Soundscaping for health relationships and success

Unleash the power of sound to improve all your outcomes in life
Soundscaping for health relationships and success
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Soundscaping for health relationships and success

What you’ll learn

Understand the fundamental relationships between, sound, vibration and our universe
Learn about the difference between vision and sound, and how they are both processed by our brains
Become aware of noise and its impact on our health, our education and our economy
Learn how to take control of the noise around you
Design for experience
Understand how and when music should be used
Output appropriate and thoughtful sound
Become capable of using sound to calm and sooth, and the best practises for sound health
Understand the benefits of generative sound
Audit the sound around you
Learn how to create soundscapes for specific affect

Soundscaping for health relationships and success


Intermediate English


Look around you. Most of what you see was designed by someone. Now think about the soundscapes you have experienced today. The odds are, most of them have been accidental and unpleasant. Sound profoundly affects every area of our lives, from our health to our productivity. The word ‘soundscape’ was coined by the Canadian composer and author Murray Schafer. Schafer used the word to describe all of the sound around us. ‘Soundscaping’, the verb, describes the process of consciously designing that sound; taking responsibility for it and creating sound that is appropriate, effective and intentional. This skill can be applied anywhere; in your home, in your office, in your schools. My mission is to make the world sound beautiful. I’ve spoken about this topic on the TED stage in my talk Why architects need to use their ears. As founder of The Sound Agency, my company works with some of the world’s biggest brands to increase their sales and customer satisfaction by improving the way they sound. Now I share this knowledge with you to help you master the art of soundscaping.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Section 2: The sound of creation

Lecture 2 The sound of creation

Section 3: Entrainment

Lecture 3 Entrainment

Section 4: Yours amazing ears

Lecture 4 Your amazing ears

Section 5: Noise

Lecture 5 Noise

Lecture 6 Take control

Section 6: Experiential design

Lecture 7 Experiential design

Section 7: Music

Lecture 8 Music

Section 8: Healing

Lecture 9 Healing

Section 9: Soundscaping

Lecture 10 Soundscaping

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Created by: Julian Treasure

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