SQL Server Database Performance Monitoring and Tuning

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SQL Server Database Performance Monitoring and Tuning
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SQL Server Database Performance Monitoring and Tuning

What you’ll learn

SQL Server Database Performance Monitoring (Automated) and Tuning
How to capture database performance metrics, Causes of Performance bottlenecks, Diagnosing Performance issues, Indexes, Statistics, Wait Statistics, Parameter Sniffing, How to capture expensive stored procedures, blocking incidents, deadlock incidents, How to automate the entire performance metrics collection process
At the end of the course, the students will be able to deploy the code directly on their machine and see the results instantly. The final output of the consolidated script will be equivalent to other expensive software in the market.

SQL Server Database Performance Monitoring and Tuning


Basic knowledge of RDBMS database


This course equips you with the skills required to manage the SQL Server database efficiently. The course mainly focuses on performance monitoring and tuning and how to automate the monitoring process. The most valuable gift of this course is to have ready to implement scripts including schema and other required objects at the end of the course. Students can directly deploy the code and start generating SQL Server database performance metrics.Note: It is recommended to run the code on a test environment before deploying on production.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Section 2: About The Course

Lecture 2 About The Course

Section 3: Why Automation Is Necessary ?

Lecture 3 Why The Automation Is Necessary ?

Section 4: What To Monitor ?

Lecture 4 What To Monitor ?

Section 5: Query Optimizer

Lecture 5 Query Optimizer

Section 6: Parameter Sniffing

Lecture 6 Parameter Sniffing

Section 7: Causes of Performance Degradation

Lecture 7 TempDB Contention

Lecture 8 Non-Scheduled Database Maintenance

Lecture 9 Expensive Stored Procedures or Queries

Lecture 10 Blocking Incidents

Lecture 11 Deadlock Incidents

Lecture 12 Wrong Index Strategy

Lecture 13 A High CPU Consumption Consistently

Lecture 14 High Memory Usage – Memory Allocation Background

Lecture 15 High Memory Usage – Configurations and Parameters

Lecture 16 Disk I/O Bottleneck

Lecture 17 Poor Database Design

Lecture 18 Poor Application Design

Section 8: Diagnosing Performance Problem

Lecture 19 Index Management

Lecture 20 Analyzing Execution Plan for Indexes

Lecture 21 Detecting and Reducing Fragmentation

Lecture 22 Statistics

Lecture 23 Wait Statistics

Lecture 24 Dealing with TempDB Contention

Lecture 25 Temporary Table Caching

Lecture 26 Temporary Table Vs Table Variable

Lecture 27 Identifying Expensive Stored Procedures and Queries

Lecture 28 Identifying Blocking Incidents

Lecture 29 Identifying Deadlock Incidents

Lecture 30 Optimize for Adhoc Query Workload

Lecture 31 Analyzing Execution Plan

Section 9: Automating the Monitoring Process – Putting It All Together

Lecture 32 Automating the Monitoring Process – Putting It All Together

Lecture 33 Creating required objects and jobs

SQL Server DBAs, Developers, Architects who want to perform the database performance monitoring and tuning,Any Beginner who wants to start with Microsoft SQL Server as a career option

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 2h 38m | 509.40 MB
Created by: Gangadhar Gawande

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