Start Your Sustainable Ecommerce Business in 2023

Smart Buying from China
Start Your Sustainable Ecommerce Business in 2023
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Start Your Sustainable Ecommerce Business in 2023

What you’ll learn

Understand Chinese import regulations, documentation, and customs procedures to ensure compliance and minimize risks, driving sustainable profitability.
Develop skills to evaluate Chinese suppliers based on product quality, pricing, and ethical practices, fostering sustainable and profitable partnerships
Master negotiation strategies for securing favorable terms and pricing with Chinese suppliers, optimizing profitability in import transactions
Learn supply chain optimization techniques for importing from China, including inventory management, transportation planning, and risk mitigation, for sustained

Start Your Sustainable Ecommerce Business in 2023


No experience needed.


Fundamentals:Processes to find suitable suppliers for your productCalculate the landed costHow to save money on product/shipping/importingWhat you will possibly get from this course:You will be guided to create manage your product information in a worksheet.You will know better the process of buying from China than a trader of 5 year-experience in your regionYou will be a problem solver and deal with international trading issues with ease.I will also start a LED project and meet learners on Zoom once a week.The LED project:Learn: you will be guided through the whole process of buying from China.Do: When you start your own outsourcing journey, a help-buddy group will be created on skillshare and gets your questions answered. These Q&A will also be archived, updated and available to your learning.Educate: Teaching others what you’ve learned is one of the best ways to enhance your learning. Answering the questions from other learners will be rewarding to you. I will offer free supplier assessments and access to our outsourcing workflow dashboard.First Hand Resources:Payment method and transaction feeCheck the landed costCheck the importing taxMiro FlowchartFubu- MissionTo make cross-border communications easier by creating a transparent environment that put honesty and trust at first.通过创造一个首先以诚实和信任为首的透明环境,使在线交流更容易。- VisionOur vision is to build a place where people can do international trading with ease and achieve work-life balance.我们的愿景是建立一个人们可以轻松实现工作与生活的平衡的地方。- ValuesReal connection, sustainable living, self-actualisation真实联结, 绿色生活, 自我实现


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 B2B Case study

Lecture 3 Incoterms Essential knowledge

Section 2: Identify Product Needs – Decide on what to import, what to buy locally

Lecture 4 Product lists for sustainable business and sustainability

Lecture 5 List of Exhibitors of the 133rd Canton Fair in 2023 (ongoing update)

Lecture 6 Simple one-time profit calculator

Lecture 7 Sustainable model profit calculator

Lecture 8 Get the timing right (ETA calculator)

Section 3: Find and Research Suppliers

Lecture 9 Alibaba Most straight-forward ways to find factories in China in 2022

Lecture 10 Aiqicha Most straight forward way to research suppliers

Lecture 11 Sign up your wechat account for supplier communication

Lecture 12 Compare price on 1688 taobao alibaba

Lecture 13 Using doc features within wechat for easy share

Lecture 14 Product Management Worksheet 1.0 (optional)

Lecture 15 Automate your workflow using Notion (optional)

Section 4: Payment and Shipping

Lecture 16 What are the best payment methods of oursourcing to China in 2023?

Lecture 17 The landed cost calculator with CO2 emission calculated

Section 5: Importing

Lecture 18 Information and documentation for import

Lecture 19 Things to avoid and do to save importing costs

Section 6: Bonus

Lecture 20 Chrome web scraper

Lecture 21 FOB – Get your first-hand information

Business professionals and entrepreneurs involved in international trade and import/export operations.,Procurement managers and supply chain professionals seeking to enhance their knowledge and skills in sourcing from China.,Small business owners and startups interested in expanding their product offerings through importing from China.,Individuals involved in purchasing and procurement functions within organizations, looking to optimize profitability in their import processes.,Students and individuals aspiring to pursue a career in procurement, international trade, or supply chain management, with a specific focus on China.

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Created by: Emma Dong

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