SQL Server Essentials from Scratch

Step-by-Step Beginner’s Training Course in SQL Server. No prior database knowledge is needed.
SQL Server Essentials from Scratch
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Joey Blue


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SQL Server Essentials from Scratch

What you’ll learn

By the end of the course, you will have a foundation in SQL Server and the vocabulary and understanding to talk about and use SQL Server with confidence.
You will know how to navigate SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) to find database objects and business data.
You will understand how to take advantage of Management Studio to make you work faster and more efficient.
You will understand the different pieces in SQL Server. Including, Tables, Views, Stored Procedures, Security, Backups, Indexes and Schemas to help you talk to DBA’s, Programmers, IT and to sound smart when you are speaking about databases.
You will know how to write SQL statements to CREATE, Retrieve, Update, and Delete data.
You will be able to create basic Views and Stored Procedures.
You will be able to Filter, Join, Sort, and Group data.
You will be able to create basic Views, Stored Procedures, and Functions.
You will have foundational knowledge in Security, Backups, and Indexes
You will understand how all of these pieces work together in a database.

SQL Server Essentials from Scratch


PC (Desktop or Laptop)
SQL Server Developer (FREE Edition)
Browser and Internet Connection


You learned a little SQL, but you are ready to take the next step and really understand how databases work. Or maybe you are a complete beginner. Here’s a little secret. It’s not that complicated. That’s right. Databases are actually a very simple concept that starts with a simple Table just like a spreadsheet in Excel. Everything else in the database is built around this little concept of a table.
With a little SQL Server knowledge, you can retrieve data yourself. You can automate your reporting. You can help management find information and troubleshoot problems. You can even transfer this knowledge to Oracle and MySQL.
In this course, veteran consultant, Joey Blue, takes you through the essentials of SQL Server right through advanced topics such as backups, security, and indexes. This course is recommended for all business and IT professionals that want to advance their careers by understanding their corporate database.


Section 1: Foundation

Lecture 1 Welcome

Lecture 2 Learning Plan

Lecture 3 Learning Outline

Lecture 4 Pre Assessment

Lecture 5 Vocabulary List

Lecture 6 Installing SQL Server Developer Edition

Lecture 7 Installing SQL Server Management Studio

Lecture 8 Installing Training Database – SQLTrainingOnlineSimpleDB

Lecture 9 Installing Training Database – AdventureWorks

Section 2: Module #1: Introduction to Databases

Lecture 10 Lesson #1: Overview of Databases

Lecture 11 Lesson #2: SQL – How to Talk to Databases

Lecture 12 Lesson #3: Client-Server Relationships Part 1

Lecture 13 Lesson #4: Client-Server Relationships Part 2

Section 3: Module #2: Management Studio

Lecture 14 Lesson #5: Introduction Management Studio Part 1

Lecture 15 Lesson #6: Introduction Management Studio Part 2

Lecture 16 Lesson #7: Database Objects Part 1

Lecture 17 Lesson #8: Database Objects Part 2

Lecture 18 Lesson #9: Tables Part 1

Lecture 19 Lesson #10: Tables Part 2

Lecture 20 Lesson #11: Creating Stuff Part 1

Lecture 21 Lesson #12: Creating Stuff Part 2

Lecture 22 Lesson #13: Creating Stuff with Scripts Part 1

Lecture 23 Lesson #14: Creating Stuff with Scripts Part 2

Section 4: Module #3: Writing SQL

Lecture 24 Lesson #15: CRUD Part 1

Lecture 25 Lesson #16: CRUD Part 2

Lecture 26 Lesson #17: Beginning Select Statements

Lecture 27 Lesson #18: Where Clause Part 1

Lecture 28 Lesson #19: Where Clause Part 2

Lecture 29 Lesson #20: Sorting

Lecture 30 Lesson #21: Column List Part 1

Lecture 31 Lesson #22: Column List Part 2

Lecture 32 Lesson #23: Group By

Lecture 33 Lesson #24: Having Clause

Lecture 34 Lesson #25: Joining Part 1

Lecture 35 Lesson #26: Joining Part 2

Section 5: Module #4: Advanced Objects

Lecture 36 Lesson #27: Views Part 1

Lecture 37 Lesson #28: Views Part 2

Lecture 38 Lesson #29: Scripting with Variables Part 1

Lecture 39 Lesson #30: Scripting with Variables Part 2

Lecture 40 Lesson #31: Stored Procedures Part 1

Lecture 41 Lesson #32: Stored Procedures Part 2

Lecture 42 Lesson #33: Functions Part 1

Lecture 43 Lesson #34: Functions Part 2

Section 6: Module #5: Advanced Database Concepts

Lecture 44 Lesson #35: Security Part 1

Lecture 45 Lesson #36: Security Part 2

Lecture 46 Lesson #37: Security Part 3

Lecture 47 Lesson #38: Backups Part 1

Lecture 48 Lesson #39: Backups Part 2

Lecture 49 Lesson #40: Indexes Part 1

Lecture 50 Lesson #41: Indexes Part 2

Lecture 51 Lesson #42: Indexes Part 3

Section 7: Bonuses

Lecture 52 Bonus #1: SQL and SQL Server Reporting Services

Lecture 53 Bonus #2: SQL and Microsoft Excel

Lecture 54 Bonus #3: SQL and Power Pivot

Lecture 55 Bonus #4: SQL and Microsoft Access

Lecture 56 Bonus #5: SQL Import and Export

Business Analysts,IT Professional,Business Professional,Accountants,Web Developers,Managers,Software Developers,Programming Students,Financial Analysts,Process Engineers,Anyone interested in understanding data and databases.

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 13h 42m | 7.52 GB
Created by: Joey Blue

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