Start Grow Your Staffing Recruiting Business in 2023

The Step-by-Step Blueprint I Used to Build & Sell My 7 Figure Agency
Start Grow Your Staffing Recruiting Business in 2023
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Start Grow Your Staffing Recruiting Business in 2023

What you’ll learn

Tap into the strategies, resources, tools & processes for creating $1.5M revenue in 7 months as a staffingpreneur.

Start Grow Your Staffing Recruiting Business in 2023




***UPDATED with 3 brand new sections for 2021 !!!!***Get ready to make $12,000 or more per month from Staffing & Recruitment. You can turn your interests into a niche Human Resources lifestyle recruiting business.Learn the Step-by-Step Formula I Used for Building a $2.6M Revenue Staffing Agency & Recruiting Service in One Year ($1.5M in 7 Months).Learn how to start-up with no moneyLearn how to follow your passions as a recruiterLearn how to attract amazing customers extremely quicklyLearn how to charge a premium priceLearn how to fund your payroll without creditLearn how to outsource your payroll and administrationLearn how to create systems to free up your timeLearn how to collect your money the easy wayLearn how to manage your business while you travelLearn how to build a business you can sellThis course is for people who are interested in a fantastic entrepreneurial venture that they can start with extremely little start-up money. Anywhere from the completely inexperienced who have never been in recruiting, to people who have 20 years+ of staffing & recruitment experience.This course is also for Staffing, Recruitment & HR professionals & entrepreneurs who have thought about starting a staffing agency or a recruitment business. If you already work in this industry, you probably want more control over how you do things. You want to explore ways to get a bigger piece of the profit pie. You want to escape micromanagement and rigid methodology.Also, you want to put the pieces of the day together your way and decide how many hours you work. You want to put systems in place that help you work less and earn more.The Problem with Starting a Staffing Service or Recruiting Business if You Have Never Done it? It Can be Complicated and Disastrous if You don’t Know What to Do. If you are someone who is totally new to recruiting or recruiting business or recruiting business development–  or if you are an internal employee of an employment agency, or a virtual recruiter, or even someone who specializes in digital and online recruitment, the questions are many. How do you start your recruitment business without money?     What section of the staffing market will you service? How will you build an immediate book of recruitment business? How will you finance your payroll for temporary and contract employees? How will you ensure companies actually pay your staffing agency? How do you stay in staffing agency compliance and cover yourself legally? How do you not get eaten alive by agency payroll burdens and worker’s compensation costs? How do you advertise your recruiting services cheaply and keep the flow of candidates coming in? How do you automate your recruitment sales and service? How do you hire other recruiting specialists extremely cheaply?Perhaps the biggest questions are these:How do you build freedom into the equation? How do you work less and earn more? How do you free up your time and start removing yourself from the daily operations?Start & Grow Your Staffing & Recruitment Lifestyle Business answers these questions as well as others. My team and I have packaged up into step-by-step simplified content the lessons, tools, strategies and problem-solving systems borne out of my own journey from Zero to $1.5M in 7 months when I first started my own business and set out as a Staffingpreneur. This course reveals the potential catastrophes of starting your own recruitment business or staffing agency and it provides the solutions before you encounter them. It sets out a practical and achievable easy-to-follow program for reaching the stated goals. The course is designed to help staffing and recruitment service entrepreneurs build their business foundation in order to develop it into a sellable asset that can be converted to a lifestyle business or eventually sold.


Section 1: The Basics + ‘Quick Wins’ for Getting Started Now

Lecture 1 How the business works + why companies need us

Lecture 2 Different types of recruitment + which one you should choose

Lecture 3 How staffingpreneurs make money + how to charge your fees

Lecture 4 Important Resources

Lecture 5 The 4 most common places where staffingpreneurs get stuck

Lecture 6 How to get an ‘unfair’ advantage + more sticking points

Section 2: Traction– what it is, why you need it and how to get it

Lecture 7 Defining step 1 + why it should be your only goal when starting

Lecture 8 Forming a niche hypothesis and planning your marketing experiment

Lecture 9 Staffing market information mining + agency shopping

Lecture 10 A step-by-step walkthrough on how to get traction

Section 3: Automatic Marketing Funnels for Generating Client & Candidate Leads

Lecture 11 Problems with the old ways of recruitment marketing

Lecture 12 The new way of recruitment marketing geared for the new economy

Lecture 13 The active principles that make your client marketing funnel effective

Lecture 14 Creating effective bait for attracting leads

Lecture 15 How to drive new prospects to your marketing machine

Lecture 16 Building an automated candidate generation funnel

Section 4: Handling the Sales Conversation when your Marketing Machine Brings in Warm Leads

Lecture 17 How to handle prospects inquiring about your process

Lecture 18 How to discuss price and deal with objections

Lecture 19 How to pick-up the job order and get the information you need

Section 5: A Quick Note Before Proceeding…

Lecture 20 Brief intermission and important things to note…

Section 6: Module 1: Identify Your Niche

Lecture 21 Set Yourself Up to Dominate By Specializing

Lecture 22 Use Your Niche To Charge Higher Prices

Lecture 23 Use Your Niche To Build A Business You Can Sell

Lecture 24 How to Select the Most Profitable Niche

Lecture 25 Niches You May Want to Avoid

Section 7: Module 2: Branding & Design

Lecture 26 Why My First Brand Failed Miserably

Lecture 27 Rainmaking With Brand Power

Lecture 28 What I Did to Fix My Branding Woes

Lecture 29 How to Outsource Branding & Logo Design on a Super Tight Budget

Lecture 30 How to Build an Effective Website for Your Business on a Budget

Section 8: Module 3: Quickly Uncovering the Best Prospects

Lecture 31 Identifying Relevant Companies to Target

Lecture 32 Uncover Hidden ‘Diamond-in-the-Rough’ Prospects

Lecture 33 How to Find Top Tier Clients from Job Advertisements

Lecture 34 How to Mine Free Databases for Crucial Prospect Info

Lecture 35 Effective Sourcing Tools You Probably Haven’t Used Yet

Section 9: Module 4: Back Office Automation

Lecture 36 Adopting a Solid Fundamental Approach to Your Back Office

Lecture 37 How to Keep Costs Down and Manage Your Overhead

Lecture 38 Options to Consider for Your Payroll Funding

Lecture 39 How to Know When It’s Better to Run Your Own Back Office

Lecture 40 How to Outsource Your Entire Back Office with No Up Front Cost

Lecture 41 Why You Should Try to Avoid Pure Factoring Arrangements

Lecture 42 How to Keep Worker’s Compensation Costs Down

Lecture 43 How to Collect Your Money the Easy Way

Section 10: Module 5: Building a Proprietary Network

Lecture 44 How to Be Smart and Cost-Effective with Job Advertising

Lecture 45 Perfecting Your Copy to Attract the Right Candidates

Lecture 46 Attracting A+ Talent to Your Firm with Consulting

Lecture 47 How to Build a Proprietary Database

Lecture 48 Diversify from Job Boards and Tap Into Larger Candidate Pools

Lecture 49 Cutting Edge Methods to Flood Your Firm with Referrals

Lecture 50 Get Your Candidates Recruiting for You

Section 11: Module 6: Productize Your Service

Lecture 51 How to Clearly Define What Your Business Does

Lecture 52 Automation, Delegation & Process Creation

Lecture 53 How to Set Non-Negotiable Prices

Lecture 54 How to Develop a Unique Methodology that No One Else Has

Section 12: Module 7: Steps to Creating Process that Will Free Up your Time (PART 1)

Lecture 55 Fuel Your Sales Engine with Specialization

Lecture 56 How to Convert References Into New Business

Lecture 57 Outside-the-Box Effective Snail Mail Marketing

Lecture 58 How to Get Immediate Results with Cold Proactive Candidate Marketing

Lecture 59 Boost Your Business with this Face-to-Face Marketing Strategy

Lecture 60 Close the Prospect Every Time in a Meeting Situation

Section 13: Module 8: Steps to Creating Process that Will Free Up your Time (PART 2)

Lecture 61 Understanding the Double-Bind of Your ‘Product’

Lecture 62 Seeking Win-Win Situations for Candidates and Customers

Lecture 63 How to Negotiate Both Frontiers of the Deal Process

Lecture 64 6 Elements Required to Create Sourcing Process

Section 14: Module 9: Achieving Respect & Demand from Your Clientele

Lecture 65 Counter-Intuitive and Super Effective Sales Strategy

Lecture 66 Handle Objections by Educating

Lecture 67 Consult in Accordance to Your Customer’s Pain Points

Lecture 68 How to Break Free from Being the Customer’s ‘Go-to’ Point of Contact

Section 15: Module 10: Reverse Engineering $1.5M in 7 Months

Lecture 69 5 Regular Firm Activities Required to Hit $1.5 Million in 7 Months

Lecture 70 Running the Numbers to Determine Requirements for $1.5 Million in 7 Months

Lecture 71 Determining Week-by-Week Revenue and Gross Margin

Section 16: Module 11: Grow Your Business & Make it Even More Sellable

Lecture 72 Avoid Expensive Internal Hire with a Master Vendor Agreement

Lecture 73 How to Hire Effective 100% Commission Internal Personnel

Lecture 74 How to Attract the Best and Brightest Unpaid Interns

Lecture 75 Limit Your Expansion Risk with Flexible Arrangements

Lecture 76 How to Determine if Your Business is Ready for Expansion

Section 17: Bonus Documentation to Download and Use for Your Business

Lecture 77 Sample Client Agreement Template

Lecture 78 Sample Candidate Application Form

Lecture 79 Basic Call Script Guideline for Partners and Internals

Lecture 80 Basic Steps for Obtaining a New Customer

Lecture 81 Guideline for Proactive Candidate Marketing

Lecture 82 Reference Check to Lead Conversion Script

Lecture 83 Recruitment Process Workflow Diagram

Lecture 84 Database Note Template Sample

Lecture 85 Master Vendor Agreement Sample

1. Aspiring entrepreneurs looking for a fantastic venture requiring very little startup investment.,2. Staffing professionals interested in more freedom, independence, earning potential & entrepreneurship.,3. Staffingpreneurs looking to grow quickly or turn things around.,4. Successful Staffingpreneurs who have good revenue but want to make their business less dependent on its founders.,5. Staffing & Recruitment professionals looking to create more time for other activities and ventures.

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Udemy | English | 6h 30m | 1.46 GB
Created by: Ryan Lecour

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