Spanish Made Simple Advanced Spanish

Take Your Spanish To The Next Level, Master Spanish Grammar, and Speak Like a Native
Spanish Made Simple Advanced Spanish
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Mark Barnes


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Spanish Made Simple Advanced Spanish

What you’ll learn

Your understanding of Spanish will greatly increase. By increasing your understanding your fluency will greatly increase, as well, and the more native you’ll sound when you speak.
You’ll learn the pesky Spanish subjunctive.
You’ll learn how to use the command form of verbs.
You’ll learn the details and nuances with regard to all the parts of speech that will catapult you from the level you are to an advanced level.
By the end of the course, given the knowledge you already have and what you’ll learn in this course, you’ll never need another Spanish course.

Spanish Made Simple Advanced Spanish


You’ll need access to a computer, laptop or smart device with internet or data.
You’ll need a basic knowledge/understanding of the Spanish language before taking this course.
You’ll need to know English as this course is taught from English to Spanish.
You’ll need to patient with yourself. As you already know Spanish isn’t easy but with this and my beginner course the complexity of the language is simplified.


In my beginner to intermediate course, you build a solid foundation and become conversational in Spanish.  This course will take your Spanish from an intermediate level to an advanced level.
If you have never taken a Spanish course and have limited knowledge of Spanish this course is not for you, you’ll want to take my beginner course first.  If you took my beginner to intermediate course this is the course you’re going to want to graduate to.  If you didn’t take my beginner course but you are conversational, know how to conjugate the basic forms of verbs (present, past, and future), know the pronouns (yo, tú, ud., él, ella, etc,) and have a basic foundation of Spanish and are wanting to take your Spanish to the next level this is your course.
This Course Will Take You to an Advanced Level of Spanish in the Following Ways:
Your understanding of Spanish will be greater as you learn more advanced rules for the parts of speech for the Spanish you already know and Spanish you’ve yet been taught.  Native speakers will be impressed!You’ll learn the special uses of common words you’ve already learned in your Spanish journey.  There will be no more confusion about the different meanings of a single word.In my beginner course, you learned the cognates (words that are practically identical in spelling and meaning in Spanish and English).  In this course, you’ll learn the false cognates (words that are almost identical in Spanish and English but don’t carry the same meaning whatsoever.) There are quizzes and vocabulary lessons spread throughout the course. Therefore, you’ll continue to learn the most common vocabulary and verbs spoken in everyday Spanish and be tested to see if you’re grasping all the material. You’ll learn what stem-changing verbs/boot verbs are and how they change.  You’ll also learn the command form of verbs (which doesn’t exist in English).The second most important overall thing you’ll learn is the Spanish subjunctive.  The subjunctive is probably the hardest thing for us English speakers to wrap our heads around, in this course I’ll definitely simplify that for you.And the most important thing about the course… if you took my beginner course you know how my approach to learning Spanish really does make it simple and soooo the most important thing about this course is that even these more complex concepts of the Spanish language are still taught in a simple step by step fashion that everybody can grasp!

By The End of The Course…
If you’ve taken my beginner course you already know how important the pronunciation is, it’s half the battle of being fluent.  If you have the pronunciation down really it’s a small difference between being fluent and speaking like a native.  In this course, you’ll learn that “the difference” is mainly understanding and applying the small nuances for the parts of speech and these small nuances all together make a big difference. For example, when you learn and understand how to use the subjunctive mood for the verbs, it blows the native speakers’ minds.  This and other nuances of the parts of speech is what sets you apart from being conversational/ fluent and speaking like a native.
After finishing this course you will know everything you’ll need to know to master Spanish, it will just be a matter of being consistent at practicing and applying what you already know and what you’ll learn in this course.  I look forward to seeing you on the inside!


Section 1: Welcome

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 Section moved to end of course

Section 2: Beginning to Phase out of Intermediate Spanish

Lecture 3 Gender Advanced

Lecture 4 Special Uses of Definite and Indefinite Articles

Lecture 5 Neuter Article

Lecture 6 Practice Session 1

Lecture 7 Vocabulary 1

Lecture 8 Words Frequently Confused

Lecture 9 False Cognates

Lecture 10 Ordinal Numbers- First, Second, Third, etc.

Lecture 11 Duration of Time

Lecture 12 Practice Session 2

Lecture 13 Vocabulary 2

Lecture 14 Prepostions: Hasta, Hacia, Entre

Lecture 15 Prepositions: Con, Contra, Sin

Lecture 16 Adverbs: aquí, acá, allí, allá, muy, mucho, tanto

Lecture 17 Practice Session 3

Section 3: Let the Advanced Spanish Begin!

Lecture 18 Pronouns: Objects of Preposition

Lecture 19 Suffixes with Special Meanings

Lecture 20 Adjectives: Descriptive

Lecture 21 Vocabulary 3

Lecture 22 Adverbs: Expounding on Adverbs

Lecture 23 Practice Session 4

Lecture 24 Pronouns: Demonstrative

Lecture 25 Pronouns: Possessive

Lecture 26 Special Uses of Common Adjectives

Lecture 27 Practice Session 5

Lecture 28 Preposition “a” Special Uses

Lecture 29 Conjunctions: Subordinate

Lecture 30 Conjunctions: Correlative

Lecture 31 Vocabulary 4

Lecture 32 Practice Session 6

Section 4: The Real Deal!

Lecture 33 Verbs: Intro to Subjuntive

Lecture 34 Verbs: Subjunctive Present

Lecture 35 Verbs: Subjunctive Past

Lecture 36 Verbs: Present and Past Subjunctive of Haber

Lecture 37 Verbs: Subjunctive Triggers

Lecture 38 More Subjunctive Triggers

Lecture 39 Practice Session 7

Lecture 40 Verbs: Command

Lecture 41 Verbs: Stem Changing

Lecture 42 Indirect Object Pronouns

Lecture 43 Practice Session 8

Lecture 44 Conclusion

Section 5: Reference from beginner course if needed

Lecture 45 Pronunciation: Vowels

Lecture 46 Pronunciation: Consonants

Lecture 47 Pronunciation: Diphthongs and Triphthongs

Lecture 48 Vocabulary Building Tips

This course is for conversational or somewhat conversational Spanish speakers looking to take their Spanish to the next level.

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Udemy | English | 3h 7m | 3.49 GB
Created by: Mark Barnes

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