Standard 100 Level 1 Enterprise Architect Course

Learn about the TOGAF 10.0 Standard and prepare for the certification Level 1 Foundation. Contains timed practice test.
Standard 100 Level 1 Enterprise Architect Course
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Scott Duffy • 1.000.000+ Students


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Standard 100 Level 1 Enterprise Architect Course

What you’ll learn

Learn the TOGAF 10.0 ADM method for Enterprise Architecture
Be more prepared and in less time than studying on your own
Understand the basic and core concepts of the TOGAF standard
Pass the TOGAF Enterprise Architecture Foundation certification exam, Level 1

Standard 100 Level 1 Enterprise Architect Course


Some experience solving problems at the enterprise level, although familiarity with TOGAF is not required
A willingness to do the work to get the results


>> Learn about the most recent changes to the TOGAF(R) standard version 10.0 with this best-selling training course, including English closed captions. All slides are available for download! All audio files are available for download! <


Section 1: Before We Start

Lecture 1 Welcome to the Course!

Lecture 2 Difference Between TOGAF 9.2 and TOGAF 10

Lecture 3 About Your Instructor

Lecture 4 Udemy Player Tips

Lecture 5 What is Enterprise Architecture?

Lecture 6 The TOGAF Certification for People

Lecture 7 The TOGAF 10.0 Standard

Section 2: Core and Basic Concepts

Lecture 8 Overview of Core Concepts

Lecture 9 Definition of Enterprise

Lecture 10 The Four Architecture Domains – BDAT

Lecture 11 Architecture Development Method – ADM

Lecture 12 Architecture Work Products – Deliverables, Artifacts and Building Blocks

Lecture 13 Enterprise Continuum

Lecture 14 Architecture Repository

Lecture 15 Architecture Capability

Section 3: The ADM

Lecture 16 Introduction to the ADM

Lecture 17 ADM Cycle

Lecture 18 Preliminary Phase

Lecture 19 Phase A – Architecture Vision

Lecture 20 Phase B – Business Architecture

Lecture 21 Phase C – Information Systems Architecture

Lecture 22 Phase C – Data Architecture

Lecture 23 Phase C – Application Architecture

Lecture 24 Phase D – Technology Architecture

Lecture 25 Phase E – Opportunities and Solutions

Lecture 26 Phase F – Migration Planning

Lecture 27 Phase G – Implementation Governance

Section 4: Continuing with the ADM

Lecture 28 Phase H – Architecture Change Management

Lecture 29 Requirements Management Phase

Section 5: ADM Guidelines and Tools

Lecture 30 Introduction to ADM Guidelines and Tools

Lecture 31 Architecture Principles

Lecture 32 Stakeholder Management

Lecture 33 Architecture Patterns

Lecture 34 Gap Analysis

Lecture 35 Migration Planning Techniques

Lecture 36 Interoperability Requirements

Lecture 37 Business Readiness Transformation Assessment BRTA

Lecture 38 Risk Management

Lecture 39 Architecture Alternatives and Trade-Offs

Section 6: Architecture Governance

Lecture 40 Architecture Governance

Lecture 41 Architecture Board

Lecture 42 Architecture Contracts

Lecture 43 Architecture Compliance

Section 7: Practice Test

Section 8: Wrapping Up

Lecture 44 Thank You and Congratulations

Lecture 45 Discounts for More Courses

Enterprise architects, of all levels,People wishing to get into enterprise architecture,Anyone who wants to pass the TOGAF 10 certification exam

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 3h 29m | 621.67 MB
Created by: Scott Duffy • 1.000.000+ Students

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