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An Overview of Redis
Start your Redis Journey
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Start your Redis Journey

What you’ll learn

Hashes in Redis
Lists & Strings
Sets and Sorted Sets
Keys in Redis

Start your Redis Journey


Basic knowledge of Data Structures


Redis is an open source, BSD licensed, advanced key-value store. It is often referred to as a data structure server, since the keys can contain strings, hashes, lists, sets and sorted sets. Redis is written in C. This course provides good understanding on Redis concepts, needed to create and deploy a highly scalable and performance-oriented system.Redis is different compared to other key-value stores because of the following:Redis is a different evolution path in the key-value databases where values can contain more complex data types, with atomic operations defined on those data types.Redis data types are closely related to fundamental data structures and are exposed to the programmer as such, without additional abstraction layers.Redis is an in-memory but persistent on disk database, so it represents a different trade off where very high write and read speed is achieved with the limitation of data sets that can’t be larger than memory.This course is designed for Software Professionals who are willing to learn Redis in simple and easy steps. After completing this course, you will be at an intermediate level of expertise from where you can take yourself to a higher level of expertise.Before proceeding with this course, you should have basic knowledge of Data Structures.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Keys in Redis

Lecture 2 Redis Strings

Lecture 3 Hashes in Redis

Lecture 4 Lists in Redis

Lecture 5 Sets in Redis

Lecture 6 Redis-Sorted Sets

Lecture 7 Redis-Sorted Sets 2

Software Professionals who are willing to learn Redis

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Created by: Anurag Kaushik

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