Spay Tan Technician Certificate

Infection Prevention Certification included. In depth and informative course for all levels.
Spay Tan Technician Certificate
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Spay Tan Technician Certificate

What you’ll learn

Infection Prevention Plan Certificate
What is a Spray tan and how does it work
Anatomy of the skin
Types of Spray Tan Guns
Spray tan lotion choices
Adverse and Allergic Reactions
Pre-tan prep
Step by Step walk through
Video Training
After Care
Resources and additional info

Spay Tan Technician Certificate




Hi and welcome to my course. My name is Kandace and I will be your teacher. I have worked in the health care industry for ten years and in the aesthetics industry for three. I have just moved into teaching and am so happy to be able to find a platform that allows me to connect with students and share my knowledge.This is my Spray Tan Technician Certificate course and in this program you will learn everything that you need to know to be able to offer this service in your Spa or Salon.  This course has been designed to allow even the most beginner aesthetician the ability to follow and learn.  The Spray Tan is a great alternative to the traditional tanning bed as it does not damage the skin or have any harmful side effects. This course may be short in length but it is jam packed with all the information you will need to offer this service in your spa or salon.  In my course you will learn about the anatomy of the skin, how a spray tan works, the different types of guns on the market, all of the equipment needed, pre-tan prep, after care and of course how to preform the spray tan.Also included in every one of my courses is a separate Infection Prevention Certificate which is a requirement for any Spa or Salon licensing.   I hope that you enjoy my course and please reach out with any questions or concerns.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Section 2: Infection Prevention Plan Certificate

Lecture 2 Infection Prevention

Section 3: What is a spray tan and how does it work?

Lecture 3 What is it?

Section 4: Anatomy of the Skin

Lecture 4 Anatomy of the skin

Section 5: Guns and Equipment

Lecture 5 Guns and Equipment

Section 6: Spray tan solutions

Lecture 6 Solutions

Section 7: Contraindications and Adverse/Allergic reactions

Lecture 7 Warnings

Section 8: Pre-tan Prep

Lecture 8 Prep

Section 9: Step by Step Instructions

Lecture 9 Written instructions

Section 10: Tips and Tricks

Lecture 10 Tips and Tricks

Section 11: After Care

Lecture 11 After Care

Section 12: Walk Through Video

Lecture 12 Videos

Section 13: Resources

Lecture 13 Printables

All levels

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Created by: Kandace Gee

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