Starting with NodeJSHapiJS and ReactJS

Build Restful sentiment analysis API with HapiJS, connect with React. Learn NodeJS, ReactJS, NLTK-sentiment analysis
Starting with NodeJSHapiJS and ReactJS
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Evans Boateng Owusu


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Starting with NodeJSHapiJS and ReactJS

What you’ll learn

Build a NodeJS/HapiJS API server.
Integrate Python NLP sentiment analysis in their NodeJS application.
Build a ReactJS application that interacts with a server API.
Understand Promises in JavaScript.
Understand fetch API in JavaScript.
Integrate python in NodeJS.

Starting with NodeJSHapiJS and ReactJS


Basic programming knowledge


With this course, you will learn to build a NodeJS (HapiJS) JSON-based Restful API backend for sentiment analysis and a ReactJS client that interacts with the API. HapiJS, a rich and configuration-centric server framework for NodeJS allows  us to build powerful and configurable applications. Moreover, sentiment analysis allows automated reasoning about sentences to determine whether they are positive, negative or neutral. A popular use case is to find out how people feel about a product or service. This is course introduces you to a powerful Python package, NLTK (Natural Language ToolKit), that allows you to do more than sentiment analysis. Aside from learning and building together a HapiJS API and ReactJS App, we learn how to integrate the NLTK Python package (and for that matter any other Python package) into a NodeJS application.
We will start by first building a HapiJS server that can receive texts and send simple responses. We will interact with our server via Chrome’s Postman plugin. Then, we will integrate VADER NLTK sentiment analysis into the server, that will allow the server to determine the sentiments of sentences in English. Afterwards, we will build a ReactJS client that allows us to enter and send sentences to the server and display the sentiment of a our sentence.
So, in summary, this learning by doing doing course is prepared for you to:
learn the HapiJS framework of NodeJS for building API backends.learn to use the VADER module of the NLTK (Natural Language ToolKit) for sentiment analysis.learn to integrate Python modules into NodeJS.learn to build apps in ReactJS.understand the new concepts in JavaScript (e.g Promise, arrow functions, etc).


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Section 2: Setting up development environment

Lecture 2 Setup NVM, NodeJS, NPM and Atom

Section 3: NodeJS-HapiJS sentiment analysis API

Lecture 3 Initialize NodeJS project

Lecture 4 Configure Babel transpiler

Lecture 5 Start hapi server

Lecture 6 JS Promise explained

Lecture 7 Separate server routes

Lecture 8 Nodemon for auto-reload

Lecture 9 Introduce NLTK (Natural Language ToolKit) for sentiment analysis

Lecture 10 Implement sentiment analysis Python module

Lecture 11 Integrate sentiment analysis python module via Python-shell

Section 4: ReactJS Client App for interacting with sentiment analyzer API backend

Lecture 12 Start with create-react-app

Lecture 13 Create form component

Lecture 14 Add styles to form

Lecture 15 Add event handler to textarea in form

Lecture 16 Onclick listener and fetch API

Anyone who wants to learn to build NodeJS/HapiJS API servers.,Anyone who wants to learn to integrate sentiment analysis into their server.,Anyone who wants to learn to integrate Python in their NodeJS applications.,Anyone who wants to start building applications with ReactJS.

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 1h 53m | 478.27 MB
Created by: Evans Boateng Owusu

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