SSLTLS Operations

Everything about SSL/TLS that Developers, SRE and DevOps would need in their toolbox (including TLS 1.3)
SSLTLS Operations
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SSLTLS Operations

What you’ll learn

Understand how the SSL/TLS certificate system works.
Procure, install, operate on SSL/TLS certificates following best practices.
Troubleshoot SSL/TLS issues and common vulnerabilities
Evolution of SSL/TLS and market share and position of various versions
TLS 1.3 and its properties.
Adapt and implement upcoming technology changes in SSL/TLS domain.

SSLTLS Operations


Should be an internet user.


This course is a deep dive into concepts, management and operations of SSL/TLS certificate system. It covers practical demonstrations of various operations on certificates. A review on various SSL/TLS versions and a deep dive into TLS 1.3 and its properties are the most recent part of the course. We also discuss some of the advanced topics like certificate transparency, Let’s Encrypt and ACME as well.While this course gives you everything about the SSL/TLS system, it has targeted contents for the website administrators as well. The reasoning and philosophy behind the driving principles give you enough knowledge to take architectural decisions as well as understand and troubleshoot various technical issues.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 Contents

Lecture 3 Why do we need SSL certificates?

Lecture 4 SSL/TLS evolution

Section 2: How SSL works

Lecture 5 How it works

Lecture 6 CA Signed Vs. Self Signed

Lecture 7 Reading/Examining the certificate

Section 3: Certificate Architecture

Lecture 8 Structure of certificate

Lecture 9 Digital Signature

Lecture 10 Certificate Standards and Encoding Methods

Lecture 11 Types of Certificates

Section 4: Encryption Algorithms

Lecture 12 Introduction to Encryption Algorithms

Lecture 13 Private/Symmetric Key Encryption

Lecture 14 AES

Lecture 15 Public/Asymmetric Key Encryption

Lecture 16 RSA

Lecture 17 Elliptic Curve Cryptography

Lecture 18 Hashing Algorithms

Section 5: SSL communication

Lecture 19 Overview

Lecture 20 Step 1. Authentication

Lecture 21 Step 2. Key Exchange

Lecture 22 Diffie Hellman

Lecture 23 Step 3. Encrypted data transfer

Lecture 24 Keys and Numbers

Lecture 25 CLI demo

Section 6: Certificate provisioning

Lecture 26 Request & Signing

Lecture 27 Security – Request & Signing

Lecture 28 Installation

Lecture 29 Installation Security

Lecture 30 Revocation

Lecture 31 SSL errors

Section 7: OpenSSL

Lecture 32 CLI demonstration

Section 8: Chain of Trust

Lecture 33 Intermediate CAs

Lecture 34 Verifying Chain of Trust

Section 9: Trust Store

Lecture 35 What is Trust Store / Cert Store

Lecture 36 Managing Trust Store

Section 10: Journey to TLS 1.3

Lecture 37 SSL/TLS Journey

Lecture 38 TLS 1.3 – Introduction

Lecture 39 TLS 1.3 – Safer (Removals)

Lecture 40 TLS 1.3 – Safer (Optimizations and Enhancements)

Lecture 41 TLS 1.3 – Faster (1-RTT)

Lecture 42 TLS 1.3 – Faster (0-RTT)

Lecture 43 TLS 1.3 – Deployment

Section 11: Advanced Topics

Lecture 44 Pinning

Lecture 45 Let’s Encrypt & ACME

Lecture 46 Certificate Transparency

Section 12: Appendix

Lecture 47 A – SSL/TLS Version Travel

Lecture 48 B – Patents

Lecture 49 C – RSA Exercise

Lecture 50 D – ECC Exercise

Lecture 51 E – TCP Handshake

Lecture 52 F – DH Exercise

Lecture 53 G – Abbreviations

Internet users who are keen to know how SSL is protecting the web. SREs, Developers and DevOps who manage or deal with SSL/TLS for production web sites.

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 3h 54m | 1.25 GB
Created by: Nisheed K M

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