Stock Trading Masterclass With Complete Technical Analysis

High Probability Trading Setup To Trade In Any Stock Markets. (Stock Scanning , Day Trading & Swing Trading)
Stock Trading Masterclass With Complete Technical Analysis
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Dinesh Kumar ( NISM Certified)


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Stock Trading Masterclass With Complete Technical Analysis

What you’ll learn

Introduction to Stock Trading ( Day Trading & Swing Trading)
Mindset Skill
Candlestick And Candlestick Pattern
Price Action Indicator Mastery
Trend Identification with Support & Resistance Level
Dow Theory
Fibonacci Trading with Accurate Entry, Stoploss and Target Level
Stock Scanner for Momentum Stocks
CPR Setup and its Setting
Practice Session with Complete Stock Trading
Risk Management

Stock Trading Masterclass With Complete Technical Analysis


An Open Mind & Willingness to Learn


This course is all about Mastering Stock Trading with Technical Analysis Welcome to Stock Trading Masterclass : With Complete Technical Analysis. I am excited about teaching this course and hope you are equally excited about taking it.As a mentor it is my responsibility to make sure you understand each and every part of this Masterclass, I have tried to explain each part as simple as possible.Trading is an art which requires enough practice  to get successful. As a mentor I expect you will follow each and every step and after getting comfortable you will proceed further.I am sure after completing this Masterclass you will have greater command in making your trading decision. In this course you will learn to make decision for Trading based on our trading setup. This course has designed purely on practical experience basis. In this course you will learn following topics:Introduction to Stock Trading ( Day Trading & Swing Trading)Mindset SkillCandlestick And Candlestick PatternPrice Action Indicator MasteryTrend Identification with Support & Resistance LevelDow TheoryFibonacci Trading with Accurate Entry, Stoploss and Target LevelCPR Setup and its SettingStock Scanner for Intraday Trading & Swing TradingHow to make Stock ScannerPractice Session with Complete Technical AnalysisRisk ManagementConclusion I hope that this course will fulfil your expectations and hope you can confidently use this learning to transform your trading journey .Wish you all the bestDinesh Kumar (NISM Certified)


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 Mindset Skill For Trading

Section 2: Candlestick And Candlestick Pattern

Lecture 3 Introduction To Candlesticks And Candlesticks Pattern

Lecture 4 Doji Candlesticks Patterns

Lecture 5 Hammer, Hanging man, Inverted Hammer, Shooting Star Candlesticks Patterns

Lecture 6 Introduction To Double Candlesticks Pattern

Lecture 7 Bullish & Bearish Engulfing

Lecture 8 Bullish & Bearish Harami

Lecture 9 Piercing Line and Dark Cloud Cover

Lecture 10 Morning Star & Evening Star Candlesticks Pattern

Section 3: Price Action Indicator Mastery

Lecture 11 Introduction To Price Action Indicator

Lecture 12 Pivot Point With CPR(Central Pivot Range)

Lecture 13 How To Use Exponential Moving Average

Lecture 14 CPR by Ask Dinesh Kumar

Section 4: Dow Theory

Lecture 15 Dow Theory

Section 5: Trend Line

Lecture 16 How To Draw Trend Line

Section 6: Fibonacci Retracements & Fibonacci Extensions

Lecture 17 Fibonacci Retracements & Fibonacci Extensions

Section 7: CPR Setup And Its Settings

Lecture 18 CPR Introduction

Lecture 19 CPR Setting

Lecture 20 Types of CPR

Lecture 21 Virgin CPR

Lecture 22 CPR Tricks

Lecture 23 Trend Reversal CPR

Section 8: How To Do Stocks Selection For Trading

Lecture 24 Stocks Selection Part-1

Lecture 25 Stocks Selection Part-2

Lecture 26 Stocks Selection Part-3

Lecture 27 Chart Preparation For Trading

Section 9: CPR Masterclass And Practice session

Lecture 28 Introduction To Success

Lecture 29 CPR Masterclass And Practice session Part-1

Section 10: Risk Management For Successful Trading

Lecture 30 Risk Management

Section 11: Conclusion

Lecture 31 Conclusion

Beginner to Advance Level Stock Market Trader,Day Trading & Swing Trading

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 1h 48m | 1.51 GB
Created by: Dinesh Kumar ( NISM Certified)

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