Start Doing Data Analytics With PowerBI in Under TWO Hours

Microsoft Power BI For Business Intelligence and Data Analytics For Beginners In Less Than 2 Hrs
Start Doing Data Analytics With PowerBI in Under TWO Hours
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Minerva Singh


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Start Doing Data Analytics With PowerBI in Under TWO Hours

What you’ll learn

Gain fluency in the different aspects of PowerBI
Read in data from different sources into PowerBI
Carry out standard data analytics and visualisations using PowerBI
Learn to use PowerBI on a Mac OS

Start Doing Data Analytics With PowerBI in Under TWO Hours


Prior exposure to data analytics concepts will be helpful
Access to PowerBI will be helpful
An interest in learning PowerBI


If You Are…..A business intelligence (BI) practitionerData analyst or interested in becoming a data analystWork for a consultancy or a business Interested in gaining insights from data (especially financial, geographic, demographic and socio-economic data)PowerBI Is Used By 97% of Fortune 500 Companies.Needless to say, if you want to work as a data analyst for a Fortune 500 company or at a consultancy, you have to be proficient in carrying out data analysis in PowerBI. I’m Minerva Singh, and I’m an expert data scientist. I graduated from 2 of the world’s best universities: an MPhil from Oxford University (Geography and Environment) and a PhD in Computational Ecology from Cambridge University. I have several years of experience in data analytics and data visualization. My course aims to help you start with no prior/limited exposure to data analysis and become fluent in producing powerful visualizations and analyses with PowerBI. All in less than 2hrs- from getting acquainted with PowerBI’s interface to standard data analytics and visualisation. You don’t need prior data analytics and visualization exposure to start with my PowerBI course. So if you have struggled with data analytics and PowerBI, worry no more. After finishing my course, you will be able to:Read data from different sources in PowerBI.Carry out common business data analytic tasks, including filteringCarry out pre-processing and data summarization to glean insights from the dataDevelop powerful visualisations with PowerBIPresent your analysis as a professional reportUse PowerBI Desktop (a Windows-only software) on Mac (without buying a new Windows computer)With my short and sharp PowerBI course, you will be able to do all of the above (and a lot more) with PowerBI in less than 2 hrs (and present your results in a professional report). If you take this course and it ever feels like a disappointment, feel free to ask for a refund within 30 days of your purchase, and you will get it at once. Become an expert in Data Analytics and Visualization with a new and powerful tool by taking this course today!


Section 1: Welcome to Microsoft Power BI

Lecture 1 What Is Microsoft Power BI?

Lecture 2 Data and Code

Lecture 3 Introduction to Different Data Types

Lecture 4 Power BI Family

Lecture 5 The Power BI Desktop Interface

Lecture 6 Introduction to the Microsoft Power BI Interface

Lecture 7 Introduction to PowerBI Reports

Section 2: Read Data Into PowerBI

Lecture 8 Reading In Data Into PowerBI

Lecture 9 Read in CSV/Text Data

Lecture 10 Obtain Data From Webpages-1

Lecture 11 Obtain Data From Webpages-2

Section 3: Introduction to PowerQuery

Lecture 12 The PowerQuery Interface

Lecture 13 Remove Null Values

Lecture 14 Split Columns

Lecture 15 Basic Grouping

Section 4: Data Visaulisation

Lecture 16 Theory Of Data Visualisations

Lecture 17 Create A Barplot

Lecture 18 Filter a Visualisation

Lecture 19 Line Charts For Time Series Data

Lecture 20 Table Of Your Your Visualisation

Lecture 21 Make A Simple Geo-Visualisation

Lecture 22 A Filled Map

Section 5: Microsoft Power BI Desktop on Mac

Lecture 23 Amazon AWS- EC2

Lecture 24 Remote Microsoft Windows Desktop

Lecture 25 Connect To The Remote Windows Desktop

Lecture 26 Get Data From Mac to Windows RDC

Lecture 27 Azure

Lecture 28 Correlation

Students and professionals looking to work as data analysts,Data analysts looking to present their analytics as professional reports,Data professionals looking to gain actionable insights from their data

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 1h 23m | 615.91 MB
Created by: Minerva Singh

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