SQL Tutorial For Tester

Course on SQL query for testers and developers
SQL Tutorial For Tester
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SQL Tutorial For Tester

What you’ll learn

User would be quite comfortable in querying database
become expert in sql query
write learn data retrieval, table creation, database creation, joining tables, create view
answer any of the interview question related to basics of sql query

SQL Tutorial For Tester


Need basic understanding of computer
Should be familiar with application installation


SQL Query Tutorial For Beginners has been designed specially for all the beginners who wants to learn sql query with real time examples with practical examples. In today’s IT Industry , Sql Query is equally good for Testers and Developer and it is most important skill set in today’s market and with big data boom now data analysis has become the need of minute and whole world is trying to tune up their SQL query skill. This tutorial has been design in a very systematic way and it covers most of the areas. This course is going to cover1- Relational database introduction2- Data retrieval using Select Statement3-  Creation of database, data table, insertion of data4-  Difference between delete, drop and truncate5- Concept of Join6- Constraints implementation in sql7- Setting sql_mode in mysql for better result of Constraints in mysqlSoftware Used in this course1- XAMPP for setting up mysql2- SQLYog as mysql database administrative tool and it will be used to execute all the sql queries.


Section 1: Introduction of SQL and Database

Lecture 1 Course Introduction

Lecture 2 What is relational database

Section 2: Basic Queries

Lecture 3 DDL and DML In SQL

Lecture 4 Creating database

Lecture 5 Fetching list of databases, tables

Lecture 6 Creating Table

Lecture 7 Inserting data in table

Lecture 8 Update Data in Table

Lecture 9 Deleting table data

Lecture 10 Deleting table using drop statement

Section 3: Create Table Constraints

Lecture 11 Introduction of Constraints

Lecture 12 Column Unique Constraint | Not Null Constraint

Lecture 13 Primary Key Constraint Part 1(Introduction)

Lecture 14 Primary Key Constraint Part 2 ( Example)

Section 4: Select Statement

Lecture 15 Select Statement

Lecture 16 Where clause with Select Statement

Lecture 17 Select Distinct

Lecture 18 Union and Union All Operator In SQL

Lecture 19 Like operator for pattern matching

Lecture 20 Between Operator in SQL

Lecture 21 In Operator in SQL

Lecture 22 Sorting data using order by

Lecture 23 SQL Aliases With Example

Section 5: Aggregate Functions , Group By, Having Clause

Lecture 24 Max() function in SQL

Lecture 25 Min() function in SQL

Lecture 26 Avg() function in SQL

Lecture 27 Sum() function in SQL

Lecture 28 Count() function in SQL

Lecture 29 Group by and Having Clause in SQL

Section 6: Joins in SQL

Lecture 30 What is Join

Lecture 31 Inner Join in SQL

Lecture 32 Left and Right Outer Join

Any one with some computer knowledge can take this course,Any Quality Engineer who is inspired to make career in database or ETL,Any developer who has just started career and want to learn all basic queries of SQL

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 1h 48m | 561.58 MB
Created by: S D Academy

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