SQL Queries Pro for Data ScienceAnalytics MIS Reporting

This course is going to help to learn SQL Queries and become pro to work on projects.
SQL Queries Pro for Data ScienceAnalytics MIS Reporting
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SQL Queries Pro for Data ScienceAnalytics MIS Reporting

What you’ll learn

SQL queries from basics to advance for data extraction/manipulation
Makes anybody able to cracker the project of SQL queries
SQL basic and advance queries implementation from live experience of organizations
All examples are based on real live projects

SQL Queries Pro for Data ScienceAnalytics MIS Reporting


Anybody with strong desire can learn the course who is looking for to learn SQL for job/projects.


Getting job and working on project is not easier task for any job aspirant. Current dynamic environment requires edge knowledge to grab job and cracking projects once you get job.SQL is the most demanding skill required for almost all technical jobs in all most all organizations because it helps us to interact with database and get answers to business questions easily.SQL is stands for structured query language. SQL can be written in any database like SQL Server, MS Access, Oracle, Hadoop etc. Just to start learning SQL, we need to start learning with any of these database knowledge and post learning from any database, you can write SQL in any other database too because SQL is ~80% same in all database software.Course helps you learn SQL  Queries like Select, group by, merge, union etc. Post learning course learner get knowledge to crack interviews and projects. Course starts with explaining the database management concepts about how data is stored and why we need to write the queries.All lectures are prepared on the basis of real live project scenarios which helps students understand better. All practice contents has been attached with each lecture which helps student to download resources and exercise post learning from lecture


Section 1: SQL Server Installation

Lecture 1 SQL Server Installation

Section 2: Database Concepts

Lecture 2 Database concepts explanation 1

Lecture 3 Database concepts explanation 2

Section 3: SQL Server Management Studio

Lecture 4 Introduction to SQL Server Management Studio

Section 4: Importing data to SQL Server

Lecture 5 Importing data to SQL Server environment

Section 5: Writing your first query

Lecture 6 Shaking hands with Select Statement

Lecture 7 Learning Where clause

Lecture 8 Become Where clause master

Lecture 9 Learning data aggregation, the mast import topic of SQL queries

Beginner to Advance SQL course for data science, analytics and reporting like Tableau, Power BI

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 3h 49m | 2.40 GB
Created by: Vikas .

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