Spanish for Beginners The Complete Spanish Course LEVEL 1

Learn Spanish with the complete, non-stop SPEAKING method, in a matter of weeks, not years.
Spanish for Beginners The Complete Spanish Course LEVEL 1
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Peter Hanley


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Spanish for Beginners The Complete Spanish Course LEVEL 1

What you’ll learn

You will rapidly build a solid foundation of Spanish.
You will have practical usage of basic Spanish in a matter of weeks.
You will produce and speak thousands of perfectly constructed phrases.
You will speak with good pronunciation due to constant repetition and imitation of native Spanish speaker.
You will remember at least 98% of the everything taught, due to the system of constant repetition and recycling of new language.

Spanish for Beginners The Complete Spanish Course LEVEL 1


No previous knowledge of Spanish is required. The course is designed for complete beginners or those with very limited knowledge.
Excitement to learn the basics of Spanish a fast as humanly possible.


LEARN THE ESSENTIALS OF SPANISH IN A MATTER OF WEEKS, NOT YEARS!NO BORING “STUDY”, ONLY NON–STOP SPEAKING.Join 60,000+ students on the bestselling Spanish course on Udemy!What students are saying:★★★★★  Amazing! Really love it! …I’m excited to continue.★★★★★  I am totally new to Spanish and I really like your approach. It’s fun and doesn’t feel like studying!   ★★★★★   I’m very excited for the rest of the lessons!★★★★★  A native speaker friend is so impressed what I can say after just 2 hours of learning 😉 Muchas Gracias. ★★★★★  It’s a very natural way for beginner to learn a new language. It’s amazing that you can create a  sentence in such a short time.EL MÉTODO allows you to:► Speak, non-stop, from the very start. ► Produce thousands of practical phrases for daily use.
► Painlessly absorb structures and vocabulary at  A1 level. ► Make rapid progress, without the need to memorise or “study” in the traditional sense.ALLOW YOURSELF TO BE CARRIED AWAY BY THE METHOD.Right from the start, EL MÉTODO engages you in a non-stop spoken dialogue that requires no pen and paper. This beautifully simple resource allows you to use and understand basic Spanish in a matter of hours, without the need for tiresome attempts at memorisation or lengthy, grammatical explanations. This is achieved through a expertly designed, world-class methodology that builds up and practices the language in your mind and mouth, step by step, until you are able to form increasingly complex sentences with ease.From the very start, you will be speaking your own sentences, effortlessly absorbing structures without even realising it. The method guides you through basic Spanish in a motivating and stimulating way.Recent students put it this way:  ★★★★★ “I love the easy style of learning. Like a friend or family member teaching you, but better. No stuffy grammar drills, just speaking!”                                                     ★★★★★”Outstanding from the very first lesson to the end. The Spanish is challenging and fast moving, and yet  constantly revisits vocabulary and structures so that it sinks into long term memory. Explanations are short and yet accommodate for all learning styles. The whole journey has been a world-class introduction into a language I’ve learned to love. ¡Gracias por todo!”★★★★★”After completing level 1 and level 2 , I am here for level 3 and have already purchased level 4. Does it not  prove how good and well organised the courses are! It’s Fantastic. Beyond expectation!”LEARN SPANISH NATURALLY AND RAPIDLYIn EL MÉTODO as in real life, learning is a continuous process, not a series of separate topics. Each new word or structure is preceded by a clear and precise introduction. The process continues as the students use the new word in a variety of different contexts. Repeated exposure to new words and structures over time, in a wide variety of situations and associations, means that these are acquired for life.HOW DOES THE COURSE WORK?EL MÉTODO, level 1, consists of 20 video lessons of spoken Spanish. After every lesson there is a series of written exercises as well an optional musical task.We will engage you in a spoken dialogue that requires no pen and paper. Just speak, speak and speak. You won’t stop speaking Spanish from start to finish. This is the ideal system for beginners to learn Spanish. My goal with EL MÉTODO  is for you to become “hooked” on the program, thereby mastering basic Spanish as quickly as humanly possible.To your success!


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction and guidelines for following the course.

Section 2: Lesson 1.

Lecture 2 Lesson 1

Lecture 3 Lesson 1. Exercises and Transcript.

Section 3: Lesson 2.

Lecture 4 Lesson 2.

Lecture 5 Lesson 2. Exercises and transcript.

Section 4: Spanish 1. Lesson 3.

Lecture 6 Lesson 3.

Lecture 7 Lesson 3. Exercises and transcript.

Section 5: Spanish 1. Lesson 4

Lecture 8 Lesson 4

Lecture 9 Lesson 4. Exercises and transcript.

Section 6: Spanish 1. Lesson 5

Lecture 10 Lesson 5

Lecture 11 Lesson 5. Exercises and transcript.

Section 7: Lesson 6.

Lecture 12 Lesson 6

Lecture 13 Lesson 6. Exercises and transcript.

Section 8: Lesson 7

Lecture 14 Lesson 7.

Lecture 15 Lesson 7. Exercises and transcript.

Section 9: Lesson 8

Lecture 16 Lesson 8

Lecture 17 Lesson 8. Exercises and transcript.

Section 10: Lesson 9

Lecture 18 Spanish 1. Lesson 9

Lecture 19 Lesson 9. Exercises and transcript.

Section 11: Lesson 10

Lecture 20 Spanish 1. Lesson 10

Lecture 21 Lesson 10. Exercises and transcript.

Lecture 22 Lesson 10. Time trial

Section 12: Lesson 11

Lecture 23 Spanish 1. Lesson 11

Lecture 24 Lesson 11. Exercises and transcript.

Section 13: Lesson 12

Lecture 25 Spanish 1. Lesson 12

Lecture 26 lesson 12. Exercises and transcript.

Lecture 27 Lesson 12. Time-trial

Section 14: Lesson 13

Lecture 28 Spanish 1. Lesson 13

Lecture 29 Lesson 13. Exercises and transcript.

Section 15: Lesson 14

Lecture 30 Spanish 1. Lesson 14

Lecture 31 Lesson 14. Exercises and transcript.

Lecture 32 Lesson 14. Time trial

Section 16: Lesson 15

Lecture 33 Spanish 1. Lesson 15

Lecture 34 Lesson 15. Exercises and transcript.

Section 17: lesson 16

Lecture 35 Spanish 1. Lesson 16

Lecture 36 Lesson 16. Exercises and transcript.

Lecture 37 Lesson 16. Time trial

Section 18: Lesson 17

Lecture 38 Spanish 1. Lesson 17

Lecture 39 Lesson 17. Exercises and transcript.

Section 19: Lesson 18

Lecture 40 Spanish 1. Lesson 18

Lecture 41 Lesson 18. Exercises and transcript.

Lecture 42 Lesson 18. Time trial

Section 20: Lesson 19

Lecture 43 Lesson 19

Lecture 44 Lesson 19. Exercises and transcript.

Section 21: Lesson 20

Lecture 45 Spanish 1. Lesson 20

Lecture 46 Lesson 20. Exercises and transcript.

Lecture 47 Lesson 20. Time trial

Section 22: Bonus Section.

Lecture 48 Bonus Section.

Absolute beginners or those with very little knowledge of Spanish.,Those who require a complete, comprehensive “brush-up” of the basics of Spanish.,Anyone who would prefer to learn Spanish from scratch through speaking and active involvement rather than studying rules and lists.,Anyone who is either vacationing or moving to a Spanish speaking country who needs to acquire a practical use of basic Spanish as quickly as is humanly possible.,Anyone whose purpose is to learn Spanish from scratch, in a simple, painless manner.

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 3h 57m | 1.34 GB
Created by: Peter Hanley

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