SQL Developer MS SQL SSIS Reports TSQL DBA

SQL Developer (MS SQL / SSIS / Reports / T-SQL / DBA)
SQL Developer MS SQL SSIS Reports TSQL DBA
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SQL Developer MS SQL SSIS Reports TSQL DBA

What you’ll learn

Journey through the role of SQL Server DBA, ETL Developer and Reports Writer
Writing SQL queries
Creation of MS SQL Reports and SSIS ETL packages
Overview of the SQL Server DBA duties

SQL Developer MS SQL SSIS Reports TSQL DBA


Your passion to further your Microsoft SQL, SSIS, Reports Builder and DBA concepts


Taking this Microsoft SQL Server centric course is a great approach to boosting your brand value, developing your database skills, and assisting your business in extracting valuable insights. We want you to be successful in your endeavors through this simplified curriculum. The benefits of Mastering Microsoft SQL Server platform includes advancing your SQL Server abilities. Build strong databases, learn to write advanced SQL queries, and understanding data warehousing principles for better data insight and wiser business choices.This is a comprehensive course that includes:* SQL Database Administrator– Overview of SQL DBA — Benefits of T-SQL in querying– Introduction to Normalization in Database Design– Performance Tuning an essential aspect of Database Administration– Troubleshooting is an important skill of the DBA– High Availability * SSIS– Introduction to SSIS packages– Loading and merging multiple files using SSIS– Loading and Renaming multiple files using SSIS– Events handlers in SSIS– Scheduling SSIS packages* Report Builder– SQL Server Report Builder– Creating Report Builder VARCHAR Parameters– Creating Report Builder Data Parameters–  Creating Report Builder Multi-parameterized Reports* SQL– Introduction to SQL (T-SQL)– SQL Server database environment (T-SQL)– DDL – Create Alter and Drop commands (T-SQL)– DML Insert Update and Delete commands (T-SQL)– SELECT query syntax (T-SQL)– SELECT distinct command (T-SQL)– SELECT Where clause (T-SQL)– SELECT Top  (T-SQL)– SELECT Joins (T-SQL)– SELECT Group by  (T-SQL)


Section 1: SQL and T-SQL

Lecture 1 SQL – 1 – What is SQL_

Lecture 2 SQL – 2 – Finding a Database to run SQL

Lecture 3 SQL – 3 – DDL – Create Alter Drop_

Lecture 4 SQL – 4 – DML – Insert Update Delete_

Lecture 5 SQL – 5- DDL & DML Review

Lecture 6 SQL – 6 – SELECT Syntax – When to use SQL


Lecture 8 SQL – 8 – SELECT WHERE Clause

Lecture 9 SQL – 9 – SELECT AND & OR Clause

Lecture 10 SQL – 10 – SELECT LIKE

Lecture 11 SQL – 11 – SELECT ORDER BY

Lecture 12 SQL – 12 – SELECT GROUP BY

Lecture 13 SQL – 13 – SELECT TOP

Lecture 14 SQL – 14 – SELECT JOINS

Section 2: SSIS – SQL Server Integration Services

Lecture 15 SSIS 1 My first SSIS package

Lecture 16 SSIS 2 Loading and merging multiple files

Lecture 17 SSIS 3 Loading and renaming multiple files

Lecture 18 SSIS 4 Event Handlers

Lecture 19 SSIS 5 Scheduling SSIS packages

Lecture 20 SSIS 6 Interview Preparation

Section 3: Report Builder (SQL Server)

Lecture 21 Report Builder 1 What to do with Report Builder

Lecture 22 Report Builder 2 VARCHAR Parameter

Lecture 23 Report Builder 3 Date Parameter

Lecture 24 Report Builder 4 Multi parameterized report

Section 4: SQL DBA (MS SQL Database Administrator)

Lecture 25 DBA 1 Intro to Database Administration

Lecture 26 DBA 2 Intro to benefits of SQL

Lecture 27 DBA 3 Intro to Normalization

Lecture 28 DBA 4 Intro to Performance Tuning

Lecture 29 DBA 5 Intro to Troubleshooting

Lecture 30 DBA 6 Intro to High Availability

Lecture 31 DBA 7 Intro to Install Upgrade and Updates

All levels passionate about learning MS SQL Server, DBA, Reports Builder, SSIS and T-SQL

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 4h 42m | 2.61 GB
Created by: Bashir Fadl

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