StepbyStep 3 Statement Financial Modeling

A time-efficient way to learn how to create 3 statement financial models!
StepbyStep 3 Statement Financial Modeling
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StepbyStep 3 Statement Financial Modeling

What you’ll learn

Learn how to create a 3 statement financial model from start to finish
Understand how to formulate a set of operating assumptions
Learn how to model out a forecast profit and loss statement
Understand how to model out the cash flow statement and balance sheet
Discover the intuitive linkages between the 3 financial statements

StepbyStep 3 Statement Financial Modeling


A basic knowledge of finance


The Step-by-Step 3 Statement Financial Modeling course is designed to provide you with a highly approachable & time-efficient way to learn more about how to create your own financial models and review those created by others! We cover each component of a 3 statement financial model from creating detailed forecast assumptions to modeling out each of the financial statements (P&L, Cash Flow Statement, Balance Sheet) within Excel. We use a highly practical learning approach with a student-led case study completed during the course. We stand with you each step of the way as you discover the need-to-know concepts to make sure you can put this to use immediately! The 100% free preview lectures and course outline will give you a feel for the style and level of content that will be covered.I have worked in senior roles at the best global investment banks such as J.P. Morgan and Citigroup, having also been a private equity investor in Europe and Asia. You should feel confident that you are in good hands!Course Outline:1. Course Introduction – discover the first steps of creating a 3 statement financial model in Excel 2. Operating Assumptions – dive into how to create a set of operating assumptions for a business  3. The First Statement – P&L – learn how to model out the profit and loss statement 4. The Second Statement – Cash Flow Statement – understand how the P&L is linked to the cash flow statement and how to model it out5. The Third Statement – Balance Sheet – learn how to model out the balance sheet and its supporting schedules6. Final Model Check & Troubleshooting – discover how the 3 financial statements come together & key strategies to troubleshoot a modelIf you have any questions once you get started, do not hesitate to use the embedded Q&A function and we will get back to you shortly to continue your learning journey.Whether you’re wanting to improve your financial modeling skills or are even brand new to the finance world, this is the course for you!We can’t wait to see you inside the course!


Section 1: Course Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction to the Course

Lecture 2 Setting Up The Excel Sheet

Lecture 3 The Case Chooser

Lecture 4 Incorporating Case Functionality

Section 2: Operating Assumptions

Lecture 5 Revenue Assumptions

Lecture 6 COGS Assumptions

Lecture 7 Operating Expense Assumptions

Lecture 8 Other Assumptions

Section 3: The First Statement – P&L

Lecture 9 Modeling Revenue

Lecture 10 Modeling to Gross Profit

Lecture 11 Modeling to EBITDA

Lecture 12 Modeling the Rest of the P&L

Section 4: The Second Statement – Cash Flow Statement

Lecture 13 Cash Flow from Operations, Investing & Financing

Lecture 14 Net Cash Flow

Section 5: The Third Statement – Balance Sheet

Lecture 15 Assets, Liabilities & Equity

Lecture 16 Supporting Schedules – Debt

Lecture 17 Supporting Schedules – Interest Calculations

Lecture 18 Supporting Schedules – Net Working Capital

Lecture 19 Supporting Schedules – PP&E, Share Capital & Retained Earnings

Section 6: Final Model Check & Troubleshooting

Lecture 20 Balance Sheet Check

Lecture 21 Model Troubleshooting

Lecture 22 Coupons for Further Learning!

Lecture 23 Thank You!

Finance, Accounting & Banking Professionals who want to learn more about 3 statement financial modelling,Other Professionals who are keen to understand how financial models are created and how they work at a detailed level,Students who want to learn hands-on skills that are used within most areas of accounting and finance every week,Anyone who would like to learn about how to create 3 statement financial models

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Created by: Michael Ng

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