Spring Boot Fundamentals with Unit Testing MockMVCMockito

Develop backend Rest Services/API from scratch and build Unit Tests & Integration Tests using Spring Boot
Spring Boot Fundamentals with Unit Testing MockMVCMockito
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Spring Boot Fundamentals with Unit Testing MockMVCMockito

What you’ll learn

Understand Spring Boot Fundamentals from Scratch with proper real time examples
Ability to develop Rest Services/API’s with all CRUD operations using Spring Boot + JPA Repository
Understand how to write Unit Test cases and Integration Test cases for Back End Services Code
Real time Implementation of Mockito Framework to mock the Unit Tests
Understand how Mocktio, MockMVC, Junit Testing Frameworks are used together for building Unit Testcases
Understand JPA Repositories integration with Rest Controllers to interact with Database Tables
Build Integration Tests with Rest Template class and supplement with H2 Mock Database

Spring Boot Fundamentals with Unit Testing MockMVCMockito


Basics of API


This course is exclusively designed for beginners to understand Spring Boot fundamentals for Back end Rest Services/API Development and ability to perform white Box TESTING such as Unit Testing , Integration testing for the code using various Testing Frameworks like Mockito, MockMVC, Junit, Rest Template etc*************************************************************************************************************************This course is divided into 2 PhasesPhase 1:Introduction to Back End Development – Phase 1 explains the fundamentals of Spring Boot including JPA to develop Rest Services/API’s /Micro Services for Real time Applications from Scratch.No programming Experience needed to start with this course. I have covered everything needed to make you familiar with every concept taught in the coursePhase 2:Unit/Integration Testing – After Solid Understanding of Rest Services development using Spring Boot in Phase 1, Phase 2 explains how to write Unit Tests and Integration Tests for the developed Phase 1 Code using Testing Frameworks like Mockito, MockMVC, Junit & RestTemplate with H2 DatabasesAll Testing (White Box Testing) Frameworks concepts are given with Scratch level explanation.*******************************************************************By end of this course, one can start building Rest Services/API’s with Spring Boot and write Solid Unit Tests and Integration tests to test their code as per Industry StandardsThis course can be a great resource to Junior Developers and especially to SDET’s to get involved into  White Box testing Strategies to better understand code and write solid Unit/Integration Tests.


Section 1: Introduction to Spring Boot with Configuration Setup

Lecture 1 How this Course is organized – MUST WATCH

Lecture 2 Java and Eclipse quick Installation to setup Environment

Lecture 3 Install Spring tools Suite Plugin to get started with Spring Projects

Lecture 4 Understand Spring Initializer Project Structure and its Terminologies

Section 2: Understanding Spring Boot Fundamentals

Lecture 5 Where to download Code files?

Lecture 6 Getting started with Rest Hello World Service development

Lecture 7 Understand Rest Controllers in Spring Boot

Lecture 8 Importance of AutoWired Annotation in grabbing class object

Section 3: Setting up JPA Repositories and its Mapping Beans for API’s Development

Lecture 9 Understand the Library API Contract with database Interaction

Lecture 10 Set up MYSQL Server to interact with API’s

Lecture 11 Set MYSQL related Properties in Spring Boot Application

Lecture 12 Get JPA Dependencies and create Entity Beans based on the contract Design

Lecture 13 Understand JPA Hibernate Properties and JPARepository Interface

Lecture 14 Get the Data from Database tables with JPA Find Methods using Controller

Lecture 15 Understand all CRUD operations to interact with DB from Spring controllers

Section 4: Develop Rest API Services from Scratch with Spring Boot

Lecture 16 Understand AddBook API Contract with implementation plan

Lecture 17 Build AddBook Rest Controller with Post Mapping

Lecture 18 Building response with status codes and Headers for AddBook Controller

Lecture 19 Implementation of Error handling Scenarios for the Service to return messages

Lecture 20 Implement Get Book by ID Rest Controller with Get Mapping

Lecture 21 Implement Get Book by Author Rest Controller with Database Interaction Logic

Section 5: Understanding JPA Interface to interact with Database from Spring controller

Lecture 22 Implementing JPA Custom Interface to build own logic in retrieving data

Lecture 23 Building Update Book API Logic with Put mapping and DB Interaction

Lecture 24 Implementing Delete Book API Logic with Delete Http Method

Section 6: Implementation of logging for Rest Services

Lecture 25 Implementing Logging to setup Log file for all the back end work

Lecture 26 Implementing Security Authorization to call the Services from the front end

Section 7: Unit Testing the Micro Services built by Spring Boot

Lecture 27 Introduction to Unit Testing and Integration Testing

Lecture 28 Identifying Right Candidates of Unit Testing and build testing approach

Lecture 29 Approach in building Unit Tests for Rest Controller methods

Section 8: Mockito Framework to Mock the dependencies for Unit Testing

Lecture 30 Importance of Mock Bean Annotation in mocking the external dependencies

Lecture 31 Response Entity object to get response and inject Junit Assertions to Test

Section 9: Mock MVC Framework to run Rest API Tests with Serverless mode

Lecture 32 Introduction to Mock MVC and its methods to call the Services from code

Lecture 33 AndExpect , Perform methods of MockMVC for validation of Unit Tests

Lecture 34 Part 1 -Build Unit Tests for Rest Controller Methods with Mock MVC

Lecture 35 Part 2 -Build Unit Tests for Rest Controller Methods with Mock MVC

Lecture 36 Part 3 -Build Unit Tests for Rest Controller Methods with Mock MVC

Lecture 37 Wrapping up Tests with the inclusion of Mockito, Mock MVC, and Junit Frameworks

Section 10: Building Integration Test Cases with H2 Mock Data Base for Controller Methods

Lecture 38 Introduction to Integration Testing and its advantages

Lecture 39 Understand H2 Mock data base usage and its dependencies for Integration Testing

Lecture 40 Build Mock SQL Properties file and feed with Mock data what you want to use

Lecture 41 Introduction to TestRestTemplate class for Integration Testing of Services

Lecture 42 Asserting the validations for response of API/Services with Integration Test

Lecture 43 Build Integration Test for Post http method Rest Controller with assertions

Section 11: Running all Unit and Integration Test as a batch run from Maven

Lecture 44 Starting the Spring Boot Server App from Maven commands

Lecture 45 Understand building Custom Spring Boot profiles to switch the Back end storage

Lecture 46 Running Unit and Integration Tests through Maven commands

Section 12: Complete Project Code Download

Lecture 47 Download Code

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Udemy | English | 8h 13m | 7.93 GB
Created by: Rahul Shetty

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