Stock Market Active Trading Day Trade Swing Trade More

Learn To Trade The Stock Market Profitably. Great For Day Traders & Swing Traders. Become A Better Stock Market Trader
Stock Market Active Trading Day Trade Swing Trade More
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Steve Ballinger, MBA


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Stock Market Active Trading Day Trade Swing Trade More

What you’ll learn

Help determine the style of active trader they want to be such as a day trader or swing trader.
Learn how to read charts and other technical indicators to identify trends and make trading decisions.
Understand the importance of having a proper risk management strategy and how it can help to minimize losses and maximize gains.
Develop the ability to create and implement a trading plan and adhere to it.
How to succeed by actively trading in the stock market either full-time or part time.
Understand the psychological aspects of trading and develop the ability to manage emotions and maintain discipline in the face of market volatility.
Learn how to use different order types like limit and stop-loss orders to manage your trades.

Stock Market Active Trading Day Trade Swing Trade More


No prior knowledge required just a desire to learn and reach your financial goals.


Are you newer to the world of stock trading and feeling overwhelmed by all the jargon and information out there? Or, have you tried trading before but didn’t quite achieve the success you were hoping for?…Then this course is for you​!This complete course covers everything from the basics of active trading to intermediate & advanced strategies and techniques. From Day Trading To Swing Trading (Full-time-part-time) and More!​All with one goal…to help you to become a successful trader. ​We will cover many areas including:Learning Different Trading Styles​Strategies and Tactics​Risk Management​Entry and Exit points​Timelines​Technical Analysis (Charting)​Order placement (Market orders, limit orders, stop-loss)​Understand how our own psychology and bias like anchoring can impact trading​Practice for free with paper tradingThe Technical Analysis (Charting) section is actually like a course inside the course where you will learn the key indicators so you know when to enter and exit a trade.Stock trading can be overwhelming, especially for beginners, that’s why we’ve designed this course to be beginner-friendly and tailored to your level of experience.The course is packed with valuable information and practical tools to help you navigate the stock market and achieve consistent profits. We’ll cover everything from the basics of active trading to advanced strategies and techniques. Don’t let a lack of experience or education hold you back any longer. Sign up now and take the first step towards financial success. I am confident that with the skills and knowledge you’ll gain from this course, you’ll be able to navigate the stock market and achieve consistent profits.Thank you for considering our course and the next step is to click the enroll button and I look forward to seeing you in your first lesson. -Steve BDisclaimer Note: This course is for educational and informational purposes only. There will be no recommending of any particular investments such as a particular security as only you know what is right for your portfolio and your comfort with risk and volatility. Consult with a Professional for specific advice. Course is for education purposes only and instructor will have no liability related directly or indirectly to any loss or damage.


Section 1: Fundamentals Of Active Trading: Day Trading To Swing Trading & More!

Lecture 1 Welcome To The Active Trading Course!

Lecture 2 What Type Of Trader Do You Want To Be

Lecture 3 Day Trading Vs Swing Trading Deeper Look

Lecture 4 PREVIEW DEMO: Let’s Buy A Stock

Lecture 5 Why People Fail At Active Trading: 7 Common Reasons

Lecture 6 Overcoming Poor Behaviors And Bias

Lecture 7 Important: Easy Way To Manage Risk With The 2% Ratio Strategy

Lecture 8 How To Choose An Active Trading Style

Lecture 9 Personality Fit By Trading Style

Lecture 10 How To Pick An Online Broker

Lecture 11 Brokers: Direct Access And Conventional

Lecture 12 Level 2 Trading: What Is It

Lecture 13 Spread & Market Makers

Lecture 14 Commission Free Brokers: How Does That Work

Lecture 15 Minimize Loss With Stop-Loss!​

Lecture 16 What Exactly Is A Stop-Loss

Lecture 17 Stop-Loss Strategy Types & Options

Section 2: Active Trading Concepts & Strategy Examples

Lecture 18 Getting Ready For Market Opening

Lecture 19 Best Time Of The Day To Trade

Lecture 20 News Based Trading

Lecture 21 Buy The Rumor And Sell The News

Lecture 22 Fade The News

Lecture 23 Trading Dividend Announcements

Lecture 24 Buy The Dip

Lecture 25 Catching A Falling Knife

Lecture 26 Market Sentiment

Lecture 27 Key Economic Indicators

Lecture 28 Float & Market Cap

Lecture 29 Buy, Sell, Go Long, Go Short Basic Terminology

Lecture 30 Trade Setups

Lecture 31 What Is A Trading Instrument

Lecture 32 Equipment And Software Needs For Day Traders, Swing Traders, And Others.

Lecture 33 Creating A Watch List

Lecture 34 Creating A Trading Plan Document

Lecture 35 Trading Journal

Lecture 36 Time Intervals For You Charts

Section 3: Technical Analysis (Charting): Picking Stock Entry & Exit Points

Lecture 37 Why Technical Analysis Works…But Not Every Time​

Lecture 38 Breakouts And Retracements​ In The Stock Market

Lecture 39 Candlestick Price Bar Intro And Benefits​

Lecture 40 Interpreting A Candlestick Price Bar​ So You Can Use It Effectively

Lecture 41 Doji Candlesticks Can Be Big Opportunities

Lecture 42 Doji: Dragonfly, Gravestone, And Shadows As Technical Trading Tools

Lecture 43 Candlestick Patterns Are Powerful Indicators

Lecture 44 Hammer & Hanging Man Candlestick Patterns

Lecture 45 Harami & Engulfing Candlestick Patterns

Lecture 46 Three Soldiers Or Crow Candlestick Patterns

Lecture 47 Candlestick Pattern Final Thoughts

Section 4: Trend Lines: Drawing And Trading

Lecture 48 Drawing Trendlines Intro

Lecture 49 Drawing Uptrends

Lecture 50 Drawing Downtrends

Lecture 51 Channels

Lecture 52 Identifying False Trend Line Breaks​

Lecture 53 Strategic Approach To False Trend Line Breaks​

Lecture 54 Filter Approach To False Trendline Breaks

Lecture 55 Trend Line Final Thoughts

Section 5: Chart Patterns

Lecture 56 Chart Patterns Intro

Lecture 57 Continuation Patterns

Lecture 58 Triangle Chart Patterns

Lecture 59 Rectangle Chart Patterns

Lecture 60 Reversal Patterns

Lecture 61 Double Bottom

Lecture 62 Double Top

Section 6: Moving Averages: Great Indicator And Trading Tool

Lecture 63 Moving Average Introduction

Lecture 64 Simple Moving Average (SMA)

Lecture 65 Excellent Crossover Rule For Decision Making

Lecture 66 Filters And Overcoming Whipsaws

Lecture 67 Moving Average Rule For Decision Making

Lecture 68 Weighted, Exponential, And Adaptive Moving Averages​

Lecture 69 Which Moving Average Should You Use

Lecture 70 Dealing With Moving Average Limitations​

Lecture 71 Multiple Moving Averages As A Indicator

Section 7: How To Place An Order

Lecture 72 Order Introduction

Lecture 73 Market And Limit Orders

Lecture 74 All-Or-None, Fill Or Kill, Immediate Or Cancel, And Good Till Canceled Orders

Lecture 75 Short Sell And Buy To Cover Orders

Lecture 76 Stop Loss, Limit, And Trailing Order Types

Lecture 77 Bracketed Orders

Lecture 78 What Impacts How Fast An Order Is Filled

Lecture 79 Order Type Wrap Up

Section 8: Next Steps

Lecture 80 Top 4 Action Steps + Bonus Step

Lecture 81 Let’s Keep The Learning Going!

Section 9: Bonus Optional Course! Robo-Investing

Lecture 82 Important: Please Read First.

Lecture 83 Intro & Getting The Most Out Of The Course

Lecture 84 The Big Idea With Robo Investing

Lecture 85 Screen-Share: Robo Investing Example Using Betterment

Lecture 86 Robo Advisors Need To Understand Your Goals

Lecture 87 Robo Advisors Need To Understanding Your Risk Profile

Section 10: Bonus Optional Course! Robo-Investing: Asset Allocation

Lecture 88 Asset Allocation & Portfolio Principles

Lecture 89 Robo Advisor Typical Process

Lecture 90 What Do They Actually Invest For Me?

Lecture 91 How To Evaluate What Is In Your Portfolio

Section 11: Bonus Optional Course! Robo-Investing: Choosing A Robo Advisor For You

Lecture 92 How To Choose A Robo Advisor

Lecture 93 Robo Advisor Costs

Lecture 94 Screenshare: Evaluating ETF’s In Your Portfolio Examples

Lecture 95 Tax Loss Harvesting. What Is It?

Lecture 96 Re-balancing Importance

Section 12: Bonus Optional Course! Robo-Investing: In-Depth Screen-share Reviews

Lecture 97 Robo Advisor In-Depth Reviews Section Introduction

Lecture 98 Screen-Share: WiseBanyan

Lecture 99 Screen-Share: M1 Finance

Lecture 100 Screen-Share: Wealthfront

Lecture 101 Screen-Share: Vanguard Personal Advisor Services

Lecture 102 Screenshare: Schwab Intelligent Portfolios

Section 13: Bonus Optional Course! Robo-Investing: Investing Strategies And Next Steps

Lecture 103 Robo Advisor Investing Strategies

Lecture 104 Top 5 Action Steps + Bonus Step!

Lecture 105 Lets Keep The Learning Going

Beginner traders: This course is perfect for individuals who are new to the world of stock trading and want to learn the basics of active trading & More!,Individuals who have tried trading before but did not succeed: If you have attempted trading in the past but did not achieve the success you were hoping for.,Investors looking to take a more active approach: If you’re someone who has been passively investing in the stock market and want to take a more active approach.,Professionals looking to supplement their income: If you’re looking for a way to supplement your income.

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Udemy | English | 8h 28m | 485.07 MB
Created by: Steve Ballinger, MBA

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