Stock Market Trading Beginner Step X Step Stock Trading

Trade Stocks. Build Your Stock Trading Portfolio. Actively Trade Stocks. Day Trade To PT Trade. Complete Trading Course.
Stock Market Trading Beginner Step X Step Stock Trading
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Steve Ballinger, MBA


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Stock Market Trading Beginner Step X Step Stock Trading

What you’ll learn

Evaluate A Companies Strategy & Competitive Landscape (Qualitative Analysis) To Build Your Watch List.
Apply Fundamental Analysis (Ratios) To Help You Decide What To Buy/Sell.
Evaluate Using Technical Analysis (Charting) To Help You Decide When To Buy/Sell.
How To Place The Correct Buy Or Sell Order To Maximize Your Returns.

Stock Market Trading Beginner Step X Step Stock Trading


No requirements other than a desire to learn how to actively trade in the stock market.


You will learn Step X Step how to:Evaluate A Companies Strategy & Competitive Landscape (Qualitative Analysis) To Build Your Watch List.Apply Fundamental Analysis (Ratios) To Help You Decide What To Buy/Sell.Evaluate Using Technical Analysis (Charting) To Help You Decide When To Buy/Sell.How To Place The Correct Buy Or Sell Order To Maximize Your Returns.Perfect for those who are brand new to trading in the stock market or consider themselves beginners or intermediate traders. This course covers many topics that you can practically apply and use immediately to give you the knowledge and confidence to successfully trade in the stock market!Taught by a top Udemy Instructor with over 400,000 students enrolled in his investing courses!”Steve explains complex ideas in a simple way and remains objective at all times”- Teresa F”Steve has got amazing energy & it kind of seeps into us & keeps us engrossed in the topic that he is teaching” – Dipti VSuccessful stock market trading is all about using information to select the best stocks for you. Active traders need to be able to sort through all this information and know not only when to buy a stock but also when is the right to sell.THIS  COMPLETE COURSE WILL PROVIDE ALL THE PRACTICAL KNOWLEDGE YOU NEED TO BECOME  CONFIDENT AND IMMEDIATELY START  TRADING STOCKSWhat you will learn can be fully applied no matter your trading goals and time availability so perfect for those who want to become:Scalpers (Arbitrage): Many trades based on data over Minutes​Day Traders: Minutes to Hours​Swing Traders: Hours to Days​Position Traders: Days to Weeks​Part Time Investors: Weeks to Months​Buy And Holders: Entry With Fewer Exits​Learn at your own pace and apply what you learn to your own favorite stocks that you may already be following!Complete Course With Many Lessons In Each Section Including:Introduction And Setting Up For Success​Paper Trading & Back Testing For FreeStock Market PrinciplesReading Stock Quotes And Charts Like A ProHow Many Stocks Should You OwnHow To Choose A Stock Trading BrokerHow Are Stocks OrganizedGrowth, Dividend, And Value StocksLarge, Medium, And Small Cap StocksEvaluating A Companies Management, Strategy, And Competitive PositioningFundamental Analysis Core Concepts​ (Ratios)Price, Performance, Debt And Many Other RatiosTechnical Analysis Core Concepts​ (Charts)Why Technical Analysis WorksPrice Bars: Foundation Of Technical Analysis​Candlesticks: Critical To Technical Trading Success​Identifying And Trading Candlestick PatternsTrend Lines: Drawing And Trading​Strategy And Tactics For Using Trend TradingOvercoming Whipsaws And False Trend LinesChart Pattern Recognition And Trading Success ​Key Continuation Patterns Like Triangles and RectanglesKey Reversal Patterns Like Head And ShouldersUnusual Patterns L:ike the Dead Cat Bounce And Cup With HandleMoving Averages: Great Indicator And Trading Tool​ To Start WithMomentum Trading Indicators​MACD: As A Powerful Trading ToolGolden And Death CrossesOrder Types And Which Are Best At Different Times​Market, Stop Limit, Fill Or Kill And Many Other Order TypesDeveloping Your Personal Trading StrategyTop 5 Action Steps + Bonus Step​…Plus Much Much More​​Plus, you can ask questions and they will be answered! See these quotes from the Instructors Investing In Stocks: The Complete Course which can make a nice companion to this course.”Steve is very passionate and informative about investing, and I really like that he is still extremely active with this course. He responds very quickly and with in-depth answers to students. I was amazed to see the quality of his responses to questions that were only posted a few days ago. Loving this course very much!” -Jenny H”Steve (the instructor) provides thoughtful feedback on any questions that you might have. 10/10 Recommend!” -Ross MThanks for your interest in the course and all you need to do now is click the button to enroll and get started. Many thanks and I look forward to seeing you in your first lesson!Steve BallingerDisclaimer Note: This course is for educational and informational purposes only. There will be no recommending of any particular investments such as a particular stock or mutual fund as only you know what is right for your portfolio and your comfort with risk and volatility. Consult with a Professional for specific advice. Course is for education purposes only and instructor will have no liability related directly or indirectly to any loss or damage.


Section 1: Stock Market Principles

Lecture 1 Introduction And Getting The Most Out Of The Course

Lecture 2 Paper Trading: No Risk Practice Trading + Other Free Tools

Lecture 3 Let’s Evaluate A Stock You Like Fast!

Lecture 4 How To Read A Stock Quote

Lecture 5 How To Read A Stock Chart

Lecture 6 What Type Of Trader Do You Want To Be?

Lecture 7 How Many Stocks Should You Own?

Lecture 8 Choosing A Stock Broker

Lecture 9 Fractional Shares

Section 2: How The Stock Market Works

Lecture 10 Supply & Demand (Two Sides Of A Trade)

Lecture 11 How Are Stocks Organized: Market Cap & Style (Growth/Dividend/Blend) + Examples

Lecture 12 How To Find Stocks By Market Cap & Style List Example

Lecture 13 Mutual Funds & ETF

Section 3: How To Evaluate Companies (Qualitative Analysis)

Lecture 14 Introduction To Evaluating Companies When Stock Trading

Lecture 15 Vision, Mission, Strategy and Truth

Lecture 16 SWOT Analysis

Lecture 17 Porters 5 Forces

Lecture 18 The Moat And Competitive Advantage Introduction

Lecture 19 MOAT: Low Cost And Differentiated Companies

Lecture 20 MOAT: High Switching Costs

Lecture 21 MOAT: Network Effect

Lecture 22 MOAT: Strong Brand Name

Lecture 23 MOAT: Reputation

Lecture 24 MOAT: Economies Of Scale

Lecture 25 MOAT: Government Protection

Lecture 26 Case Study MOAT & Competitive Advantage

Section 4: Fundamental Analysis

Lecture 27 Two Schools: Fundamental & Technical Analysis

Lecture 28 Price/Earnings (P/E)

Lecture 29 PEG Ration

Lecture 30 Price To Sales (P/S)

Lecture 31 GARP: Growth At Reasonable Price

Lecture 32 Dividends Amount, Yield, And Payout Ratio

Lecture 33 Current & Quick Ratio (Debt)

Lecture 34 Debt To Equity

Lecture 35 Return On Assets (ROA)

Lecture 36 Return On Equity (ROE)

Lecture 37 Return On Invested Capital (ROIC)

Lecture 38 Demo Fundamental Analysis

Section 5: Reading Financial Statements

Lecture 39 Financial Statements Introduction

Lecture 40 Balance Sheet

Lecture 41 Income Statement

Lecture 42 Cash Flow Statement

Section 6: Technical Analysis: Foundational Principles For Stock Trading

Lecture 43 Why Technical Analysis Works…But Not Every Time​

Lecture 44 Breakouts And Retracements​ In The Stock Market

Lecture 45 Daily OHLC Price Bar

Lecture 46 Trend Formation With Price Bar Series​. Opportunities For Trading

Lecture 47 Spikes!

Lecture 48 Other Price Bars

Lecture 49 Candlestick Price Bar Intro And Benefits​

Lecture 50 Interpreting A Candlestick Price Bar​ So You Can Use It Effectively

Lecture 51 Doji Candlesticks Can Be Big Opportunities

Lecture 52 Doji: Dragonfly, Gravestone, And Shadows As Technical Trading Tools

Lecture 53 Candlestick Patterns Are Powerful Indicators

Lecture 54 Hammer & Hanging Man Candlestick Patterns

Lecture 55 Harami & Engulfing Candlestick Patterns

Lecture 56 Shooting Star & Window Candlestick Patterns

Lecture 57 Three Soldiers Or Crow Candlestick Patterns

Lecture 58 Candlestick Pattern Final Thoughts

Section 7: Trend Lines: Drawing And Trading

Lecture 59 Drawing Trendlines Intro

Lecture 60 Trading Uptrends

Lecture 61 Trading Downtrends

Lecture 62 Channels

Lecture 63 Identifying False Trend Line Breaks​

Lecture 64 Strategic Approach To False Trend Line Breaks​

Lecture 65 Filter Approach To False Trendline Breaks

Lecture 66 Trend Lines Final Thoughts​

Section 8: Chart Pattern Recognition And Trading Success With Technical Analysis

Lecture 67 Chart Patterns Introduction

Lecture 68 Continuation Patterns

Lecture 69 Triangle Chart Patterns

Lecture 70 Rectangle Chart Patterns

Lecture 71 Dead Cat Bounce Chart Pattern

Lecture 72 Cup With Handle Chart Pattern

Lecture 73 Reversal Patterns

Lecture 74 Double Bottom

Lecture 75 Double Top

Lecture 76 Head And Shoulders Chart Pattern

Section 9: Moving Averages: Great Indicator And Trading Tool

Lecture 77 Moving Average Introduction

Lecture 78 Simple Moving Average (SMA)

Lecture 79 Excellent Crossover Rule For Decision Making

Lecture 80 Filters And Overcoming Whipsaws

Lecture 81 Moving Average Rule For Decision Making

Lecture 82 Weighted, Exponential, And Adaptive Moving Averages​

Lecture 83 Which Moving Average Should You Use

Lecture 84 Dealing With Moving Average Limitations​

Lecture 85 Multiple Moving Averages As A Indicator

Lecture 86 MACD: Powerful Moving Average Convergence Divergence

Lecture 87 Golden & Death Crosses: Are There Magic Moving Average Numbers

Lecture 88 Live Trading Using Technical Analysis

Section 10: Stock Screeners & Putting It All Together Demonstrations

Lecture 89 Demo: Using A Stock Screener (Dividend Stock)

Lecture 90 Demo: Using A Stock Screener (Growth Stock)

Lecture 91 Putting It All Together: Deep Look AT A Stock

Section 11: How To Place An Order

Lecture 92 Market And Limit Orders

Lecture 93 All-Or-None, Fill Or Kill, Immediate Or Cancel, And Good Till Canceled Orders

Lecture 94 Short Sell And Buy To Cover Orders

Lecture 95 Stop Loss, Limit, And Trailing Order Types

Lecture 96 Bracketed Orders

Lecture 97 Order Type Wrap Up

Lecture 98 The Spread

Section 12: Next Steps!

Lecture 99 Your Strategy: Key Components To Develop

Lecture 100 Top 5 Action Steps + Bonus Step

Lecture 101 Bonus: Lets Keep The Learning Going

Excellent for beginning stock traders who want the step by step foundation and more to better trade stocks.,Great for intermediate stock traders who want to take their trading to a higher level.,Course is designed to focus on active stock trading from day-trading to infrequent part-time trading as the concepts can be applied regardless of your trading style or timeframe.

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 11h 26m | 851.49 MB
Created by: Steve Ballinger, MBA

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