Storytelling Via Presentations

Avoid The Curse of Knowledge
Storytelling Via Presentations
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Storytelling Via Presentations

What you’ll learn

Understand the Logic of creating and effective Presentation
How to leverage Simplicity in making a Presentation (Keep it Simple)
How to use the concept of Show Don’t Tell in Presentations
How to Build/Showcase Trust in a Presentation
How to connect with the Audience
Learn from Reference Examples on how to create a Presentation

Storytelling Via Presentations


No Programming Experience Required
Basic Awareness of Using PowerPoint or any other tool you might use


Are you interested in understanding the logic behind creating a Presentation for a Live Audience? If yes, look no further.  This course has been designed considering various parameters. I combine my experience of of teaching Health IT, as well as interacting with various clients. When I started my teaching journey, I struggled to explain the most basic concepts as I was unable to simplify them. It took me some time to realize that in order to be effective, I not only need to simplify the complex concepts, I also needed to generate curiosity to grab and maintain attention of my students.In this course I explain to you a few methodologies I have come acrossKISS – Keep it Super Simple (Design Engineering)The logic of SUCCESs,  conceptualized and promoted by Chip Heath and Dan HeathUsing Show Don’t tell, heavily used in writingHow I use Gamification in my presentations/sessions to generate CuriosityUsing the 5 senses – Taste, Sight, Smell, Sound, and Touch.Leverage Stories – and more importantly leverage your own experiencesThe Who, What, When, Where and Why, mostly used by JournalistsI also take specific examples (listed below) and showcase how I think/create presentations.Baking a CakeProfit & Loss StatementRepresenting Tabular DataRepresenting Graphical DataA Sample Corporate Case StudyA Sample Proposal PresentationA Sample Research Paper Presentation


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 The Course Plan

Lecture 2 What’s The Curse Of Knowledge?

Lecture 3 The Gartner Example

Lecture 4 The Key Takeaways

Lecture 5 Any Corporate Examples?

Lecture 6 Is there a Logic to create a presentation?

Section 2: The Concepts we will Cover

Lecture 7 The Billboard Challenge

Lecture 8 Once Upon a Time

Lecture 9 Another Story, but from the year 1994

Lecture 10 The Concepts we will cover

Section 3: Keep it Short & Simple

Lecture 11 Keep it Short & Simple

Lecture 12 Simplicity – With an Example

Lecture 13 Plain Talk/Commanders Intent

Lecture 14 Simplicity in Presentations

Section 4: Generating Curiosity

Lecture 15 Generating Curiosity – Basics

Lecture 16 Examples of Generating Curiosity

Lecture 17 Its a Sony – Story of the Transistor

Lecture 18 Curiosity in Presentations

Lecture 19 Gamification in Presentations

Section 5: Show Don’t Tell

Lecture 20 Show Don’t Tell

Lecture 21 Visual Mathematics

Lecture 22 Less is More

Lecture 23 Show Don’t Tell in Presentations

Section 6: Building Trust

Lecture 24 Building Trust – The Concept

Lecture 25 The Story of Marshall and Warren

Lecture 26 Whom do we Trust?

Lecture 27 How can we build Trust?

Section 7: Connecting with the Audience

Lecture 28 The Audience Connect

Lecture 29 Maslow’s Law

Lecture 30 A Story of Litter

Lecture 31 Connecting with the Audience

Section 8: Tell a Story

Lecture 32 Tell a Story – the Concept

Lecture 33 My Story

Section 9: What’s the Logic?

Lecture 34 The Logic Behind Presentations

Section 10: Examples: How I create Presentations

Lecture 35 Baking a Cake – Part 1

Lecture 36 Baking a Cake – Part 2

Lecture 37 Baking a Cake – Part 3

Lecture 38 Profit & Loss – Part 1

Lecture 39 Profit & Loss – Part 2

Lecture 40 A Regulatory Criteria

Lecture 41 Another Tabular Data

Lecture 42 Presenting Data/Graphs

Lecture 43 Corporate Case Study

Lecture 44 Sample Paper Presentation

Lecture 45 Sample Proposal Presentation

Section 11: References

Lecture 46 Some Tips for Reference

Lecture 47 List of References

Anyone who in interested in improving the way they create/conceptualize Presentations,Apt for Teachers, Students and Young professionals

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 3h 39m | 1.54 GB
Created by: Harish Rijhwani

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