Step by step double your sales with Email Marketing

Know how to build your mailing list And get clients from my list so that your sales will double
Step by step double your sales with Email Marketing
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Step by step double your sales with Email Marketing

What you’ll learn

My list of emails will be given to you
You’ll learn to automate the process of email sending
You’ll be able to build a niche-targeted email list from scratch
You’ll learn to manage your email list and send/schedule email campaign
You’ll be able to build an email marketing conversion funnel with GetResponse

Step by step double your sales with Email Marketing


You will need access to the internet


In this course, I will show you how to build an email marketing conversion funnel with GetResponse to build an email list.You’ll learn:You can use a conversion funnel to exchange emails with visitors to the horn in exchange for a lead magnet.Manage the collected email list and automate the process of sending promotions to that email list.We are planning to use the free service to create a conversion funnel and send emails.This course is for:Entrepreneurs and small business owners who want to build their email list and grow their businessAnyone who wants to learn about the GetResponse email marketing toolWhat will you need?You will need a laptop or PC, access to the internet, and an email addressI will guide you through registering with GetResponse and building an email marketing conversion funnel. Also, I will show you the easy way to find a free PLR eBook to use as a lead magnet.GetResponse has a helpful feature called AutoResponder. I will show you how to use that feature and automatically send emails to your list. After we set it up, you only have to share your conversion funnel online and drive traffic. The autoresponder feature will automatically send emails from the day that subscribers join your email list.Enroll now and start creating your email marketing landing page and building your email list to promote niche-targeted products or services and you’ll double your sales if you get clients from my list


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 what you learn

Lecture 2 What is Email Marketing

Lecture 3 what is the email market

Section 2: Details about email market

Lecture 4 details about email market

Section 3: GetResponse

Lecture 5 get response Introduction

Lecture 6 some advantages

Lecture 7 caret a company

Section 4: How to create a email list

Lecture 8 some more advantages

Lecture 9 landing pages

Lecture 10 upgrade email list

Lecture 11 addition to email marketing

Lecture 12 Get Response plans

Section 5: My email list

Lecture 13 In the End

Lecture 14 My email list for you

Lecture 15 important

Beginners to email marketing,Anyone who wants to learn GetResponse email marketing tool,Anyone who wants to make money

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