Stop selfsabotaging your own professional success

Setting yourself free from invisible barriers
Stop selfsabotaging your own professional success
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Bertold Ulsamer


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Stop selfsabotaging your own professional success

What you’ll learn

You learn how to stop and transform your self-sabotaging energy
You eliminate barriers to your personal power
You open the door to your professional success
You get the essence of a well-proven 2-day seminar and 20 years of experience!

Stop selfsabotaging your own professional success


You know or you guess you have a bigger potential for success
Curiosity to enter unknown territories
Readiness to learn more about yourself


You have all the necessary abilities, you make a lot of efforts – but still you are not successful? Could it be that you sabotage your own success?

In this course you will learn to understand and overcome this inner battle. So that you will be able to bundle your energies and achieve your goals.

Many people have an inner split between the wish to be successful and the bizarre wish not to be successful. The self-sabotage itself does not have an evil intention but serves hidden purposes.

We will explore the reasons and roots. Some come from present life, some come from the past, from your childhood and from your family of origin.

You may find hidden gifts in barriers you hated till now. And you will transform self-sabotage into a positive power towards success!


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Welcome to this course

Lecture 2 Content of this course

Lecture 3 About my person

Lecture 4 Contraindication – who this course is _not_ meant for

Lecture 5 Practice: Do you sabotage your own professional success?

Section 2: Success and Self-sabotage – Basics

Lecture 6 Your personal definition of success

Lecture 7 Practice: How do you sabotage yourself?

Lecture 8 Practice: Acknowledging the success you have – balance your failure and success

Lecture 9 Conclusion and outlook

Section 3: Imprints from your childhood

Lecture 10 Introduction

Lecture 11 Practice: Exploring negative attitudes

Lecture 12 Success has a price – Exploring the advantage of failure

Lecture 13 Practice: Your personal history of success and failure

Lecture 14 Practice: What fulfills you? Finding your deepest resources

Lecture 15 Understanding your instinctive reaction – Pressure creates counterpressure

Lecture 16 Understanding your patterns – Self-Sabotage often makes sense

Lecture 17 Practice: Feeling your rebellious part

Lecture 18 Practice: Finding new solutions for the different parts of you

Lecture 19 Conclusion and outlook

Section 4: Your family background

Lecture 20 Introduction: Causes from childhood and family

Lecture 21 Success and failure within your family – History repeats itself

Lecture 22 Family loyalty is a strong tie – Understanding how this loyalty comes into life

Lecture 23 Practice: Imagining an ancestor you may be connected with in failure

Lecture 24 Transforming a connection which blocks you – Strength of will is not enough

Lecture 25 Practice: Transforming a blocking connection with an ancestor

Lecture 26 The special difficulties for women to reach professional success

Lecture 27 Practice for women with such difficulties

Lecture 28 Conclusion

Section 5: Final note

Lecture 29 Recommendations

Lecture 30 Bonus Video: Anger – survival, setting limits and protection against pain

People who sabotage their professional success in an obvious or a hidden way,People who do not use their full potential despite of trying hard,People who tend to destroy their success afterwards,People who are successful but cannot enjoy their success,ATTENTION: This course is not meant for people who look for excuses

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Created by: Bertold Ulsamer

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