Step by step guide to enhance business with ChatGPT power

Unleash ChatGPT power: Fine-tune GPT model with custom data to bring the power of ChatGPT to your business in few hours
Step by step guide to enhance business with ChatGPT power
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Step by step guide to enhance business with ChatGPT power

What you’ll learn

Understand what ChatGPT is and the underlying technology
Understand what GPT-3 is, Large Language Models and GANs are
Learn how Open AI tokens are pricing for completions and fine-tuning
Learn how to fine-tune GPT-3 models with custom data

Step by step guide to enhance business with ChatGPT power


No programming experience needed; No Machine Learning or AI experience needed
If you are en experienced professional, this course will teach you how to quickly get started on customizing the GPT-3 models for your own use cases


RequirementsThis course is for all levelsBasic understanding of Machine Learning is useful but not necessaryWhat will you learn?Welcome to the course that will help you unleash the power of ChatGPT! Have you been amazed by ChatGPT’s capabilities and wondered how you could use it to improve your business’s efficiency, communication, and customer satisfaction? Perhaps your clients have been asking you about ChatGPT, but you don’t know where to start. Look no further, as I will guide you through every step of the way.This course will not just teach you how to use ChatGPT, but the underlying technology and how to fine-tune its models to create your custom generative AI model with your data. Don’t worry if you’re not an expert in programming or machine learning; I’ll provide you with all the information you need.You’ll learn how to create a data set, format it, fine-tune the model, and access it through an API. Once you’ve got the hang of it, you’ll be able to call the API from anywhere, including a web page, mobile app, or command prompt, and bring some serious value to your business or your client’s business.Many companies are already using ChatGPT to their advantage, so don’t let your competitors get ahead of you! And the best part? It only takes a few hours to learn and fine-tune the model. All you need is your data set and the willingness to learn.Enroll today, and let’s take your business to the next level with ChatGPT!Who is this course for?Entrepreneurs trying to get an advantage over the competitionExisting business managers who wish not to be left behindConsultants advising clients on technologyExperts on Machine Learning but too tied up to do feature engineering and training to get better precision/recallAnyone who is looking to make use of AI and have no training on Machine LearningWhat are the potential use cases? (a few examples to give some ides – there are unlimited number of use cases)Twitter sentiment analysisJira ticket triaging and auto assigning priority and severityChatbot for human like conversationsEmail triaging and auto forwardingUser feedback analysis and auto assignment for further follow-upTime RequirementMost of the above use cases can be achieved in few hours if the data is ready.Note: The course focuses on exposing the final model as an API. The course does not cover how the API is used in mobile or web applications.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 What is ChatGPT?

Lecture 3 What is GPT-3?

Lecture 4 What are Language Models?

Lecture 5 How is GPT-3 different?

Lecture 6 What are the limitations of GPT-3?

Lecture 7 Secrets of Successful AI

Section 2: Introduction to fine-tuning GPT-3

Lecture 8 Environment Setup Requirements

Lecture 9 How can I use ChatGPT for my custom use case?

Lecture 10 What is the algorithm behind GPT-3?

Lecture 11 What are the different models available for training?

Lecture 12 What are the available models for different functions?

Lecture 13 Finding the right models

Lecture 14 What are Tokens?

Lecture 15 More on Tokens

Lecture 16 How much does each of the model training and serving cost?

Section 3: Environment Setup

Lecture 17 Install Homebrew

Lecture 18 Install Python and Pip

Lecture 19 Create Open AI account

Lecture 20 Create Open AI API Key

Lecture 21 Install Open AI tools

Section 4: Data Preparation

Lecture 22 Introduction to data preparation

Lecture 23 Data Formats

Lecture 24 Data Formatting – Points to Note

Lecture 25 Data Preparation – Working Example

Lecture 26 Data Preparation – Best Practices

Lecture 27 Data Preparation Tool – Working Example

Section 5: Fine Tuning GPT Models

Lecture 28 Points to Note for Fine Tuning as Classification Models

Lecture 29 Fine Tune a model – Working Example

Lecture 30 Follow status of fine-tuning request – Working Example

Lecture 31 Parameters: Specify the base model using model flag

Lecture 32 Other parameters while finetuning

Lecture 33 Play with Playground

Section 6: Serving (Inferencing)

Lecture 34 Introduction to Serving

Lecture 35 List Fine Tuned Models

Lecture 36 Submit Inference Request to Fine Tuned Model from CLI

Lecture 37 Inferencing parameters

Lecture 38 Submit Inference Request in Postman – Working Example

Section 7: Tweet Sentiment Analysis

Lecture 39 Introduction

Lecture 40 Data Preparation

Lecture 41 Fine Tuning and Testing

Lecture 42 Congratulations!

Learn to fine tune GPT-3 models with custom data and rock the world with your own ChatGPT

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 2h 43m | 745.70 MB
Created by: Ganesh Krishnan

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