Splunk Zero to Power User

Splunk Core Certified Power User – Exam Prep – 2023 – Splunk!
Splunk Zero to Power User
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Splunk Zero to Power User

What you’ll learn

Pass the Splunk Core Certified Power User exam!
Build SPLs, Dashboards, Reports, Alerts, and Searches
Go from having zero knowledge of Splunk to a Splunker with strong foundational skills
Understand how to hunt with Splunk
Gain more confidence in Crowdstrike’s Event Search

Splunk Zero to Power User


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Hello and welcome to the course. This is the #1 place to learn by watching instructor lead demonstrations on Splunk. Don’t take another course that is bogged down with long lectures and endless PowerPoint slides. Take one that covers the majority of the course via recorded demonstrations and is built for visual learners! This course is designed to take someone who has never heard of Splunk and provide them with the knowledge they need to pass the Splunk Core Certified Power User exam!Is it hard to find a streamlined education road map for Splunks old Fundamentals 1 and 2 concepts? This course is it!Are you working with Crowdstrike? This course will get you the skills needed to leverage searching through logs in Event Search!Learn by watching demonstrations for over 75% of the course!Download your own data and practice on your own instance of Splunk.Learn over 25 commands!Gain confidence in how to craft strong searches, build visualizations, and understand the key components of Splunk.This course will cover all the key topics you need to pass the exam!I hope you continue to take what you have learned here and move on to learning more advanced topics that Splunk has to offer!


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Module 1: Introduction

Lecture 2 Module 2: What Makes Up Splunk

Lecture 3 Module 3A: Demo of Lets Download Splunk

Lecture 4 Module 3B: MacOS Installation

Lecture 5 Module 3C: Demo of Getting the Practice Data

Lecture 6 Module 4A: Getting Data into Splunk

Lecture 7 Module 4B: Demo of Data Preview and Creating Inputs

Lecture 8 Module 4C: App vs Addon

Lecture 9 Module 5: Demo of Searching and Basic Navigation

Lecture 10 Module 6A: Knowledge Objects

Lecture 11 Module 6B: Demo of KOs

Lecture 12 Module 7: Show me the Fields!

Lecture 13 Module 8A: Search Processing Language

Lecture 14 Module 8B: Demo of Building SPLs and Basic Commands

Lecture 15 Module 9A: Transforming Your Search

Lecture 16 Module 9B: Transforming Commands

Lecture 17 Module 10A: What are the Events Telling Me?

Lecture 18 Module 10B: Demo of the Transaction Command

Lecture 19 Module 11A: Manipulating Your Data

Lecture 20 Module 11B: Demo of eval, where, and search

Lecture 21 Module 12A: Fields, Part 2!

Lecture 22 Module 12B: Demo of Field Extracting

Lecture 23 Module 13A: Lookups

Lecture 24 Module 13B: Demo of Using Lookups

Lecture 25 Module 14A: Visualize Your Data

Lecture 26 Module 14B: Demo of Chart, Chart, Chart…..stats.

Lecture 27 Module 15A: Visualizations, Part 2!

Lecture 28 Module 15B: Demo of More Dashboards!

Lecture 29 Module 16A: Reports & Drilldowns

Lecture 30 Module 16B: Demo of Generating Reports, Drilldowns, Home Dashboard

Lecture 31 Module 17: Alerts

Lecture 32 Module 18: Welcome, Tags and Events!

Lecture 33 Module 19A: Macros

Lecture 34 Module 19B: Demo of Making Macros

Lecture 35 Module 20: Workflows to Save You Time

Lecture 36 Module 21A: Data Normalization & Troubleshooting

Lecture 37 Module 21B: Demo of All the random things we just covered

Lecture 38 Module 22A: Datamodels

Lecture 39 Module 22B: Demo of Searching Datamodels

Lecture 40 Module 23A: The Common Information Model

Lecture 41 Module 23B: Demo of the CIM Add-on & CIM Add-On Builder

Beginner Splunkers,SOC Analysts,Network Forensic Analysts,Splunk Admins,Splunk Power Users,Endpoint Detection and Response,Crowdstrike Users

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 4h 26m | 2.27 GB
Created by: Hailie Shaw

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