilitator Part 1

Lecture 46 How to Become a Trauma Informed Facilitator Part 2

Section 19: Bonus Material: How to make your own Rainstick

Lecture 47 How to make your own Rainstick

Section 20: How to Promote Your Event

Lecture 48 How to Promote Your Event

Section 21: Course Assignment

Section 22: Tips for Purchasing your Instruments

Lecture 49 Advice and Recommendations for Buying Sound Therapy Instruments

Section 23: Bonus Material: Course Completion Celebration and Next Steps

Lecture 50 Course Completion Celebration and Next Steps

Everyone interested in Sound Healing,People who would like to run their own Sound Baths,Develop existing skills in running Sound Bath events

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Udemy | English | 8h 0m | 9.92 GB
Created by: Tom Llewellyn

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