Splunk Fundamentals 3

Splunkable Splunk Fundamentals 3 Course | Splunk Enterprise Admin Exam Prep | Splunk v.
Splunk Fundamentals 3
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Splunk Fundamentals 3

What you’ll learn

Take your Splunk power user to the next level!
Eventstats and Streamstats
The Rest Command
Data Masking
The _internal Index
Working with JSON Data

Splunk Fundamentals 3


Fundamentals 1
Fundamentals 2


Welcome to our Splunkable Splunk Fundamentals 3 training course. This course was designed to take a Splunk power user to the next level. In this course, you will continue to grow your Splunk knowledge and advance your SPL build outs. You will get further insight into the Splunk platform and learn to leverage even more options in Splunk!The Topics we will cover in this course are as follows:1. Eval Command2. Eventstats and Streamstats3. Appendpipe4. The Rest Command5. Data Masking6. Acceleration7. The _internal Index8. Working with JSON DataPlease note that this course is specifically designed for those on the Splunk Enterprise Administration Certification track.This Splunk Fundamentals 3 course follows the existing blueprint for the Splunk Enterprise Admin Certification exam offered by Pearsonvue, and many users have reported successfully receiving their Splunk Enterprises Admin Certification after taking this course.The prerequisite exam for this certification is: Splunkable Fundamentals 1 and Splunkable Fundamentals 2If you’d like to learn more, we invite you to interact with us on linkedin, twitter, and slack or visit our website for more details. We encourage everyone to us any avenue available to reach us with questions or concerns. Please do so.The prerequisite exam for this certification is: Splunkable Fundamentals 1 and Splunkable Fundamentals 2


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Eval Command

Lecture 2 Eventstats and Streamstats

Lecture 3 Appendpipe

Lecture 4 The Rest Command

Lecture 5 Data Masking

Lecture 6 Acceleration

Lecture 7 The _internal Index

Lecture 8 Working with JSON Data

Splunk users looking to cover the User Certification exam topics.

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 2h 7m | 997.92 MB
Created by: Splunkable LLC

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