Source And Buy From China Taobao 1688

The Easiest Way to Buy Directly from 1688 and Taobao .With Support group direct from China
Source And Buy From China Taobao 1688
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Weng Honn Kan


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Source And Buy From China Taobao 1688

What you’ll learn

buy any product from China Taobao and 1688 successfully
make large profits with small investment
buy goods for your online shop or physical shop at amazing profit levels

Source And Buy From China Taobao 1688


All you need is an Internet connection & a laptop/computer.
Have the right mindset for entrepreneurial adventures!


Source And Buy From China Taobao & 1688 – How To Buy And Source From China 1688 & Taobao  ?This guide is the simplest guide that you can ever find online ,that able to help you to direct purchase products from 1688 and Taobao .- You heard that buying from 1688 or Taobao is so hard and complicated?- You heard that buying from 1688 or Taobao need Alipay?- You heard some gurus offering a course that will cost you couple of thousands of dollars just to learn how to buy from 1688 or Taobao ?- You have a good products to sell , but the price of your competitors are way lower that yours??I heard YOU!?With this Source And Buy From China Taobao & 1688  Programme , you will get to learn the simplest way to buy from 1688 and Taobao without headache on dealing with custome , shipping , logistic or paying with Alipay .With this Source And Buy From China Taobao & 1688  Programme , you will learn the most straight forward and no BS way to buy from 1688 and Taobao and resell it at Amazon , Ebay, ETSY. Shopee, Lazada at the most competitive price possible.?So you want to look for toys , kids shirts , beauty products or products that is trending with the cheapest price possible ??- Why buy from china? I mean why buy wholesale from china ?There are more than 40k toys supplier that you can choose from, more than 300 thousands supplier for baby apparel , and also more than 40 k supplier for beauty products ,all of these sellers are selling at dirt cheap wholesale price.?Are you afraid of do not understand Chinese , no problem , in this programme , I will also share with you how to translate Chinese to English or to any languages.?You scare that you do not know the whole process of buying , shipping and checking out from China ? No problem , in this programme , I will show you exactly the step by step how I buy products , key in all the shipping information that is needed and how to check out .?In this programme , I will show you the simplest , straight forward method where you can buy directly from china with the cheapest dirt cheap price. ?Best of all , you will also get to join our support group in wechat and facebook group , where you can directly communicate with the china people. Alright . lets join in now , I will see you inside the programme bye bye.


Section 1: Introduction


Lecture 2 Sourcing from China CEO Intro

Lecture 3 What Is 1688

Lecture 4 Translate Chinese to Any Languages

Lecture 5 3 Ways to search product on 1688

Lecture 6 Product Information Reading

Section 2: Hot and Trending Product Research

Lecture 7 Register Dianba Research Tool

Lecture 8 Best Way To Do Shopee Product Research

Lecture 9 #1 Tool For Shopee Product Research

Section 3: Source and Buy Product Direct From 1688 and Taobao

Lecture 10 Sign Up Free Cj Dropshipping Account

Lecture 11 CJ Dropshipping China Sourcing

Lecture 12 Direct Buy from China 1688

Lecture 13 Direct Buy from China Taobao

Lecture 14 Taobao Payment and Fullfillment



anyone with an entrepreneurial mind and interested in the Import/Export Industry,anyone who wants to import from China & sell your products from anywhere in the World,anyone wanting to make large profits when importing from China

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Created by: Weng Honn Kan

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