Spring Professional Certification Exam Tutorial Module 07

Spring REST
Spring Professional Certification Exam Tutorial Module 07
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Spring Professional Certification Exam Tutorial Module 07

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Knowledge and skills required for Spring Professional Certification Exam
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Spring Professional Certification Exam Tutorial Module 07


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Spring Professional Exam Tutorial explains and answers all questions from Spring Professional Certification Study Guide. Each answer to exam topic is explained in detail with video tutorial, description and good example for you to get deep understanding of discussed topic. With this course you will get all required knowledge and skills to pass Spring Professional Certification Exam.Course is divided into 8 modules:Module 01 – Container, Dependency, and IoCModule 02 – Aspect Oriented ProgrammingModule 03 – Data Management: JDBC, Transactions, Spring Data JPAModule 04 – Spring BootModule 05 – Spring MVC and The Web LayerModule 06 – SecurityModule 07 – RESTModule 08 – TestingThis course covers seventh module of the entire course and inside you can find answers to all topics from Spring Professional Certification Study Guide seventh section, which is Spring REST. I will cover Spring support for REST, we will discuss available annotations, HTTP methods and status codes, Spring Boot support for REST, and RestTemplate component that can be used to build REST Clients.


Section 1: Spring REST

Lecture 1 Examples Download

Lecture 2 Question 01 – What does REST stand for?

Lecture 3 Question 02 – What is a resource?

Lecture 4 Question 03 – What does CRUD mean?

Lecture 5 Question 04 – Is REST secure? What can you do to secure it?

Lecture 6 Question 05 – Is REST scalable and/or interoperable?

Lecture 7 Question 06 – Which HTTP methods does REST use?

Lecture 8 Question 07 – What is an HttpMessageConverter?

Lecture 9 Question 08 – Is REST normally stateless?

Lecture 10 Question 09 – What does @RequestMapping do?

Lecture 11 Question 10 – Is @Controller a stereotype? Is @RestController a stereotype?[…]

Lecture 12 Question 11 – What is the difference between @Controller and @RestController?

Lecture 13 Question 12 – When do you need @ResponseBody?

Lecture 14 Question 13 – What are the HTTP status return codes for a successful GET, […]

Lecture 15 Question 14 – When do you need @ResponseStatus?

Lecture 16 Question 15 – Where do you need @ResponseBody? What about @RequestBody?

Lecture 17 Question 16 – If you saw example Controller code, would you understand […]

Lecture 18 Question 17 – Do you need Spring MVC in your classpath?

Lecture 19 Question 18 – What Spring Boot starter would you use for a Spring REST […]

Lecture 20 Question 19 – What are the advantages of the RestTemplate?

Lecture 21 Question 20 – If you saw an example using RestTemplate would you […]

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