Stock Market Success Secret Sauce Stock Market Trading

How To Invest In the Stock Market : Options Trading Tutorial For beginners : Stock Market Trading Success : Investing
Stock Market Success Secret Sauce Stock Market Trading
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Stock Market Success Secret Sauce Stock Market Trading

What you’ll learn

Stock market trading is deceptively simple; and yet most retail traders lose money. The program mentioned in the video will help you to be in the right side of the market, most of the time.

Stock Market Success Secret Sauce Stock Market Trading


Willingness to learn, A paper or real trading account from any broker, Sufficient focused Time every single day.


The True ” Secret Sauce ” For Stock Market SuccessSuccess in Stock Market Eluding You? Try My Lessons: Trade Stocks, Options, Forex, Indexes Like A Hedge Fund!Please read the description in its entirety. I promise it will be worth your time. The video lessons you are about to watch is a distillation of my experience, making thousands of trades, hundreds of hours of learning, disappointments and success. The lessons are UNLIKE ANYTHING  that is available anywhere in the market. I would be surprised if anything even close to this quality exists. Do not fall for those expensive training by so-called “professional instructors”. Most of them are mediocre. If they are genuinely good, it will be expensive. Expect their salespeople to call you to convince you and sell you subscriptions to hot tips and newsletters. I have paid thousands of dollars on these training’s and software with spotty success at best. I have no overheads, no fancy offices or staff.  I am a one man Team!I was teaching the same lesson on a  1 on 1 basis at a very high price. Every single student found this useful until one of my students suggested me to upload the training in  Udemy. And here you  have it. If you have been trading on your own with spotty success, you will know how easy it is to lose hundreds of dollars in no time.  Don’t fall for it. Learn the right way.Making money in stock market is not easy; but losing money is.All I ask for is  few hours of your time and offer a full MONEY BACK GUARANTEE on the course.  Your Peer TraderChandra SEGMENT ONE : CHARTSTo be a successful trader, you need to know to read Charts. I go over the important chart patterns that I use on a regular basis. The chart patterns go beyond the regular charts and is simple to follow and at the same time very powerful. This is a MUST WATCH segment , whether you trade stocks or options or futures.    SEGMENT TWO: MANAGE HOW TO HANDLE RISK  I constantly get emails about how their good streak of profits ended with some nasty losses. This segment addresses this very important aspect of trading – Managing risks. My training does not go into the “feel good” factor of creating some stop losses. It is objective measure of how long or short you are ; what will happen during a market reversal, how much money are you going to lose etc.  Very Powerful information that most traders do not know .SEGMENT THREE: HANDLING THE STRESSA trade happens between the ears. To be a successful trader, you need to win the battle of your mind. I go through the lessons explaining what I do to keep a balanced mindset.  Believe me, this is the most difficult task among all, and differentiates me from 99 % of the traders. SEGMENT FOUR : OPTION STRATEGIESIt is exclusively focused on Options, different option strategies with some simple examples. Very important for traders who have basic idea of options.SEGMENT FIVEI have some recommendations on some good , newsletters etc.SEGMENT SIX: LESSONS FROM SALVAGING TRADES FROM LOSSES Even the best trader is going to see trades go against them; that is the reality. I have spent a whopping seventeen chapters with real life examples of trade that went against me and how I salvaged to scrap the trade for a profit.  As an example, I was short Adobe when the sucker gapped up eighteen dollars . Watch how I salvaged the trade ; and of course my favorite is Goldman Sachs that whipsawed me to a potential big loss to a tiny profit. Even mature traders will find this segment very useful and can use it as a blueprint for handling trades that go against them.SEGMENT SEVEN: MAKE WINNING A HABITLosing trades follow several path ; But winning trades usually have a clear pattern . They work in your favor early on. I have several examples of real trades that were comfortable winners. Looking back at what was the reasoning and chart pattern at entry. Fits well with segment Six of the training program.SEGMENT EIGHT The mirror image of Winners – Losers.  Very important to learn from losers as well#optionstrading #stocks #stockmarket  #invest #investing


Section 1: Charts – Window To Your Trading Soul

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 The Must Watch Chart To Get Your Trades Correct – Most Of The Time

Lecture 3 Fitting The Most Widely Used Chart For Our Trading Success

Lecture 4 Why Take an X-Ray When You Can Do An MRI

Lecture 5 Why Take an X-Ray When You Can Do An MRI – Part 2

Lecture 6 Fine Tuning the Interpretation

Lecture 7 Let Us Climb The Mountains – And Succeed

Lecture 8 Measuring Bullishness

Lecture 9 Measuring Bullishness – Part 2

Lecture 10 Recap

Section 2: Risk Management

Lecture 11 Know Your BWD Number To Keep Your Trading Account Healthy

Lecture 12 Avoiding Painful Losses

Lecture 13 Buying Options

Lecture 14 Huge Opportunities And Risks – Hand In Hand

Lecture 15 My Trading Plan

Lecture 16 Do You Know CBIO .. Neither Do I – The Perils Of Unknown.

Lecture 17 White Paper – Latest Trading Techniques

Section 3: Mind Your Words … And Thoughts

Lecture 18 The Journal

Lecture 19 The Trade File

Lecture 20 The Morning Planning Routine

Lecture 21 Morning Routine Part 2 – Predictions

Section 4: Examples Of Successful And Failed Trades

Lecture 22 My Thought Process Before Entering A Trade – Example

Lecture 23 The Most Popular Trade For Me – Example

Lecture 24 Covered Stocks – Example

Lecture 25 Candidates For Covered Stocks

Lecture 26 A Straddle Replacement Strategy

Lecture 27 A Covered Stock Replacement Strategy

Lecture 28 Vertical Credit Spread

Lecture 29 Debit Spreads

Lecture 30 Calendar

Lecture 31 Recap

Section 5: Miscellaneous

Lecture 32 People Who Shaped

Lecture 33 Let Us Communicate

Section 6: Trades That Were Salvaged From Losses

Lecture 34 Some Inspiring Examples To Help You Manage Your Losses

Lecture 35 One Of The Best Managed Trade In Bonds

Lecture 36 Winner – Short IWM , Lesson in Handling A Certain Loser

Lecture 37 Winner – Short IBB .. From A Certain Loss to a winner

Lecture 38 Winner Short – IYR .How To Handles Losses!

Lecture 39 Winner – Short SPY – A Legendary Trade In “Management”!

Lecture 40 Winner – Short AAPL – Impressive Trade Management

Lecture 41 Long Goldman Sachs – From $1500 Loss to a $40 Winner !

Lecture 42 Getting A Good Deal On Priceline

Lecture 43 A Small Winner In XRT – After A Big Potential Loss

Lecture 44 Defending a $400 Loss To End Up As Winner – Thanks Adobe!

Lecture 45 Potential $600 Loss to $85 Winner – QQQ : Handling a V Shaped Reversal

Lecture 46 Turning $900 Loss into a $200 Profit – CMG

Lecture 47 Stopping A $600 Loss In CRM

Lecture 48 From $300 Loss To $800 Profit – Defending A Parabolic Move In Boeing

Lecture 49 100 Days Of Pain For $65 Gain – GDXJ

Section 7: Winning Should Be A Habit

Lecture 50 Make Winning Great Again – Introduction To Winners

Lecture 51 $100 Gain on a $400 Investment In Less Than Two Weeks – XRT

Lecture 52 $65 Gain in Less Than Two weeks On $600 Investment – TLT

Lecture 53 A Healthy Trade Making $60 Profit Risking $385 – IBB

Lecture 54 50 % Of Max Profit in One Week – NFLX

Lecture 55 Making 50 % Of Max Profit in A Week in – Short IWM

Lecture 56 Tiny Profits in XLF After 35 Days In The Trade

Lecture 57 $900 Loss Turned Into $150 Profit – When Netflix Goes Wrong

Lecture 58 Winner – A Boredom Breaker Trade In Under Armour

Lecture 59 Getting Out Without A Loss – SPX

Lecture 60 $40 Gain in one Week on $2700 Investment – XOP

Lecture 61 50 % Of Max Profit in One Week – IBB

Lecture 62 7 Days : $50 Gain – XOP Again

Lecture 63 Two Weeks : $100 Gain On $3000 Investment – XME

Lecture 64 11 Days : $100 Gain $ 2500 Investment – IWM

Lecture 65 XOP After Hurrican IRMA – A Winner

Lecture 66 50 % Of Max Profit in Three Days – Shorting NVDA

Lecture 67 30 % Of Max Profit in Two Days – EWZ

Lecture 68 40 % Of Max Profit Shorting Utlities In A Month – XLU

Lecture 69 Long SPY – One Month Hold Time – Good Exit

Lecture 70 50 % Of Max Profit in A Month – BABA

Lecture 71 50 % Of Max Profit in Less Than A Month – DIS

Lecture 72 50 % Of Max Profit in Three Days – TSLA

Lecture 73 50 % Of Max Profit in Few Days – NFLX Earnings

Lecture 74 $60 Profit : $600 Investment in Less Than A Week – NKE

Lecture 75 Winner – Long Netflix Post Earnings

Lecture 76 50 % Of Max Profit in Less Than A Month – XLY

Lecture 77 Two Weeks – 30 % OF Max Profit – Short BA

Lecture 78 50 % Of Max Profit in One Week – AAPL around holidays

Lecture 79 Winner – Tesla Before Earnings

Lecture 80 Winner – Shorting NVDA In the Middle of A Monster Bull Market

Lecture 81 Winner Shorting Brazilian Index

Lecture 82 Winner – Long Disney

Lecture 83 Winner – Shorting BABA Amidst A Bull Run

Lecture 84 Winner – Long Costco

Lecture 85 Winner – Shorting Utility Index

Lecture 86 Winner Shorting The Retail Index

Lecture 87 A Clean Win With XME

Lecture 88 Making 50 % Of Max Profit in Just Five Days in Apple

Lecture 89 Making Fifty percent Of Max Profit in Just Five Days in IBM

Lecture 90 Eight Days ; Eighty Dollars Profit Investing $1200 in Netflix

Lecture 91 Five Days ; $50 Gain In Apple

Lecture 92 Five Days ; $50 Gain investing Less Than $500 – EWZ

Lecture 93 Feeling Healthy : Seven Days : $1770 Investment : $130 Profit in MCD

Lecture 94 Thanksgiving Sale : $40 Profit on $600 investment in A Week – Walmart

Lecture 95 Making $90 For A Weekend – IWM

Lecture 96 $15 Gain in 15 days On Less Than $100 Investment – IYR

Lecture 97 $100 Gain in Less Than $400 in Less Than A month – FCX

Lecture 98 $20 Gain in Less Than A Week On less Than $100 Investment – FXI

Lecture 99 $15 Gain in One Week On Less Than $100 Investment – IYR

Lecture 100 Long nflx

Lecture 101 $100 Gain in Less Than A Month – Costco

Lecture 102 75 % Of Max Profit in One Week – CMG

Lecture 103 $120 Gain in One Week on Less Than $2000 – McD

Section 8: Losers Teach You A Lot – Some Lessons From Losers

Lecture 104 Loser In A Boredom Breaker Trade

Lecture 105 Loser in Chinese Index

Lecture 106 A Loss in Biotech

Lecture 107 A Fighting Loss in Netflix

Lecture 108 From 50 % Loss to 1 % Gain – The Dental Pain of US Steel

Section 9: Learn Futures – Even If You Do Not Trade

Lecture 109 Why Learn Futures?

Lecture 110 Very Popular Futures Day Trading Strategy

Lecture 111 Predicting Day Time Moves Ahead

Lecture 112 Trading An Overnight Move – During The Day

Lecture 113 Healthy Early Morning Routines For Futures Trading

Lecture 114 Predicting A Failed Breakout

Lecture 115 Futures Lessons From A Violent Week

This course will help everyone who wants to trade , some of whom are trading but invariably are not making meaningful income out of it.,Anyone wanting to learn How To Invest In the Stock Market, all about stocks and options trading

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Udemy | English | 9h 9m | 186.14 MB
Created by: Chandra Sekhar

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